Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Shared Knowledge/April 2018

Activity report

April 2018

WikiClub & Wikipedia lectures at American Corner Skopje


This month begun the last phase of the lectures held at the American Corner Skopje, where the participants of different age, education and professions have the chance to be have the chance gradually be introduced and trained about Wikipedia and all affiliate Wikimedia projects. On the penultimate lecture the members of the Wiki Club were introduced and informed about the Wiki Data project through the comprehensive presentation held by User:Ehrlich91. Also another member was invited to join the club in order to inform and explain any ambiguities of the editing policies of Wikipedia and the way of approval of publishing articles, which was done by User:Kiril Simeonovski and User:Македонец.

5th lecture (03.04.2018)
Аwarding certificates (18.04.2018)

Geoexpedition on Plačkovica Mountain

Trailblazing during the expedition

During the extended holiday weekend for the Easter, Mario Šarevski and Kiril Simeonovski visited Plačkovica mountain in the eastern part of Macedonia using the perfect spring weather conditions to take a lots of pictures and conduct the second Geoexpedition for this year. The expedition was conducted in two groups: one with Mario went to trail blaze a new hiking trail for the Mountaneering challenge "12 Peaks" starting from a village on the northern foothills and going westwards ending in the town of Vinica, while the other group where Kiril was part went southwards to the highest peaks in the central part of the mountain. Both groups went 20 and 13 (33 in total) kilometers on foot and took dozens of pictures of peaks, hills, streams and rivers as well as villages on the northern slope of Plačkovica Mountain, which will be uploaded and used in writing articles in the forthcoming period.

Macedonian Wikiexpeditions exhibition


Оn 11th of April an exhibition dedicated to the Wikiеxpeditions was opened in order to present and mark the successful work of the project. The exhibition consisted 31 images taken during the Wikiexpeditions held in Macedonia and 3 posters with statistics and numbers of the content and all work done on Wikipedia. Attendees were also informed about the Wikiexpeditions project and its significance as well as the possibilities that Wikimedia projects offer for field research by volunteering and contributing in different ways i.e. taking photographs, writing articles, research through literature and helping in organization of such trips as Wikiexpeditions. The event was also used to announce the fourth season of the Macedonian Wikiexpeditions in this year. The exhibition will last several days in April, and it is planned to be displayed and shown in other cities in Macedonia in the upcoming period.

Architecture edit-a-thon


On 13th and 14th of April, we held the third ArchiWiki workshop which as in the previous years contained a lecture and edit-a-thon. The ArchiWiki workshop was organized jointly by Shared Knowledge, the architecture studio Arhipunkt and MARH - Macedonian Architecture website dedicated to the promotion of Macedonian architecture to the wider public. This third such workshop was held at the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje. On the first day, the participants were introduced into the workshop, the basics of editing articles in Wikipedia and the free licenses; while on the second day there was an edit-a-thon on the topic "Architecture". Having a good instruction and plan of topics and equipped with several books of referenced literature, the thirteen participants and in a time period of 8 hours created and improved 47 articles on Wikipedia and uploaded dozen images on Wikimedia Commons, making this edit-a-thon the second most successful edit-a-thon approaching close to the record of edited articles for such editing events which is 57.

Once again, this edit-a-thon prove to be one of the most successful events organized in Macedonia. Additionally, this edit-a-thon attract ten new female editors, which is huge number comparing with female editors on Macedonian Wikipedia in total.

WikiLive 2018


From 13th to 15th of April our community and administrative manager Ivan Živković attended the Wiki Live 2018 conference in Belgrade, where he held a presentation on the topic Wikimedia in social networks. In the presentation he shared the experience of promotion of the Wikimedia projects in Macedonia through the the social media and networks referring to the process of promotion itself and the success of the projects as a result of the usage of the social media and networks.

Rivers in Macedonia - Editing weekend


In the last weekend of April, we held the 8th editing weekend for this year, which was also the third editing weekend within this month. The increased pace of organizing editing weekends and other editing challenges is in order to reach the goal of 100,000 articles on Wikipedia on Macedonian language. Thus, this editing weekend dedicated to the Rivers in Macedonia prove to be one with the largest success of participants and newly created articles, whereby 5 editors have created 61 articles.