Wikimedia User Group of Aotearoa New Zealand/Annual Report 2020

Wikimedia User Group of Aotearoa New Zealand Annual Report 2020Edit

User groupEdit

During 2020 the User group has focused on growing, connecting, and establishing support mechanisms for existing and new editors of Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia.

Those members active in the administration of the User Group are increasing their knowledge of the workings of the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki and what is administratively required of the User Group by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Community supportEdit

Wiki MeetupsEdit

Wellington Wikipedia Meetup 2020-06-20 Quilt Phase / Apache License 2.0 (
Wellington Meetup Post COVID-19 Lock down. Einebillion / CC BY (

During 2020 regular monthly meetups occurred in Christchurch and regular fortnightly meetups happened in Wellington with additional meetups and edit-a-thons happening sporadically in other cities around the country.[1] During the COVID19 lockdown from 25 March to 8 June 2020 the Wellington fortnightly meetups switched to online meetings and the participants increased to include Wikipedians from other areas around New Zealand and also Australia. Once the lockdown measures were eased the decision of the group was to establish an Online Aotearoa Meetup on the monthly basis. Once the New Zealand Ministry of Health COVID19 Alert level dropped to Alert Level 1 the Wellington Meetup reverted back to meeting up in person and changed the frequency of meetings to monthly so that participants could continue to attend the Aotearoa New Zealand Online meetup. When a second wave of the virus saw Alert levels rise, the Wellington Meetup group once again went online. From 29 September 2020 the Wellington meetups became in-person meetings once more.

As a result of an edit-athon focusing on the Stuff companies, people and publications, Stuff profiled New Zealand Wikipedians and published a feature article: This publicity helped raise awareness in the community of Wikipedia projects and activities, and led to the librarians at Ara Institute of Canterbury initiating a monthly Wiki meetup on campus. This group has about 6-8 participants and is enthusiastically exploring Wikipedia, Wikidata, Commons and looks forward to learning about Wiki in Education in 2021.

New Zealand Wikipedia Facebook groupEdit

The User Group members have built on the New Zealand Wikipedia Facebook group to more regularly share news and events. This communication channel out to participants is growing and has 160 members.

Other supportEdit

Wiki Loves Monuments New Zealand 2020Edit

Planning the 2021 in person conferenceEdit

A subgroup was established to set up weekend Wiki-Con events in three areas of New Zealand in 2021. The locations being worked on are Hokitika, Wellington, and Auckland. Hokitia was selected to support the new editors recruited as a result of the West Coast Wikipedian at Large project. Wellington was selected as there is a committed user group meeting regularly and the University of Victoria, Wellington expressed an interest in supporting, and Auckland was selected because Auckland Museum is interested in developing a relationship with Auckland Wikipedians.


FindingGLAM Edit-A-Thon in Christchurch 20 February 2020Edit

Stuff Edit-A-Thon in Christchurch 29 February 2020Edit

Godwits Edit-A-Thon in Palmerston North 19 March 2020Edit

Bloodhound Tracker (Now Bionomia Tracker) Twitter takeover 4 May 2020 - 8 May 2020Edit

One of the Wellington Wikidata editors Ambrosia10 was invited to take over the Bionomia Track twitter account in early May. While doing so she raised the profile of Wikidata and modelled how Wikidata can be used in conjunction with the Bionomia Tracker website to improve the linked open data for natural history institution specimen collectors and collections.

OpenGLAM Twitter takeover 11 May 2020 - 17 May 2020Edit

One of the Wellington Wikipedia/Wikidata/WikiCommons editors Ambrosia10 was invited to take over the OpenGLAM twitter account in May. While doing so she discussed the reuse of GLAM content in Wiki projects and highlighted the benefits of GLAM engagement with Wikipedia, Wikidata and WikiCommons.

Open Refine workshop 25 July 2020Edit

Participants at the Open Refine Library Carpentry Workshop in Wellington, NZ

One of the Wellington Wikidata editors Einebillion (talk) approached Internet New Zealand and received $NZ500 sponsorship funding to fly a data carpentries trainer for Open Refine to Wellington to conduct a one day workshop. Four members of the Wellington Wiki Meetup group attended the workshop and were joined by another two Wikidata editors from outside Wellington. The day was successful as it provided significant upskilling for the Wikidata editors in how to use Open Refine to power faster editing and updating of data into Wikidata. It had the added benefit of also attracting people from a variety of institutions that the Wellington Wiki Meetup group are interested in developing relationships with. Staff attended from the New Zealand National Library, the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, and the University of Victoria, Wellington. Internet NZ provided the venue and also had staff attending.[2] The trainer provided a very useful training session but had limited knowledge of how Open Refine worked with Wikidata. At the end of the day there was time for the Wikidata editors to demonstrate their individual projects to the room. The trainer has subsequently begun editing in Wikidata.

Playmarket Edit-A-Thon in Wellington 15 August 2020Edit

Six editors worked over a few hours on a Saturday with starting point of a list of playwights selected by Playmarket. Because of New Zealand’s COVID Alert Levels we changed the event into an online one with the director of Playmarket and Pakoire at the Playmarket office with the idea to be able to share resources to these online We touched base three times over video meeting at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. Outcomes: The following articles were expanded: Stuart Hoar, Oscar Kightley, Joseph Musaphia, Robert Lord (playwright), Robert Lord (playwright), Bruce Mason Playwriting Award The Wikidata items for the following were expanded: Nonita Rees, Mervyn Thompson, Playmarket, Alison Quigan, Jean Betts, Lynda Chanwai-Earle, Pip Hall, Albert Belz, Carl Nixon, Dean Parker, Gary Henderson (playwright), Hone Kouka, Joseph Musaphia

The West Coast Wikipedian at Large Project September and October 2020Edit

2020 New Zealand general election (October 2020)Edit

Schwede66 and others did a project that put every election candidate on Wikidata (677 of them, including inventing how to model list candidacy in New Zealand), and created pages for all new MPs, and a mass DYK with 19 hooks. Probably by the time this report goes in there will also have been work around the election results that we should include. I can describe better in November when it's finished. DrThneed (talk) 20:59, 27 October 2020 (UTC))

Kohacon 2020Edit

In October one of the Wellington Wikidata editors David Nind (talk) presented at Kohacon20 and gave an introduction to Wikidata and then live edited and queried Wikidata to the conference participants. (Kohacon20 is the annual worldwide Koha Community conference (which was live streamed and recorded) (Koha is free and open source library management software originally developed in Levin, New Zealand but now used by libraries all over the world)).

Wikidata training for librarians (30 October 2020)Edit

Dunedin User Group member DrThneed ran a three hour introductory workshop on Wikidata for the humanities librarians from the Research Support Unit at the University of Otago. The workshop was requested by the librarians as they understood Wikidata might be useful to them but didn't know how to use it. The group went from creating a log in, to editing items, adding publications and understanding how to disambiguate authors. Further engagement is likely but will depend on institutional resources. A small pilot project focussing on a particular research centre is a possible outcome in the New Year, to enable better understanding of workflows and time required.

Financial supportEdit

Wikimedia User Group of Aotearoa New Zealand received no financial support from the Wikimedia Foundation in 2020. The Open Refine Workshop received sponsorship from Internet NZ. The West Coast Wikipedian at Large project was funded by Development West Coast and Glacier Country tourism.