Wikimedia Polska/Plans for 2017

Plans of Wikimedia Polska for 2017

Approved by the Board on 27.12.2016



The following plans are written as a starting point for talks with the Wikimedia Foundation about allowing us, Stowarzyszenie Wikimedia Polska, to use the central- and site-notice banners on Polish Wikimedia projects for our 1%-tax deductible donations collecting campaign or to be able to link our fundraising page from the main fundraising site of Wikimedia Foundation between February 1st and April 30th, 2017.

The plans are based on a preliminary budget for 2016/2017 approved by the General Assembly [1] of Wikimedia Polska with some updates approved by The Board of Wikimedia Polska.

As it is shown in our report[2], the main source of income for Wikimedia Polska are 1% tax deductible donations. According to the Polish tax law, Polish taxpaying individuals can choose one and only one NGO with a tax deductible status to donate it with 1% of their income tax. This is conducted via an income tax form, which taxpayers have to fill each year between January 15 and April 30, submitting it to their local tax office, and does not bring any additional costs nor difficulties for donors. See our 2011 chapter report for more details regarding this system.

Be reminded that this system can be used by a Polish entity only - potential Polish donors can only support WMF by their non-tax-deductible donations. Moreover, the tax-deductible status needs to be recognized by Polish state and Wikimedia Polska meets this obligation.

In 2011-2016 Wikimedia Polska and Wikimedia Foundation had an agreement – similar to the general fundraising agreement for chapters but slightly adjusted to a unique situation in Poland.

Our plans


Content creation projects

Wikiexpedition(s) - 20,000 PLN
Wikiexpedition is an expedition exploring one of the regions of Poland in order to gather documentation (especially photographic) concerning the chosen area. The first Wikiexpedition took place in 2008 and since then it has been subsequently repeated, producing around 3000-5000 pictures a year. In 2017 we plan to make 2 regular and one Railways expedition.
Wiki Photo Contests - 20,000 PLN
Wiki Loves Monuments contest was organized in Poland in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. In 2015 we switched to Wiki Loves Earth with moderate success. In 2016 we organized one big, general photo contest, called Wakacje z Wikipedią with moderate success. We plan to organize it again or join Wiki Loves Monuments in new formula, which is not decided yet.
Thematic weeks contest - 10,000 PLN
Thematic weeks contest started in 2014 and was continued successfully in 2015 and 2016. The idea is to support Wikipedians creating good articles by buying them books useful for writing Wikipedia articles as prizes for their active participation in Wikipedia's Thematic Weeks. See more [1].
New editing Contest - 10,000 PLN
We plan to organize a new editing contests around some very specific topics to fill the gaps in Polish Wikipedia and to encourage new editors.
CEE Spring 2017 - 10,000 PLN
Polish edition of CEE Spring 2016 contest was a moderate success. In 2017 we plan to join CEE Spring in its new, improved,
Wikigrants - 20,000 PLN
Wikigrants is our local micro-grant system which started in 2006 and proved to be effective. The typical submissions are for 100-500 PLN (25-125 USD), mainly to buy books needed for writing articles or to reimburse costs of travel to the museums and archives. The 10th edition of the wikigrants proved to be very effective. We want to continue the project in the 13th edition. See [2].
GLAM coordinator budget incl. salary (1 FTE, possible temporary increase) - 100,000 PLN
We have hired a GLAM coordinator at the end of 2014, who expanded our GLAM cooperation enourmously (from 7 to 30 active projects). In 2016 we plan to continue and expand GLAM projects. Among others: we want to continue our cooperation with the National Museum in Warsaw, State Ethnographic Museum, Maritime Museum, POLIN and many others. See: [3].
Reserve for new ideas - 15,000 PLN
Every year Polish Wikimedians present their new ideas for content creation projects. As already in 2016, some new proposals on a very early stage have been presented and we keep motivating the community to present their ideas, more to come should be expected. Therefore we need to provide some funds to be ready to finance such novel initiatives.
Total - 200,000 PLN


