Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Shared Knowledge/Financial reports/Q4 2018

This is a financial report of Shared Knowledge for the period extending from 1 October to 31 December 2018.

No. Item Description Unit No. of units Amount per unit Total amount Currency Notes
1 Monthly Salary Gross salary for Project and

Administration Manager

month 3 1242.12 3.726.39 EUR October, November, December
2 Cellphone October, November, December month 3 10,82 32.46 EUR October, November, December
3 Office expenses October, November, December month 3 60,00 180.00 EUR October, November, December
5 Bookkeeper October, November, December month 3 48,79 146.37 EUR October, November, December
6 Board meetings Snacks and refreshments served during Board meetings month 3 30.00 90.00 EUR August, September, October, November and December
7 Edit-a-thon snacks and refreshments  for participants n/a 2 50.00 100.00 EUR We conducted two edit-a-thons in that quartal on topic: Psychology and editathon about Poland.
8 Wikiexpedition expenses for fuel, food and accommodation n/a 2 476.00+330.00 806.00 EUR Wikiexpedition 4 and 5 ( the expedition 5, is actually the last expedition from 2017, number 6), and we realized in November 2018.
9 Wiki City expenses for fuel and refreshments n/a 1 100.00 100.00 EUR We conducted Wiki City, second tour, in Delcevo, Pehchevo and Berovo.
10 Education-Editing activities + editing contest) expenses for fuel and refreshments n/a n/a 200.00+173.39 373.39 EUR We held training activities in primary school Goce Delchev in Negotino., Krume Kepeski in Skopje and Josip Broz Tito also in Skopje.
11 Photohunts expenses for transport, refreshments and snacks n/a n/a 50.00+30.49=80.49 300.00 EUR In this quart, we granted one photohunt, on topic. - Wine tourism in Ohrid and Aerial views of Macedonia - Aerophoto. With that we ended up to offering photohunts for this year
12 Annual regress Mandatory payment for employees, including 10% tax n/a n/a 326.00 326.00 EUR According to the Macedonian legislature, we paid off annual regress for both employees.
13 Notary, Central Registry, and translation Re-allocation for Annual regress n/a n/a 23.23 23.23 EUR We re-allocate 23.23 eur from the administrative services, because this year the regress was 11.60 eur higher than last year with Winifred permission,
14 Notary, Central Registry, and translation Re-allocation for for training in Ministry of Social Policy n/a n/a 50.00 50.00 EUR We re-allocated 50.00 eur from the administrative service for training in Ministry of Social Policy
15 Awards for the editing competition n/a 2 504.00+504 1008.00 EUR Awards for competition 3 and 4 ( the awards for competition number 4 will be given to the end of January)
16 Exhibition Expenses for rental space, food and drinks n/a n/a 356.78 337.56 EUR Space for Exhibition with Poland
17 Ehhibition Expenses for printing images and one poster n/a n/a 162.43 162.43 EUR We printed 20 images and one poster, providing for the exhibition
18 Wiki loves food Awards for the 5 winners of the competition ( professional and amateur) unit see note 1000.00 1000.00 EUR The five prizes will be as follows: 400, 200, 100 for professionals category and 200 and 100 EUR for amateur category.
19 Wiki loves food printing images, food and refreshments n/a n/a 500.00 500.00 EUR Granting awards will be held in January, because end of December are holidays.
20 Bank fees fees charged by the bank to maintain the account and execute transactions n/a n/a 60.92 240.00 EUR
Total 9102.92 9102.92 EUR Including Wikiexpedition 5 from last year ( 330 eur)