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User Kim Bruning
Real name Kim Bruning
Location Wijk en Aalburg, The Netherlands
Age 29
User page(s) English wikipedia, (central) (also many on other projects ... )
Wikimedia participant since first edit 2001, regular since ~2003
Projects in which I participate english wikipedia, also advising on some others at times.
Languages in which I participate English, Dutch, understand German , high school French and Latin.
Link to user contribution pages en
My candidate statement Hello, my name is Kim Bruning. I have been somewhat responsible for restoring and maintaining dispute resolution on enwiki. I now work mostly on process, and occasionally help with emergencies. I have also been coding and helping out on Omegawiki, starting this year.

For the foundation, the issues of day to day management, servers, and continuity are important. I think we all agree on that, so let's look at a different issue:

There are currently 700 wikis in over 250 languages across many projects. Communication between those wikis is practically none-existent, making it hard for people to learn from each other.


  • One wiki was banning admins from a different wiki
  • Several wikis don't use consensus
  • One wiki had a POV-violation in the site-notice
  • Many wikis have never heard of Assume Good Faith

We also need to think more about talking with other non-profit organizations. They may have already learned lessons that we are still struggling with.

So day to day management, and improvement of internal and external communication is what I'd like to work on these coming two years. If you want to help me achieve that, please vote for me, or contact me, or both!

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/Kim Bruning/questions