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Shooting the Chemical videos at the Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences and MathematicsEdit

Wikiexperiments (Викиексперименти) is a project by Shared Knowledge supported by Macedonian government for the project "Education through Wikipedia" aimed at recording high-quality videos of systematically selected experiments for the purposes of illustrating important scientific concepts and phenomena in various sciences. This is an ongoing project that started in January 2020 and continues to whole year. On January 22 In collaboration with Professors Vladimir Petrushevski, Marina Stojanovska and Miha Buklevski from the Institute of Chemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius" have repeatedly recorded experiments on chemistry. A professional production house was hired for the recording, and the experiments were performedvsome of the students also helped.

Wikipedia 19Edit

To mark the 19th anniversary of the founding of Wikipedia (Wikipedia 19), Shared Knowledge and GLAM held an event in honour of this occasion. The second and important purpose of the event was to familiarise the public with the movement and its values, and invite them to participate.

Wikisketch LessonsEdit

Logo of Wikiskatch Lessons

This year we continued the project Wikiskatch, where in January we had 2 users who creating 4 articles. Hence the lessons given included more broadened and comprehensive instructions of adding text, infoboxes with images and referencing sources with footnotes in the articles.

Editing weekendsEdit

On 11/12th and 25/26th we have held two editing weekends. Тhe topics were related to Austria, and human rightsс activists. On this editing weekends 8 participations of the users were engaged in creating 11 new articles and 6 improved articles.