Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2009/yi

די אפשטימונג האט געקאנטשעט דעם 10טן אויגוסט 2009. מען נעמט נישט אן מער קיין שטימען.
די רעזולטאטן זענען געמאלדן דעם 12טן אויגוסט 2009.
2009 הנהלה וואלן

די 2009 וואלן צום Board of Trustees וועלן פארקומען צווישן דעם 28סטן יולי און דעם 10טן אויגוסט 2009. מיטגלידער פון דער וויקימעדיע געמיינדע וועלן האבן די געלעגנהייט צו וויילן דריי קאנדידאטן צו א קאדענץ פון צוויי יאר וואס לאזט אויס אין 2011. The Board of Trustees is the ultimate governing authority of the Wikimedia Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the United States. The Wikimedia Foundation manages many diverse projects such as Wikipedia and Commons.

The elections will be held securely on servers belonging to Software in the Public Interest. Votes are secret and are only visible to the select few persons who audit and tally the election. Voters will submit ranked preferences by numbering candidates. The votes will be tallied using the Schulze method to rank candidates based on the number of voters who prefer that candidate over other candidates.

The Election Committee intends to announce the results on or before August 12th. Detailed results will be available. All times on this page are 00:00 (midnight) UTC.

אינפארמאציע פאר שטימער




You may vote from any one registered account you own on a Wikimedia wiki (you may only vote once, regardless of how many accounts you own). To qualify, this one account must:

  • not be blocked; and
  • not be a bot; and
  • have made at least 600 edits before 01 June 2009 across Wikimedia wikis (edits on several wikis can be combined if your accounts are unified into a global account); and
  • have made at least 50 edits between 01 January and 01 July 2009.

Special exceptions: the following may vote regardless of the above requirements:

  • Wikimedia server administrators with shell access;
  • paid staff of the Wikimedia Foundation who were hired before 01 March 2009;
  • current or former members of the Board of Trustees.

וויאזוי צו שטימען


If you are eligible to vote:

  1. Read the candidate presentations and decide which candidates you will support.
  2. Go to the wiki page "Special:Securepoll" on one wiki you qualify to vote from. For example, if you are most active on the wiki, go to
  3. Follow the instructions on that page.

אינפארמאציע פאר קאנדידאטן


A detailed description of the responsibilities of a member of the Board can be found at the Board Manual.

פאראנטווארטליכקייטן פון א מיטגליד אינעם בארד


Being a Board member of a small organization like the Wikimedia Foundation, which faces immense challenges, can be time-consuming. The position is voluntary and unpaid. While board members are not expected to bring personal money to the organisation, they are welcome to help raise funds.

Board members are expected to attend at least 3–4 meetings per year in person, attend Wikimania (our annual conference), and attend other scheduled online meetings and votes. The Board communicates intensively via e-mail, wiki, and IRC. Individual trustees sometimes participate in strategic meetings with other organizations and companies, relaying results back to Board and staff.

Individual board members are expected to be involved in certain activities (such as fundraising, Wikimania, or auditing) and to help draft policies, charters and resolutions on such topics.

Because Board members owe duties by virtue of their position, candidates who currently hold paid positions with the Wikimedia Foundation must resign from those position before they can be appointed to the Board of Trustees. This is to avoid potential conflicts of interests.

Prerequisites to candidacy


כדי צו קענען קאנדיטירן, מוזט איר:

  • צו האבן בייגעשטייערט צום ווייניגסטן 600 רעדאקטירונגן ביז מערץ 01 2009 אין איינער פון אייער איינגעשריבענער קאנטע 01 (edits on several wikis can be combined if your accounts are unified into a global account); and
  • have made at least 50 edits between 01 January and 01 July 2009; and
  • publicly disclose your real name in your candidate presentation (because the identities of Board members are a matter of public record, it is not possible to hold a position on the Board of Trustees anonymously or under a pseudonym); and
  • be at least 18 years old and of legal age in your home country.
Special exceptions: current members of the Board of Trustees may be candidates regardless of the above requirements.

וויאזוי אריינצוגעבן אייער קאנדאטירונג


If you are eligible, you can submit your candidacy by doing the following:

  1. Write a brief summary of no more than 1200 characters stating what you would do if you were elected to the Board of Trustees, your relevant opinions and experience, and anything else you think is relevant. You may not use your candidate summary to link to lists of endorsements or other platform pages, and may not run on a slate with other candidates.
  2. Submit your summary between 00:00, 06 July 2009 (UTC) and 23:59, 27 July 2009 (UTC). After July 27, it cannot be changed except for minor corrections or translation. Any additions submitted after this deadline will be time-stamped and presented separately from the original summary, and will only be presented to voters if they get translated into all of the same languages as the original summary.
  3. Submit proof of your identity to Cary Bass (Volunteer Coordinator) before 27 July 2009. You will be privately contacted by a member of the Election Committee with further information about meeting this requirement when you list yourself as a candidate.

Candidates who fail to comply with the above requirements and deadlines will be disqualified.



Time line

  • 01–30 June 2009: primary translation phase; subcommittee actively coordinates and promotes translation.
  • 06–27 July 2009: candidate submissions.
  • 27 July 2009: deadline to send proof of identity (late or missing submissions will be disqualified).
  • 28 July–10 August 2009: elections.
  • 10–12 August 2009: vote-checking.
  • 12 August 2009: publication of results.



To ensure that a representative cross-section of the Wikimedia community takes part in this election, it is important to translate election notices and candidate statements into as many languages as possible. To help translate, please see the translation page.