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Hello, here are the latest news from Wikimedia Norge!

Wikimedia Norge
Wikimedia Norge
Arctic Knot
On June 24–25, the Arctic Knot Wikimedia Language Conference is finally under way! The conference is fully digital, and we hope you'll find the program interesting! There will be exciting talks and panel debates, and an opportunity to get to know projects like Abstract Wikipedia and Wikisource.
The full program is now available on Meta-Wiki, and you can read more about the conference on our blog.
Registration for the conference has opened, and participation is free of charge.
You can register all the way up until the conference starts, but if you wish to participate in the Unlocking the potential of digital language archives session, you need to register by June 20th in order to be able to use the Endangered Languages Archive (ELAR) as the session is happening.
The program is varied and exciting, and we think everyone will find something interesting in the program.
Du you wish to contribute to the conference as a volunteer? All participation is very welcome!
Maybe you'd like to help test the platform we'll be using beforehand? Or do you have any questions you think should be raised during the panel debate? Maybe you'd like to contribute with entertainment of some sort? Get in touch on!
The monthly contest on Wikipedia
The subject of June's monthly contest will be artists. Edits to all articles on artists will yield points, but we hope many would like to write about Sámi and other indigenous artists!
This year's Wikimania will also be fully digital, enabling even more people to participate. The theme will be 20 years of Wikipedia, so it is a time to celebrate what the Wikimedia movement has achieved, and look back on the journey that led us here. You can now propose sessions for Wikimania. If you have an idea for a session, but are not sure about how to angle it, feel free to get in touch with us. We can help with brainstorming and whatever else you need!
Wiki meet-ups
It's not long before we can hold in-person meet-ups again, and some plans are already under way. It would be great for more people to be able to join meet-ups. Wikimedia Norge can help financially if you wish to organize a meet-up where you live.
We will still be organizing meet-ups, workshops and admin meet-ups at (ir)regular intervals, either digitally or in-person. If you have any ideas for topics, feel free to get in touch with Jon Harald (!

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