Wikimedia LGBT+/Governance/2024-05-19

This online video conference is focused on the tasks of governance and the LGBT+ User Group. The meeting is intended as an opportunity for core organizers to discuss shared opportunities, challenges, and ideas.

  • Date: 19 May 2024
  • Time: 1400–1500 UTC+0 (7:00 – 8:00am PT / 10:00 – 11:00pm ET)
  • Duration: 60 minutes

The Wikimedia Universal Code of Conduct will be followed for this meeting.



Anonymous members might also have been present

Agenda and notes


Core funding grant update

  • For info: Owen met with Stéphane at Kiwix; we have about $2,842 left of previous unrestricted funds
  • Action needed: Someone needs to be able to approve Owen's £450 invoice for Google and Zoom fees
    • Resolved: Freddy has approved this
  • For info: Our grant proposal: General Support Fund: Sustaining Wikimedia LGBT+
  • For info: New metrics: Feedback from the Regional Committee re: your 2024 proposal
  • For info: End of discussion timespan is tmrw (Mon 20 May)
    • we may get additional questions from the grant review committee, in which case we should reply quickly
  • For info: Funding decisions will be announced in 2 weeks (Fri 31 May)
  • Recommendations needed: Staffing an Exec director and Membership coordinator
    • we have US$50k for director and $12k for coordinator
    • we will have an open call for both of these
    • again - what kind of person could we hire for director?
      • ideally
        • English and Spanish speaking
        • fluent in LGBT+ community culture
        • familiarity with the Wikimedia / Open Knowledge Movement
        • professional experience
      • good traits
        • good charity experience
        • fundraising experience
    • Dorothy prepared the start of a job spec
      • Action: Owen will circulate
    • Can we use [ Greenhouse] for hiring? It seems to work well for the Foundation
  • For discussion: Potential project: EuroPride Thessaloniki: Rapid Grant proposal: WikiLovesEuroPride2024 (ID: 22458581); decision not needed until grant lands

Electing a board chair

  • For info: We should do this in next month's meeting, or by vote immediately thereafter
  • we currently do not have a chair
  • Owen would like to volunteer to chair
  • This should not be an anonymous Board member
  • Are other candidates interested?

Berlin Summit playback

  • Lane, Jeffery, Owen, and Z met in Berlin at the Wikimedia Summit 2024
  • For info: Movement Charter discussions
  • Question: What is the position of Wikimedia LGBT+ in LGBT+ issues in the wiki movement?
    • Answer: Other wiki organizations are aware of Wikimedia LGBT+ but we are not currently offering services which could be the base of collaboration (clarification needed)
  • For info: Discussions with other diversity affiliates
  • For info: Owen had discussions with Dumisami Ndubane about Wikimania 2025
    • Mehrdad has left the Wikimedia Foundation (for a dream job elsewhere)
    • Dumisami is a WMF point of contact for us to continue to negotiate safety preparation at Wikimania
    • There are conversations that can continue but we lose time that we invested in this person (clarification needed)
    • There are Wikimania events planned in places with serious LGBT+ safety concerns that we can discuss how to help mitigate

Human Rights discussions

  • For info: Our conversations with the WMF Human Rights Team need re-starting
    • There are some of us who have been meeting with the Wikimedia Foundation human rights team
    • It seems helpful that we should meet them again
    • Dorothy used to meet them
    • Question: What would this entail?
      • Stakeholder management and programme management — partly helping the Foundation do better here for queer wikimedians
  • Decision needed: Someone needs to own this process, at least until we hire an ED
    • Resolved: Lane is happy to stay on top of this for now
  • Example: ruwiki has agreed to redact usernames of editors contributing to the article on the current war in Ukraine; see the revision history of 'Russian invasion of Ukraine' on ruwiki

Spanish Wikipedia celebrates 23 year anniversary


WMF Board elections


Scheduling our next call

  • For info: Early in June, so we can discuss the yay/nay on our funding proposal
    • Owen will send round a Doodle poll
  • None