Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Shared Knowledge/Financial reports/Q1 2020

This is a financial report of Shared Knowledge for the period extending from 1 January to 31 March 2020.

No. Item Description Unit No. of units Amount per unit Total amount Currency Notes
1 Monthly Salary Gross salary for Project and

Administration Manager

month 3 1248.00 3441.00 EUR January, February and March (January salary for a second employee is paid in half amount, because it started working on 15.01.2020)
2 Cellphone January, February and March month 3 10,82 32.46 EUR January, February and March
3 Office expenses January, February and March month 3 60,00 180.00 EUR January, February and March
4 Office stationary paper, markers, fascicles n/a n/a 15.00 15.00 EUR Stationery
5 Bookkeeper January, February and March month 3 48.79 146.37 EUR January, February and March
6 Central Registry Payment for annual financial statement 2019. n/a n/a 34.14 + 2.43 36.57 EUR mandatory payment for annual statement, and payment for data update in Bank.
7 Edit-a-thon snacks and refreshments  for participants n/a 1 50.00 50.00 EUR We conducted the first edit-a-thon on topic Human Rights.
8 Board meeting Snacks and refreshments served during Board meetings month 3 30.00 90.00 EUR January, February and March
9 Bank fees fees charged by the bank to maintain the account and execute transactions n/a n/a 36.97 36.97 EUR
10 Wikiskatch Expenses for fresh and refreshments n/a n/a 23.00+19,51 42.51 EUR
11 Wikipedia birthday expenses for drinks, food and cake n/a n/a 150.00 150.00 EUR Celebrating the Wikipedia 19 birthday
12 Museum of tobacco expenses for fuel, snack and refreshments n/a n/a 56.91 56.91 EUR On March 10th, we visited the Tobacco Museum in Prilep, where we were provided to upload photos from the museum's treasury for the needs of Wikipedia.
13 Awards for the editing competition awards for the first editorial competition n/a n/a 500.00 373.98 EUR The topic of the competition was „ Settlements in Aegean Macedonia“
Total 4651.05 4651.05 EUR