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Members of Wikimedia UG Nigeria and the management of Goge Africa

Welcome to Goge Africa Wikipedia residency project! This project is intended to facilitate the sharing of resources from Goge Africa with the Wikimedia community and the public. Goge Africa is one of the largest cultural oriented non-governmental organization in Nigeria. Goge Africa's mission is to be the number one mirror of and window to Africa's heritage. Africa is home to a ridiculously large number of cultures and tribes, ranging from the Hausa, the Bantu, the Mande, the Kanuri, the Afrikaans down to the Zulu, and a host of others. Goge Africa spotlights the rich heritage and dynamics of Africans to the rest of the world. Goge Africa TV programme is a journey of travels, culture, festivals, carnivals, arts, fashion, food, music, dance and real time experiences and it's presented from different touristic locations in and out of Africa.