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Volba skončila 12. června. Další hlasy již nebudou započítány.
Výsledky byly oznámeny 17. června 2011.
Volby do správní rady 2011

Harel Cain (Harel)Edit

Detaily profilu
Harel Cain
  • Osobní:
    • Jméno: Harel Cain
    • Věk: 32
    • Lokalita: Jerusalem, Israel
    • Jazyky: Hebrew, English, German
Prohlášení In my day job I'm a computer security engineer and also translate books.

I joined the Hebrew WP in 2004. I’ve been an admin for 6 years and a bureaucrat for the last 4 years.

I am one of the founders of WM Israel and serve on its control board. I give many outreach talks in different forums. I’m involved with nascent GLAM efforts in Israel.

I’m deeply involved with Wikimania 2011, where I manage registration and scholarships, act as the program chair and handle OTRS.

I presented in Wikimania ‘07 and ‘10, and attended ChapConf11 too.

I believe in a grassroots movement that is large, decentralized and varied, with ample room for the community, the WMF, the chapters and other stakeholders to have their own unique positions, working together to accomplish our mission.

If elected to the board, I intend to support activities to:

  • Counter the trends of the editor trends study, by experimenting with far reaching changes to software, permissions and community processes.
  • Accept that we have come of age and our-long term survival cannot depend on reverting this.
  • Foster the growth of affiliated groups, organized in many models, not only as chapters.
  • Reach out to under-represented sectors and geographies, yet define realistic expectations for success.
  • Mitigate conflicts between all parties in the movement, esp. between communities and chapters.
  • Develop revenue sources that will ensure our projects remain free of ads.

Esteban Zárate (Ezarate)Edit

Detaily profilu
Esteban Zárate
  • Osobní:
    • Jméno: Esteban Zárate
    • Věk: 38
    • Lokalita: Tandil, Argentina
    • Jazyky: Spanish, English
Prohlášení In my day job I'm a teacher on secondary schools in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

I started to edit on the Spanish Wikipedia on Apr 30 2008, I was sysopped there on March 2010. I am sysop also on Commons and I frequently edit on spanish Wikinews where I am reviewer.

I am system engineer and I am a teacher of computer sciences on secondary schools of Tandil, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

If I elected to the board, I intend to help in: . Analyze strategies for attracting more publishers to our projects. . Seek ways to efficiently distribute our revenue sources. . Help to all comunities in all their needed.

Ferdinando Scala (Ferdinando Scala)Edit

Detaily profilu
Ferdinando Scala
  • Osobní:
    • Jméno: Ferdinando Scala
    • Věk: 42
    • Lokalita: San Giorgio a Cremano, Italy
    • Jazyky: Italian, English, French, Spanish
  • Uživatelské:
    • Člen Wiki od: June 17, 2007
    • Aktivní wiki-stránky: Italian Wikipedia, marginal activity on Commons and Wikiquote
Prohlášení As a child, I dreamt to be an author of the Encyclopedia Galactica, the repository of the universal knowledge described by Isaac Asimov in his Foundation saga. I had the occasion to see something similar in my lifetime and, moreover, to contribute. Telling “thank you” for making my dreams come true is my deepest motivation to volunteer for serving the WMF community.

In my daily life I’m a digital communications professional, specifically focused on strategic planning, digital evolution and social media development. I’m an expert marketer and public speaker, with practice as a trainer in the corporate and academic sectors. If elected, I will put my skills on disposition to:

  • Developing campaigns for expanding the base of fundraising for Wikimedia, aimed to attract both public and individual contributors (long tail approach).
  • Stimulating the opening and evolution of Wikimedia projects in the minority cultures and languages, so that even the feeblest voices could contribute to the richness of the project.
  • Making Wiki’s user experience as simple as possible, so to attract technology-adverse or disabled contributors.
  • Diffusing the open-source culture to the wide public, as it is the best way of consistently improving the cultural enrichment of all mankind.
  • Finding and establishing connections with other collaborative cultural projects, like free-learning hubs.

Milos Rancic (Millosh)Edit

Detaily profilu
From January 2009, made during the interview for the journal deScripto
  • Osobní:
    • Jméno: Milos Rancic
    • Věk: 38
    • Lokalita: Belgrade, Serbia
    • Jazyky: Serbian (Croatian, Bosnian, Serbo-Croatian), English; passive (reading) knowledge: Russian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Slovenian; other Slavic languages at lesser level
Prohlášení I am a steward, member of LangCom, ChapCom, RCom and Board of WMRS. I was the first president of WMRS and member of NomCom for its existence. I am actively working on various issues related to improving Wikimedia's capabilities. I am programmer and operator of a couple of bots.

I am sysadmin by profession and linguist by education.

If elected, my focuses will be:

  • Sustainability of Wikimedia projects depends on creative and radical approaches to creation and spreading free knowledge.
  • Wikimedia projects have their clear scopes and no further censorship is acceptable.
  • WMF should find a way that Wikimedians can be payed in areas close to their Wikimedia work.
  • Self-sustainable Wikimedian groups should be as autonomous as it is possible.
  • Wikimedia projects are scientific by nature.
  • There should be one Wikimedia community.
  • Wikimedia community should be above WMF.
  • WMF should:
    • take care of how to spread and save the Wikimedia content for the future generations;
    • build a network consisting of other free knowledge, free software and free culture projects;
    • participate actively in the promotion of understanding between humans on the Earth.