Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Nederland/201109

This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for September 2011.

Cultural heritage

This was the month of Wiki Loves Monuments, which was conducted in 18 European countries this year, resulting in approximately 175,000 photographs by 5500 users (over 4000 of whom were new users) for Wikimedia Commons. Of those, 13757 photos were uploaded for the Netherlands by 287 users, of which 203 were new users. Despite the fact that the 2010 WLM contest was already highly successfull, this years contest did result in even more photos of Dutch monuments than last year. An evaluation will be conducted based on a short participant survey.

Meetings etc.

The weekend of September 24th was spent on a two-day strategy session, devoted to creating a working 2012 plan based on the outcomes of the strategy weekend in February. The goal is to publish the plan by October 1st, in order to let members review it before the general assembly. A few ongoing projects did not make it into our 2012 plan due either to a lack of resources, or simply being superceded by new developments on MediaWiki software, such as plans to redesign Wikiportrait for international use.

A training session for aministrators, scheduled for early October, has been cancelled for a lack of participants.

Press and outreach

Wiki Loves Monuments was publicized in local and national papers, with multiple interviews given by Lodewijk Gelauff, the main contact for the project.


  • October 22: General assembly for members
  • November 5: Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland