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The Wikimedia Highlights/catalog subpage contains lists the catalog of all past issues of the monthly Wikimedia Highlights. It takes a single optional parameter:

  • By default (when the optional first parameter is empty) it shows the full catalog.
  • It will also return the month of the current issue if you call it with the first parameter set to "last" (currently: April 2016).
  • The format of each catalog entry may also be customized by setting the first parameter (currently it can be set to "compact" to hide the link to the blog version (see the next section of this documentation).

You may also search highlights (in all languages) with

Customizing the display format

  • {{Wikimedia Highlights/catalog}} gives:
  • {{Wikimedia Highlights/catalog|compact}} gives:

Adding a new monthly issue of Wikimedia Highlights


You just need to modify this line:

|last=May 2013

And add a line in the list like:

<div>{{translatable template|Wikimedia Highlights/entry|2013-05|2013-06-13|{{{1|}}}}}</div>

In this line:

  • the first parameter is the month of the issue (the format is: "YYYY-MM");
  • the second parameter is the date on the Wikimedia blog (the format "YYYY-MM-DD" is used here instead of "YYYY/MM/DD" that the Mediawiki #time function cannot parse successfully, but the correct link to the blog is generated). If this parameter is missing, no link to the blog will be generated (for example when the blog page is still not imported);
  • the third parameter will pass the first parameter supplied to the catalog template, allowing to customize the presentation of the item.



This catalog is translatable and will link to translated pages if they are available in the localized version of the page transcluding this catalog.