Wikimedia South Africa/2019-AGM

Wikimedia ZA meeting minutes.

The Wikimedia ZA 2019 AGM took place in Cape Town on 15 December.

Chapter members talking at the 2019 Wikimedia South Africa AGM held at the Code Bridge in Cape Town.


Sunday, 15 December 2019


14:00 to 16:00


Code Bridge, 1 Thicket St, Newlands, Cape Town, 7700

We used a new location for this meetup. OpenUp very kindly let us use their downstairs space at the Code Bridge in Newlands, near to Claremont train station and taxi rank.

See the location on the map to the right.


  • Presentation of the Minutes of the last AGM and its acceptance by those members present on the day of the AGM;
  • Presentation of the Annual Report for 2019
  • Financial report
  • Election of the Board 2020
  • Vote on the WMZA five year plan for 2020-25
  • Presentation on the Afrikaans Wikipedia conflict of interests issue by Deon Styne and resolution on how WMZA can assit.
  • Date of next AGM (August?/September?)


Presentation given at the AGM by the Wikimedia ZA president:



  • Douglas Ian Scott
  • Rossouw van Rooyen
  • Ingrid Thomson
  • Adri Loubser (Baard)
  • Coenraad Loubser
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Ian Gilfillan.
  • Deon Steyn
  • Reuben Honigwachs
  • Andy Rabagliati

Online Attendance

  • Raymond Ellis
  • Gwinyal Masukume
  • Paul Conlin


  • Michael Graaff

Presentation of 2018 AGM minutes

  • Minutes from the 2018 AGM reviewed & approved -
  • We need to follow up on the Outreach Template
  • The Library Service did not happen, but it's still important to address in the future.
  • No questions or comments were raised.

Annual Report 2019

  • For more details see: 
  • Impact assessment from the Wiki Campaigns Dashboard:
  • 8 programs, with 349 editors (a lot of them new). 1.59M words added. 382M views. 14.5K articles edited. 772 articles created. 1.07K commons uploads
  • Activity Report"
  • Notes on activity report: In future only South African chapter members will be eligible for travel grants/bursaries. This is for logistical reasons.
  • (Operational) Wikimania Attendance - Thank yous to funders/supporters
  • Question about UNDP Wikimedian in residence
  • Technical part is to foster culture of Wiki editing and establish internal Wiki for UNDP
  • Wikimedia focus to foster open relationship of sharing and exchange of knowledge between UN and Wikimedia. Overlap is in cultural exposure & sensitivity.
  • Copyright Advocacy
    • Freedom of panorama is respected by our law partly thanks to our attention
    • (Operational) Thanks to Legal scholars, Creative Commons, Re:Create, Denise Nicholson
  • We need to discuss our scope of involvement with WMF Advocacy activities so as to only focus on SA Community Issues
  • Arts on our minds - Wits - part of diversity focus
  • Whose Knowledge - Goethe Institut collaboration - we are a technology partner in their drive to digital, and can use their materials - Encourage to follow the link on the activity report
    • Interested in giving bursaries, need adequate notice, interested in including Wikimedia in their projects
  • Afrocuration - Moleskine Foundation, Bridge Foundation (Supporting teachers in SA) and Constitution Hill Trust (Database of Schools around Gauteng)
  • Education sector focused Editathon. See Activity Report.
  • Continued events in a similar line. Next one on December 28, collaboration with AfroPunk focused on African Visual Arts.
  • City of Johannesburg Public Library Editathon - We need more volunteers to drive relationship
  • A touch point with SA Library Community - there were other volunteer editathons eg. Pretoria Library, LIHASA and #1lib1ref

Financial Report 2018/19

  • For more details see:
  • The financial report was shared with all Chapter Members in November, and they had a chance to review before the AGM.
  • The chapter made a loss of R161k, but has no debt. Majority of funds from the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Current grant: July 2019 - June 2020
  • R80k Surplus, need to be disciplined about following process to allocate these funds to new projects. We can't overspend as all our funds are strictly linked to project.
  • Cost saving measures cause administrative problems, but this does allow flexibility if we stick to the grant processes to reallocate.
  • (Operational) Allocate current grant surplus
  • (Operational) Thank you to Douglas from board
  • If anyone wants to apply for a project to which the funds can be allocated, they can email the board or a board member. These items will be discussed internally.
  • People can also email the board for requests for 2020/2021 budget - The board should formalise this process however. (Operational) Formal process steps to our website

WMZA 5 year plan (2020-25)

For more details see:
See also: WMZA five year plan for 2019 on meta wiki

Chapter members got together on 14 December 2019 to discuss challenges that the chapter is facing and identify projects that can be tackled over the next 5 years in order to help resolve these challenges

Challenges identified:

  • Diversity: Language, Demographics, Geography
  • Capacity: Specifically the chapter's capacity to effect impact (volunteers, staff(?))
  • Access: Access to free knowledge for both Wiki editors and the public
  • Flexibility: Ability to react quickly to impact opportunities to the dynamic nature of the opportunities that comes unexpected.
  • Awareness: Increasing awareness to support chapter impact, making people more aware about Wikipedia.


  • Flexibility:
  • African Language Support, e.g. isiXhose example
  • Copyright reform e.g. Freedom of Panorama/Fair Use
  • Champion outreach
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Awareness opportunity
  • Diversity
  • Champion outreach
  • School and Univerity roadshow
  • Thematic Editathons
  • Awareness
  • Banners ads for non-editors
  • Wikipedia Zero support
  • Wikipedia bookshelf
  • Oral citations support
  • Vote to park this for today and host a workshop by end of Jan that involves the whole chapter where we can expand on the projects and prioritise the ones for the next year.
  • Adri nominated the vote, Douglas and Reuben seconded. Andy and Bobby also voted positively and the motion was passed.

Election of 2020 board

  • Raymond steps down
  • Yonela is unavailable and steps down defacto
  • New board member: Wynand from Rhodes University. Nominated by Ingrid. Andy seconds. - ACCEPTED

Board members agreeing to stay on:

  • Adri
  • Bobby - Treasury committee - no objections
  • Coenraad - Treasury committee - no objections
  • Deon
  • Douglas - Nominated as president by Rossouw, seconded by Adri and Reuben - ACCEPTED
  • Ian
  • Michael
  • Rossouw

All nominated board members approved.

Afrikaans Wikipedia

  • Solidarity (South African Trade Union) Afrikaans Wiki page will be nominated for deletion if not remedied, as they are using their page for marketing purposes and it sets a bad example so as to the functioning and place of Wikipedia.
  • Decision to establish a formal Afrikaans Wikipedia Committee who can formally represent the community.
  • Growing at 15 articles a day and picking up speed
  • Too many matters for Wikimedia South Africa, Afrikaans Wikipedia needs to stand in its own
  • Nomination to support Deon as the Director of Afrikaans Wikipedia. Seconded by Andy. Pending a voting process within Afrikaans Wikipedia.

Date of 2020 AGM

  • End of August, Beginning of September - pending readiness of financials.