Wikiworkshops - 5,000 PLN
Wikimedia Polska provides wikiworkshops for target groups of potential editors. In 2012, 9 Wikiworkshops were organized; in 2013 - 14 and in 2014 - 16 of them; in 2015 over 20, in 2016 over 26, so we expect to have around 30 wikiworkshops in 2017. The costs of Wikiworkshops are: a travel reimbursement for trainers and sometimes cost of hiring the venue.
POTY/WLM exhibition continuation - 1,000 PLN
The POTY mobile exhibition was introduced in 2011. The printed reproductions of winning pictures from the years 2006-2014 are presented in publicly accessible places across Poland in order to promote Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia. In 2012-2015 it was presented in 25 Polish cities, and proved to be a good promotion and outreach event. However, in last year, the exhibition was presented in 2 places only and it seems that the "market" for them is saturated. Therefore, in 2017 we want to keep small reserve for this and slowly fade out the project.
Professional Community Support Officer and Press Officer (2 FTEs) - 120,000 PLN
In 2014 we hired our press officer and Community Support Officer in order to professionally organize our relations with the media and effectively maintain all our PR issues, including our communication with communities. In 2015 they continued their work moving our PR to a new level. The press officer is also responsible for coordination of our Wikiworkshops project and Community Support Officer for coordination of our all contests.
Production of leaflets/brochures/gadgets - 10,000 PLN
We regularly produce various brochures, leaflets and gadgets such as pens, T-shirts, bags etc. which are used as a promotional material during conferences, meetings, workshops, POTY exhibition etc.
External conferences/meetings - 5,000 PLN
We regularly receive invitations to various external conferences and meetings, therefore we want to reserve some money for this purpose.
Reserve for new ideas - 4,000 PLN
Total - 145,000 PLN


Winter Polish Wikimedia retreat - 25,000 PLN
We reestablished sucessfully our winter meetings in 2016 - which are not a regular conference but rather a mix of workshops and discussion panels about future of Polish Wikipedia and its sister projects. 2016 meeting attendet 42 participatns. We expect 50 for the retreat meeting in 2017.
Polish Wikimedia Annual Conference - 40,000 PLN
Polish Wikimedia Annual Conference is about to be organized for the 12th time. This is the main meeting of Polish Wikimedians as well as invited guests from other open-content organizations and Wikimedians from neighboring countries. Usually 100 people attend the conference.
Public Domain Day - 5,000 PLN
Public Domain Day is a meeting organized by the Coalition for Open Education of which Wikimedia Polska is an active member. The meeting is about celebrating the end of copyright protection of works of people who passed away 70 years ago and it is a part of the World Public Domain Day celebration. It is attended by many people from GLAM organizations, journalists, and similar. Wikimedia Polska traditionally covers part of the costs of the meeting. In 2017 it is about to be organized on January 16th in Kraków
Local meetings - 10,000 PLN
Every year there are several local Wikipedian meetings organized spontaneously. Wikimedia Polska traditionally supports such meetings by covering costs of space and catering.
A meeting for donators - 10,000 PLN
We plan to organize a special meeting for our donators during the 1% tax seasons (March-May) and hope to be attended by 100 of them. Except the donation effect we expect to get the feedback of what they find good and not that good in our activities.
Total - 90,000 PLN

International support

CEE Meeting 2017 - 5,000 PLN
We are about to host CEE Meeting 2017. As we hope to be financed mainly from WMF grant, we are also to donate one dinner and POLIN museum sightseeing + cover some other unexpected cost from our own budget.
Wikimania scholarships - 50,000 PLN
As in previous years, we want to donate several scholarships for Wikimania - both for Polish and foreign wikimedians. The number of the scholarships will depend of the cost of the conference and travel.
Support for Free Knowledge Advocacy Group (EU) and scholarships to Brussels - 15,000 PLN
We decided to financially support Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU [4] office in Brussels (2500 EUR).
Total - 70,000 PLN


  • Office incl. salary (1 FTE, rented office space, equipment, Internet access, phone bills, legal advice, audit etc) - 90,000 PLN
  • Other (domains, server, travels of employees and board members etc.) - 60,000 PLN
Total - 150,000 PLN

Overall planned budget

Name Amount (PLN) Amount (USD) %
Projects 200,000 47 000 30,5
Promotion/outreach 145 000 34 000 22.2
Conferences/meetings 90 000 21 000 13,7
International support 70 000 16 500 10.7
Operational 150 000 35 500 22.9
Total 655 000 154 000 100