Wikimedia Foundation elections/2021/Meetings/South Asia + ESEAP/Transcript

1 00:00:00.510 --> 00:00:01.319 RamzyM (WMF): about the.

2 00:00:02.700 --> 00:00:18.330 RamzyM (WMF): Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees it's a group of people that oversees the work of the Wikimedia Foundation, they are currently 16 people on the board, and they are appointed by the board to the board by several stakeholders within the Wikimedia movement.

3 00:00:19.410 --> 00:00:28.320 RamzyM (WMF): First, we have the Wikimedia Community selecting the trustees for a movement-wide election, then the Wikimedia affiliates organization and finally.

4 00:00:28.860 --> 00:00:35.580 RamzyM (WMF): appointed by the board itself for their individual expertise each board member will serve for a three-year term.

5 00:00:36.390 --> 00:00:47.280 RamzyM (WMF): So for this year, the board election is conducted to feel the for Community sits the call of candidates was posted to the Community Community between nine June the 29th.

6 00:00:48.120 --> 00:00:56.040 RamzyM (WMF): And this year we are having 20 candidates for this election, one of the most diverse sets of candidates in the history of the Board elections.

7 00:00:56.610 --> 00:01:02.280 RamzyM (WMF): So in this meeting, we will start with introductions from each candidate present in this meeting.

8 00:01:02.940 --> 00:01:07.980 RamzyM (WMF): So each candidate will have three minutes and I will call you according to the alphabetical order.

9 00:01:08.790 --> 00:01:24.780 RamzyM (WMF): Please keep in mind that we are a diverse movement with various levels of English proficiency and understanding, so please consider to speak in a moderate and understandable tone, it will also be very helpful for our life interpreters.

10 00:01:27.330 --> 00:01:37.080 RamzyM (WMF): Yes, I think, various other 16 is the plan for for a long time, as mentioned by the committee resolution in the past, so.

11 00:01:38.100 --> 00:01:46.050 RamzyM (WMF): In order to start the introduction i'm going to call the first in the alphabetical order Adam would you like to start.

12 00:01:49.980 --> 00:01:59.670 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): So i'm Adam Wight and my professional background is as a software developer in the Wikimedia Foundation for five years and we can be in Germany for two years.

13 00:02:00.300 --> 00:02:10.080 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): But some i'm really good jobs and but unofficially, and the thing that drives me to run for the Board is I work as a community organizing organizing.

14 00:02:11.790 --> 00:02:23.310 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): i've started a food collective with other people and helped co found a free school and tried to help unionize the Wikimedia Foundation employees.

15 00:02:25.980 --> 00:02:35.130 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): And as as part of being a contributor and a staff member and then someone may be pushing back against the power structure i've.

16 00:02:36.330 --> 00:02:43.170 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): decided that one of the most important changes, we can make is to make the entire Foundation accountable to the contributors.

17 00:02:45.930 --> 00:02:52.170 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): there's some history here for the first three years the Foundation was actually what's called a membership organization.

18 00:02:52.680 --> 00:03:07.920 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): Which means that all of the features in theory, were able to directly elect the entire board and add ownership of the organization that was changed, and so, for the last 17 years or so.

19 00:03:08.940 --> 00:03:18.390 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): It hasn't been a membership organization and that's why the Board has this interesting structure where some numbers are appointed some numbers are selected not elected.

20 00:03:19.020 --> 00:03:34.920 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): And one thing i'd like to do is change the bible's Obviously, this would be a long term project that involves people agree that this is a good idea, but i'd like to give the power back to the contributors i'd like to make all of the Board elected.

21 00:03:35.940 --> 00:03:36.450 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): and

22 00:03:38.640 --> 00:03:46.320 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): yeah there are some nuances there we currently have a large buyers for colonial language projects and so.

23 00:03:47.250 --> 00:03:58.320 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): direct elections will be tricky and I think the global Council is a great idea and very invested in movement strategy process, although I haven't personally been very involved.

24 00:03:58.770 --> 00:04:10.530 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): But I, I feel I feel great about helping implement the recommendations and integrating them in democratic way in a way that we evolve, the power.

25 00:04:12.240 --> 00:04:22.740 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): Make the weekend Wikimedia Foundation smaller in scope and then hopefully diversify where the funding goes I think that's a large part of.

26 00:04:23.010 --> 00:04:29.790 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): Giving actual decision making power and control to all of the local communities is to give them a lot more money.

