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利用者グループの代表連絡先 (User Group Primary Contact)とは、特定の利用者グループ (UG) と外部機関、たとえば AffCom やウィキメディア財団 (WMF) との公式な接点の役割を指します。利用者グループの他の参加者とあくまでも対等であり、利用者グループの活動を聞き取ってまとめ報告せることに責任を持ちます。利用者グループ内外の情報伝達が円滑に進むように努める役割です。

The primary contact can be amongst the founding members during the primary application, and later it should be someone willing to take the role voluntarily and must be elected by the UG members.



  • provide their contact information to AffCom and the Wikimedia Foundation.
    • This information will be used for the purposes of affiliate communications, notification regarding programs and products, and opportunities for affiliate engagement.
    • This information will be held by Wikimedia Foundation staff support to the Affiliations Committee.
    • This information will be accessible to Affiliations Committee members and the Wikimedia Foundation staff supporting the committee.
    • This information will be retained for the time an individual will serve as a Contact Person. The information may remain in revision history, accessible only to Foundation staff and contractors, after your time as Contact Person ends; please contact if you have any concerns or wish to delete this information.
  • agree to follow the Universal Code of Conduct and accept the initial User Group agreement as approved by the Affiliations Committee.
  • ensure to share the Universal Code of Conduct and Trademark policy, in the language followed by most members of the User Group, in a dedicated section on the User Group’s Meta page.
  • facilitate the communication between the User Group and external bodies approaching the User Group. In doing so, this user will help communicate the group’s purpose, principles, and scope.
  • ensure a neutral approach and transparency in sharing information.
  • share all the information on the designated pages unless asked to keep it confidential.
  • have up-to-date knowledge of the shared Wikimedia activities and initiatives by the Wikimedia Foundation and other affiliates.
  • actively engage in communications reaching the User group. They should keep both parties informed of others’ requirements and timeline.
  • be responsible for a coherent response to relevant programs or projects related to User Group growth.
  • ensure discussion and agreement in the User group on requirements or decisions to bring to AffCom, the WMF, or any other external body.
  • identify the needs of the user group and take necessary actions only after discussion and consensus of those involved in discussions within the User Group.
  • compile reports on incidents, events, collaborations, activities, or User Group updates for the fiscal year (annual reporting) to learn from them and improve future processes and relationships.
  • maintain mutually beneficial relations between the User Group and the Movement overall.
  • ensure peaceful co-existence and cooperation with the group’s members and other affiliates
  • promote diversity and inclusion
  • inform AffCom about any changes in the structure or representation of the User Group.
  • the new members should ideally introduce themselves to AffCom.
  • Complete and submit the annual User Group report

Delegated Authority

The primary contact can:

  • sign partnerships on behalf of the User Group only after discussions and consensus in the user group.
  • act as a representative of the User Group to share needs, concerns, and progress. only after discussions and consensus in the user group.