Wikimedia Language Diversity Hub

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Wikimedia Language Diversity Hub

The Wikimedia Language Diversity Hub is a proposed Wikimedia hub for affiliates and volunteers who are working on indigenous, minority, marginalized and under-resourced language communities in Wikimedia projects. The hub is an extension and continuation of the Wikimedia Language Diversity initiative, and is proposed as a result of the Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy Recommendations.

The idea for this hub is that it would be a gathering place for affiliates and volunteers within its topic area to share experiences, expertise and resources in order to help each other grow and succeed, and to act as a united front in advocating issues that affect smaller language projects. It would also serve as a facilitator for partnerships with external partners looking to collaborate with Wikimedians on language issues all over the world.

The need for a central gathering place for smaller language communities comes from observations during conferences like the Celtic Knot Conferences and Wikimanias that there is a lot of innovation going on in smaller language Wikimedia projects, as well as shared challenges that could benefit from a better system of sharing experiences and resources across languages.

The idea for a language diversity hub was first floated by Wikimedia Norge during a November 2020 affiliate strategy meeting, and the idea has gone through several iterations to reach its current state as presented on these pages. We wish for this to be a globally inclusive hub, and following the Arctic Knot Conference, an ad-hoc steering committee was set up to shape and guide further work on the hub.


If you wish to get in touch with the steering committee, you can post a message on the talk page (it helps to ping one or more committee members), join the Wikimedia Language Diversity Telegram group, or send an email to