27 00:04:30.510 --> 00:04:43.980 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): And currently the Wikimedia Foundation gives less than 8% of its revenue out of external affiliates anything that's not the Foundation itself, less than a percent and I would love to increase that number.

28 00:04:45.150 --> 00:04:49.170 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): And steadily up to as much as we can really.

29 00:04:52.350 --> 00:04:59.220 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): I think this will also help with some of our other initiatives, the strategic decision making will allow us.

30 00:05:06.030 --> 00:05:07.920 Jackie (send questions): i'm sorry Adam but your time is up.

31 00:05:08.400 --> 00:05:08.610 yeah.

32 00:05:09.780 --> 00:05:11.190 RamzyM (WMF): Thank you, Adam a.

33 00:05:11.280 --> 00:05:13.290 RamzyM (WMF): Next, we have ashwin.

34 00:05:14.610 --> 00:05:15.690 RamzyM (WMF): floors yours yeah.

35 00:05:16.560 --> 00:05:17.610 Ashwin Baindur: hello, can you hear me.

36 00:05:18.450 --> 00:05:19.320 RamzyM (WMF): Yes, perfectly.

37 00:05:19.500 --> 00:05:20.460 Youngjin Ko (WMF): Yes, we can hear you.

38 00:05:21.690 --> 00:05:35.340 Ashwin Baindur: My name is Ashwin Baindur i'm an editor from India, I did English Wikipedia and comments what 30,000 adults and i've added about 500 plus images to comments.

39 00:05:36.480 --> 00:05:47.310 Ashwin Baindur: Basically, participated online, then the key project India organizing various given status tag and assist which tagged and assessed about one life articles.

40 00:05:47.760 --> 00:05:59.280 Ashwin Baindur: And what splintered in a wide variety of activities on English Wikipedia and I request you to have a look at my candidacy page for the details offline I will be an active since 2011.

41 00:06:00.330 --> 00:06:06.120 Ashwin Baindur: I was one of the first organizers of the Community by organizing the 10th Wikipedia.

42 00:06:07.200 --> 00:06:14.040 Ashwin Baindur: anniversary in pony which was attended by then global development Officer of wtf that is very newstead.

43 00:06:15.120 --> 00:06:34.260 Ashwin Baindur: I mean, in my also organize the first Mickey conference in India in 2011 when basically involved in teaching basic editing skills for many years now in many cities all over to all communities in India, we have quinson language communities have been a mentor to many young comedians and.

44 00:06:35.820 --> 00:06:42.720 Ashwin Baindur: Provided advice informally to all the affiliate and movement partners in India, of the form the Foundation.

45 00:06:44.190 --> 00:06:50.640 Ashwin Baindur: In my real life i've been an army of over 32 years domain knowledge and glam having been the director of a.

46 00:06:52.140 --> 00:06:55.530 Ashwin Baindur: archive come museum, which had a library section and.

47 00:06:57.690 --> 00:06:58.800 Ashwin Baindur: gallery section as well.

48 00:07:00.480 --> 00:07:01.290 Ashwin Baindur: I have a white.

49 00:07:02.310 --> 00:07:11.430 Ashwin Baindur: Administrative experience as it regards my position on the various issues I present myself as a global South candidate.

50 00:07:13.560 --> 00:07:28.740 Ashwin Baindur: Working knowledge of the actual problems faced by the communities in India, which range from inability to get food to edit to Internet to problems which are systemic problems which are brought about due to the local conditions and so.

51 00:07:29.820 --> 00:07:46.710 Ashwin Baindur: I champion all those communities who are not getting a voice in the moment, also the projects such as wiki code wiki source which nothing which are not getting the amount of detail attention that they should get.

52 00:07:47.610 --> 00:07:53.820 Ashwin Baindur: I believe that the disabled should get better access and facilities than what they're getting at present.

53 00:07:54.690 --> 00:08:10.230 Ashwin Baindur: And i'm a firm believer that the most important thing in the first thing that which will provide to communities is a safe space, not just safeness from harassment, but also a safe space where intellectual ideas can be expressed, without getting sanction for them.

54 00:08:12.360 --> 00:08:24.060 Ashwin Baindur: I happen to have been independent editor volunteer did all my life i've never heard the position from the Web for one moment partners and i'm of the opinion that I can provide an independent voice.

