Wikimedia LGBT+/Grants/Wikimania 2012

Wikimedia LGBT Outreach Project Wikimania 2012 Grant application draft and discussion.

Just brainstorming. More on the talk page.
LGBT Outreach Project
Legal name of organization or individual requesting this grant
Wikimedia LGBT Outreach Project (not a formal organization); Wikimedia NYC; & Wikimedia DC, fiscal agent
Grant contact names
Gregory Varnum Varnent, Ashley Van Haeften User:Fæ, James Hare Harej (WMDC contact), and Richard Knipel Pharos (WMNYC contact)
Grant contact usernames
Varnent (talk), (talk), Harej (talk), and Pharos (talk)
Grant contact titles (positions)
Wikimedians, MediaWiki developers, Wikimedia chapter officers, & Wikimania 2012 Coordinator
Project lead name
Ashley Van Haeften
Project lead username or email
Project lead title (position), if any
Wikimedia UK Chair
Full project name
'Wikimedia Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Outreach Project'
Amount requested in USD or local currency (USD will be assumed if no other currency is specified)
USD 5649
Provisional target start date
Wikimania 2012, July 10, 2012
Provisional completion date
July 15, 2012

Budget breakdown

  • 5 additional volunteer schlarships for Wikimania 2012
    • Conference registration and hostel (USD 45 x 5 people): USD 225
    • Hostel (USD 38 x 5 nights x 5 people): USD 950
    • US airfare travel (USD 368 x 3 people): USD 1104
    • International airfare travel (USD 1675 x 2 people): USD 3350
  • Wikimania LGBT Meetup - supplies and printing: USD 20

Project goal


Seek funding by way of a Wikimedia Foundation Chapter Grant jointly sought by Wikimedia NYC and Wikimedia DC. The grant would specifically seek to support promotion and development of Wikimedia's LGBT Outreach Project in a manner chosen by active volunteer leadership. Funding would be used to encourage volunteer participation, support community building activities, and promote diversity in editor recruitment.

Project scope and list of activities

  • 5 LGBT Wikimania 2012 scholarships
    • Coordination of scholarship committee by Wikimedia LGBT Outreach Project and Wikimedia NYC
    • Financial oversight and implementation assistance by Wikimedia DC
    • Promotion of scholarship availability across multiple WMF project sites
    • Application process and review process based on current and future contributions to Wikimedia LGBT outreach
    • Allow for up to 3 international recipients
  • First Annual Wikimania LGBT Meetup
    • Tentatively scheduled for morning or evening of unconference on July 15
    • Intention to hold annual meetup at subsequent Wikimanias
    • Traditional wiki meetup format with focus on LGBT content development, LGBT editor recruitment and community building between the LGBT and ally communities
  • Meeting of interested Wikimedia LGBT Outreach Project volunteers to outline goals for upcoming year'
    • Not yet scheduled, likely during unconference or other generally available time
    • Intention to hold annual meeting at subsequent Wikimanias

Non-financial requirements

  • Use of meeting space at Wikimania
  • Access to already arranged and available catering
  • Use of conference printers at Wikimania
  • Use of meeting supplies as provided by Wikimania team

Fit to strategy


The efforts outlined in this grant directly apply to these components of Wikimedia's strategic plan:

Encourage diversity by conducting outreach among groups that have the potential to bring new expertise to the projects, as well as by supporting leaders from underrepresented groups in their efforts to cultivate new members from within their communities.
Support volunteer initiatives that fuel the growth of communities and projects around the world, including meet-ups, public outreach activities and other volunteer innovations.
Support the recruitment and acculturation of newer contributors by encouraging a welcoming environment on the Wikimedia projects, as well as supporting community leaders who are eager to serve as recruiters, guides and mentors for newer volunteers.
Support offline and social events to increase community cohesion and commitment to the projects.
Organize meetings and events bringing together developers and researchers who are focused on Wikimedia-related projects with experienced Wikimedia volunteers and staff.

Other benefits


Additionally, these activities help support these strategic objectives:

Spread information about Wikimedia’s mission, vision, values and practices. Help people better understand our work, and motivate them to help us do it.
Grow the number of Wikimedia donors, to ensure steady, robust support.
Provide project funding for efforts to connect Wikimedia projects with the work of institutions of culture and learning.
Provide better information about the movement to enable everyone to better support it, by developing and publishing diverse measures of the health and growth of Wikimedia communities and projects.
Continually improve social and technical systems for volunteer development of core software, extensions, gadgets and other technical improvements.

Finally, participation by Wikimedia NYC in the scholarship disbursement process, with involvement by Wikimedia DC, supports the capacity building of both organizations - particularly in regards to Wikimedia NYC's future grant administration.

Measures of success

  • Attendance by at least 25 people to Wikimania LGBT Meetup
  • Attendance by at least 10 active LGBT Wikimania 2012 volunteers
  • Outline of plan for Wikimedia LGBT Outreach Project for upcoming year

Team members



Anyone interested in seeing this grant happen - even if you're not going to be directly involved.