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Goals for this documentEdit

This document is a work in progress, developed by the Wikimedia and Libraries User Group. You are invited to contribute to it.

The main purpose of this work is to provide:

  • An overview of Wikimedia projects and how librarians can contribute to them
  • General LIS skills required for librarians such as the use of citation styles and Google Drive

General Wikipedia trainingEdit


  • The Georgia Library Association documentation on how to hold an edit-a-thon.



General resources available for Wikidata training are collected here.

Wikidata training exercises and materials: NB: both are from the OCLC webinar by Andrew Lih and Robert Fernandez

Relevant projects on WikidataEdit

Reference support for WikidataEdit

Wikidata toolsEdit

Wikidata Query ServiceEdit

WikiCite and ScholiaEdit

Scholia is a tool for visualizing WikiCite data in a manner that facilitates bibliometric analysis of academic publications and research. It is part of the broader Wikidata:WikiProject Source MetaData and WikiCite initiative.



What is Meta-WikiEdit

How to determine a Conflict-of-InterestEdit

There is lots of discussion of regarding conflict of interest for cultural institutions.

Library and Information Science skillsEdit

Citation analysis and ScientometricsEdit

Using Google Drive and Google DocsEdit

Introduction to Citation StylesEdit

Citation style on WikipediaEdit