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WikiGap 2018Edit

WikiGap is an international event that happens simultaneously in more than 40 countries in the world to celebrate International Women’s Day in the 8th of March.


In Tunisia, more than 60% of Wikipedia articles related to celebrities are about leading men in the national history. Only 30% of the articles talk about the feminine leaders. In 2018, 131 articles were written about famous tunisian men, while only about 60 were written about women.

Also, in the Tunisian User group, the gender gap is unfortunately important. Only 25% of the members are women.

WikiGap TunisiaEdit

In Tunisia, for this year, the Wikimedia TN User Group partnered with the Swedish Embassy, The CREDIF, Asswat Tounes and Ericsson to organize the WikiGap workshop in the headquarters of Ericsson, where during 4 hours, participants wrote, translated and updated Wikipedia articles about feminine leaders in the history of Tunisia and Sweden.


  • Wikimedia TN User Group
  • Swedish embassy
  • Ericsson
  • Aswat Nissa


Afek Ben Chahed, Houssem Abida and Marwen Bouassida


1st part : Introdcution to WikimediaEdit

Participants got a small presentation about the different Wikimedia projects and how they can contribue in each one.

2nd part : Introduction to WikipediaEdit

Trainers organized a small technical training about how to use the Wikipedia tools to edit articles in Wikipedia.

3rd part : The Edit-a-thonEdit

For two hours, participants wrote articles about more than 15 feminine leaders in human rights, women rights, arts, medicine, sciences and other fields.


The workshop gave the opportunity for more than 15 man and woman from different ages and backgrounds, to gather, join the Wikimedia movement, and fight for a noble cause : Filling the gender gap