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Wikimedia Nederland report for August and September 2016

Community and ParticipationEdit

Wikipedia day at Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en GeluidEdit

The Dutch Institute for sound and vision and the British Library are organizing a Wikipedia workshop on Saturday 8 October, with the theme animal kingdom. Audio and video files have been made available by archives of Hilversum and London.

Photography workshopEdit

Wikimedia Netherlands develops workshops for volunteers, to share technical skills and knowledge with each other. The workshops are held at the Wikimedia office, but it is also possible to follow them online. In September, a workshop on photographing buildings for Wikimedia Commons was organised. 4 people attended the workshop live, 2 people attended on Google Hangout. The powerpoint can be viewed here. After the Pattypan and photography workshops, we are now developing a Wikidata workshop.


Education flyerEdit

The draft of the flyer on the Dutch education program has been finalised. It was sent out to stakeholders and third-party readers for proofreading; these comments were returned at the end of September. This flyer will be similar to the GLAM-flyer that has been hugely successful.

Grafisch LyceumEdit

WMNL approached the Grafisch Lyceum if it would be possible to have trainees from their graphics program. As part of their traineeship, they would create graphics on request for use in Wikipedia articles, similar to the translation program with ITV (see below). This turned out to be not possible in the form of a traineeship, but the possibility will be further investigated in the coming months.

ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en VertalersEdit

The translation program started in 2015. In 2016, it was decided to continue. In August/September, 2 students started translating German articles into Dutch. An application for further students was put out on the closed web portal of ITV, leading to a large number of interested students. A call for articles to be translated led to a large number of requests from Dutch Wikipedia users (view project page here, Dutch only).

Universiteit MaastrichtEdit

Over the summer, around 10 students of the On expedition course at Maastricht University have been working on their Wikipedia articles, supervised by experienced Wikipedia users.

Universiteit UtrechtEdit

The course Public history in the digital world started at Utrecht University (UU). Nine students enrolled. As part of this course, students are expected to write a Wikipedia article on female scientist at UU. As part of this course, Arne Wossink gave a lecture on Wikimedia (powerpoint here). Articles will be written in October.


Erfgoed GelderlandEdit

The grant application for "A Wikipedian-in-Residence in Gelderland" has been successful. Grants have been secured from the province Gelderland, Fonds A.H. Marten van Sevenhoven, Mondriaanfonds, GO fonds and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Gelderland. The application for a WiR (1 year, part-time) will be put out in October; it is expected that the WiR will start on 1 January 2017. The project aims to provide small GLAMs with the information and means to successfully engage with Wikimedia. To achieve this, the WiR will be embedded in 7 local GLAM-institutions, giving workshops and helping them with uploads. The process will be documented in a manual that will be made available to other GLAMs as well. The project page can be found here.

Erfgoed Leiden en OmstrekenEdit

Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken (ELO) is the municipal archive of Leiden and surrounding communities. They are interested in uploading archival material to Wikimedia Commons. Talks were held in September and it was agreed to do a first test upload in October.

Public librariesEdit

WMNL helped in getting Creative Commons licenses for Flickr-hosted photos taken by staff of the public library Zwartewaterland. These included photos of Dutch artists and writers who did not have a picture on Commons yet. So far, 22 photos have been uploaded (category here). A how-to of licensing photos under a CC license will be included in the "activities menu" that will be developed as part of the public libraries program (see below).

Work continued on the "activities menu" that will be the central part of the restructured public library program. During the summer, the pilot that had been running has been evaluated. It was decided to continue the program on a small scale, and to shift focus away from helping individual libraries toward giving them the means and information to organise offline and online events independently. This will take the form of an "activities menu" outlining the different events that libraries can organise, and giving them a manual of how they can organise these events.

Project Netherlands and the worldEdit

In august and september there have been several requests from Wikipedians around the world who were interested in the historic relation between the Netherlands and other parts of the world. We are now talking with different cultural organizations about donations to Wikipedia from there collections in reaction to these requests.

In July it was announced that The Dutch knowledge center for digital heritage has given Wikimedia Nederland a grant of € 16.000. This grant is for the development of an online platform to share digital heritage with the international Wikimedia movement. This platform is an exchange platform between the Wikipedia movement and GLAM institutions where supply and demand come together. These coming months the platform will be built and the expectation is that it will be completed in december.

Wikipedia Course during Summer School History of the bookEdit

The Special Collections and the Research Group for Book and Manuscript Studies of the University of Amsterdam organised in August a Summer School History of the Book. Part of the Summer School was a two-day-course about Wikipedia (page in Dutch) and the book on August 23 and 24. Theme of the course was ‘European printers 1500-1800’. The participants learned about all aspects of making, editing and illustrating a Wikipedia article. There were 17 participants and they worked on several articles on the Dutch and English Wikipedia and made several edits on Wikidata.

Workshop for Dutch WW2 underground newspapersEdit

On 16th September the National Library of the Netherlands (KB) hosted a workshop (page in Dutch) for both new and experienced Wikipedians who are working on a project to describe all Dutch underground resistance newspapers from WW2 (page in Dutch) on Dutch Wikipedia. Five persons took part. After an introduction to the project and Wikipedia for new Wikipedians, the participants went hands-on and created and improved articles and stubs about the illegal newspapers.

Wikimedia course ARTtubeEdit

ARTtube, is an online videochannel for museums in the Netherlands and Belgium. They organized a two day course about Wikimedia (page in Dutch) for art historians, museum employees and artlovers on September 23 and 30. The course was given in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. The course was organised in the context of the project ARTtube Connect, whereby the website of ARTtube is being enriched with external sources (including Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata). Introductions were given about Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata, a focus was given to discuss about meaningful ways how art historians and museums could work on Wikimedia projects. In addition participants could work hands-on creating and improving articles on Wikipedia and queries on Wikidata about the hundreds of artists on ARTtube.

Project NatureEdit


Together with The Green House, Project Nature has launched a new activity: qrpedia. In the garden of The Green House poles with QR codes on it are placed. When scanned, these codes link directly to the Wikipedia pages that will inform visitors about the plant they have in front of them. Our goal is to spread knowledge about the plants and nature by using Wikipedia.


Preparations have started for a Wikipedia workshop about nature which will be held in October.


Results LHBT writing weekEdit

The results of the LGBT+ writing weeks came in and are very good, 54 articles were written and new images were added to Wikimedia Commons.


On September 27th we had a meeting with NVR, the Dutch Women council with an outreach of approx. 1 million women. Our aim is to encourage their community to share their knowledge about women and women's history. We offer them Wikipedia / Wikidata workshops and we will support them with communicating about the importance of closing the gap on Wikipedia. This first meeting was very promising, the idea will be presented during the general assembly of the NVR and in a boardmeeting.

Communication and publicityEdit


The program Wikipedia in de Openbare Bibliotheek (Wikipedia in public libraries) was featured in the September issue of Bibliotheekblad, the Dutch journal for library professionals).

Matchmaking event DENEdit

Wikimedia Nederland was present at the matchmaking event of DEN (Digital Heritage Netherlands) on 30 September. This event was held following the call for proposals that DEN held during the summer, and during which WMNL was successful with their application for Netherlands and the world.

Video series: Wikipedia edit? Just do it!Edit

Thanks to project group Nature we present a new series of videos: Wikipedia edit? Just do it! In the videos we explain more about Wikipedia and help new editors to work on Wikipedia.


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