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User Kate
Real name River Tarnell
Location Oxford, UK
Age 23
User page(s) User:Kate, w:en:User:Kate
Wikimedia participant since 6th June, 2004
Projects in which I participate en.wikipedia, meta
Languages in which I participate en
Link to user contribution pages meta, en.wp
My candidate statement As a board member, I will return the Foundation to its core purpose: publishing a user-editable encyclopedia on the Internet. I will support relocating or shutting down non-Wikipedia projects. I will oppose any attempt by the Foundation to publish content in other forms, such as books. However, I believe publishing our content is important, so it can be available to a wider audience, including people without Internet access. I would actively seek to partner with other organisations who can achieve this goal.

I will reduce our overhead to a bare minimum, using as many of our assets as possible to support our Internet hosting concerns. I will explore additional funding sources besides user donations, such as grants, sponsorship and advertising.

I will improve our technical competence though a variety of means, such as hiring additional technical employees, and ensuring we have a clear idea of how we will expand to fill the demand for our content.

I have been a MediaWiki developer and Wikimedia system administrator since 2004, and I believe this gives me a unique insight into how our organisation works on a technical level, and what changes need to be made to ensure our continued success.

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