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Wikimedia discussed the establishment matter of the China Branch.

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Foundation or social groups? (According to Chinese law, people can only set up a foundation representative.)

Article 13:

Foundation that sets up overseas representative offices in mainland China,should be subject to the consent from each business executive individual. The subject for authority registeration is submitted by these following document:


(2)The proof of established foundation foreign law and the Articles of Association Foundation;

(3)Representative executive of the proposed identity certificate and resume;

(4)Certificate of residence;

(5)Executive agreed to set up representative offices in mainland China in the file.

Registration authority shall prepare all the valid documents listed in the preceding 60 days from the date of making the decision to grant registration or not. The registration shall issued outside the foundation of a registration certificate, then give reasons in writing.

The foundation representative institutions of overseas funds have been translated and mark as 'RIF'. Furthermore, any establishments of RIF are included: name, address, business scope of public welfare activities and the responsible persons. RIF should be in line with public service activities of China's welfare nature. The overseas representative foundation in mainland China will response for any civil action and civil liability in accordance with Chinese law.

Article 14:

Any RIF which registered under this ordinance, shall register along with tax paid.

RIF should pass registration certificate to apply for the organization code and seal made before open any bank account.

RIF should has the organization code, chop, bank account number and tax registration certificate copy of the registration and administration authorities.

Article 24:

As the Foundation president, vice president or the Secretary General of Hong Kong residents, Macao and Taiwan residents, foreigners and overseas representative offices of the head of the Foundation, all of them must stay in China each year not less than 3 months.

Article 25: Foundation fund-raising organization to accept donations, articles of association should be consistent with the purposes and public welfare activities of the business. Representative offices of overseas funds in China shall not solicit donations and accept donations.

The establishment of the required documents:

  • The establishment of RIF fill an application in triplicate, and submit electronic documents, fill in the content and the specific precautions, see the description of one of the filling;
  • Must provide the certificate and the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their country of registration of documents;
  • Registration laws involving foreign law certificate, certificate and articles of association, the names and resumes of foreign citizens and other foreign materials should be written in a foreign language, with the standard Chinese translation.



See alsoDemonstration version of the Foundation constitution

  • According to "Foundation Management Regulations ", the constitution requires only translation aid to wikimedia.