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  • Name: Wikimedia User Groups
  • Mission: Variable within the overall mission of supporting and promoting the Wikimedia projects
  • Territorial range: Variable; assumed to be mostly regional, but could work across national boundaries
  • Incorporation: Any – Wikimedia groups can be incorporated or not as they see fit
  • Minimum rights:
  1. Simplified access to grants
  2. Basic use of the Wikimedia trademarks for promotion and organization of projects and events
  • Minimum duties:
  1. Active work
  2. Transparent reporting
  3. Good cooperation with other entities
  • Trademark use: Basic standard use; more extensive usage possible case-by-case, on permission from WMF
  • Origin of funds: Case-by-case WMF/Chapter grants possible or dedicated chapter grants if they exist
  • Relationship with overlapping entities: While entities are not in a hierarchy, they need to agree how to coexist in a geography to streamline their communication and avoid duplicate work. Wikimedia groups/associations would be expected to ask other entities for support more than vice-versa.
  • Board and membership: Open membership
  • Transparency and communication: Full info about organizers (for case-by-case grants and trademark usage)
  • Capacity to sign agreements with third parties: Can help with informal negotiations, or minor agreements such as hosting or support for a local event, but WMF or chapter if they exist would sign partnership agreements
  • Recognition from: Affiliations Committee, with support from staff: staff will process the original requests, and submit recs to the Committee for approval. [WMF staff would be available to handle any such requests; chapters can also where chapters want to handle this within their geography]
  • Minimum requirements for recognition: A very lightweight process, intended for hundreds of groups and consisting of:
  1. Listing a group's information in a public place
  2. Confirmation of the contact person's identity
  3. A clear definition of their focus, motivation and time period for which recognition is requested
  4. Plans for offline work? (to distinguish these from online wikiProjects)
  • Recognition document: Public listing on meta; email to contact person; identification of the contact to the WMF.
    Groups could request limited recognition – limited in terms of either time or intent.
  • Reporting requirements: Regular public updates on wiki page
  • Mentoring and support: From chapter, where in existence and only if requested by group
  • Change of status possible: Yes
  • Withdrawal of recognition: Affiliations Committee, if necessary, by unlisting and informing group
  • Examples: WikiProject Tree of Life, Wikibooks Translation Team, Semantic MediaWiki Association
  • Other considerations: The existence of associations should make it easier for any group to get started and develop programs.