55 00:08:24.570 --> 00:08:33.270 Ashwin Baindur: Which without fear of evil, which will be able to give good take of what the community's interest and I offer myself on.

56 00:08:35.460 --> 00:08:36.120 Youngjin Ko (WMF): Sorry.

57 00:08:36.210 --> 00:08:37.200 Youngjin Ko (WMF): your time is up.

58 00:08:38.010 --> 00:08:38.700 RamzyM (WMF): Thank you, when.

59 00:08:40.440 --> 00:08:42.360 RamzyM (WMF): We go to various next.

60 00:08:44.310 --> 00:08:52.020 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): hi my name is Doris fish and i'm a professor of management and faculty associated Burton clients Center for Internet site at Harvard.

61 00:08:52.830 --> 00:09:00.870 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): i've been every comedian since 2007 certain roles of admin bureaucrat check user steward chair of them DC and, more recently, as a trustee.

62 00:09:01.800 --> 00:09:11.550 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): As the Board is expanded significantly this year and no other trustees running I think it's really important that I do for my last term to provide continuity.

63 00:09:11.880 --> 00:09:21.360 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): organizational memory and also to successfully onboarding new trustees as well as the new CEO of the new trust this will really need a quick onboarding.

64 00:09:22.590 --> 00:09:29.100 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): I think it is quite important, the trustees have some actual board experience basically not to be played around.

65 00:09:29.670 --> 00:09:43.770 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): And i've been a trusted the w EMF for quite a while, but it also have experience of being a vice chair of a public traded company a scholar and i've served on the board of the largest science Center in my region Copernicus science that are for a decade.

66 00:09:45.900 --> 00:09:54.390 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): and definitely privileged person in many respects, as a white man who spent some time in the West, but I do have some modest diversity contribution.

67 00:09:54.810 --> 00:10:05.610 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): I grew up in Communist Poland, I lived for $20 per month, I experienced real censorship actually I went to the West, the Western country for the first time in my life.

68 00:10:06.120 --> 00:10:18.180 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): When I was already an adult up until the age of 30, I guess, I was always thinking that Westerners are better than me better educated, so I think I more or less know what it feels like.

69 00:10:18.810 --> 00:10:30.420 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): I kept several priorities or the board, first I want to finish the governance reform and all the boring, including finding the right balance between the w EMF affiliates the movement Council.

70 00:10:31.140 --> 00:10:42.390 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): Second, I want to tackle this information and also you other tech challenges better like the a revolution, because we need to start looking outwards, not just ourselves.

71 00:10:43.590 --> 00:10:54.990 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): Third, I want to solidify our financing and governance, including the global South and make regional hubs the key the strongest centers of decision making.

72 00:10:56.070 --> 00:11:02.430 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): Also, I would like to create a system of leadership training, I can just dream of a situation where we have a.

73 00:11:03.030 --> 00:11:13.140 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): series of workshops courses seminars developed internally, and they should help us grow our own leaders, especially in less represent regions.

74 00:11:14.010 --> 00:11:27.270 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): In the long run, such a system with time will provide valuable certification to give back to the communities, what I want to start let's start listening to bigger audiences create tools to get a feedback many balls.

75 00:11:28.920 --> 00:11:37.410 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): aggregation of ideas and make the wf less us centric as we basically need to be a global organization, thank you.

76 00:11:39.270 --> 00:11:42.360 RamzyM (WMF): Thank you darius Douglas your next.

77 00:11:45.180 --> 00:11:56.370 Douglas Ian Scott: hi my name is Douglas i'm i'm from Cape Town South Africa i've been a Wikipedia editor since 2006 and have been President of Wikimedia South Africa.

78 00:11:57.120 --> 00:12:04.980 Douglas Ian Scott: From 2015 to 2020 during that time I was the lead organizer of wicca mania 2018 and Cape Town.

79 00:12:05.910 --> 00:12:14.220 Douglas Ian Scott: i've also been very active in copyright advocacy and so African trying to get the law changed make a friend here for the pedia editors.

80 00:12:14.910 --> 00:12:23.580 Douglas Ian Scott: In this country and across Africa to i've had seven years of outreach experience trying to build the African community.

81 00:12:24.450 --> 00:12:30.420 Douglas Ian Scott: Of Wikipedia editors free knowledge Community here in my professional life i'm a criminologist.

82 00:12:30.870 --> 00:12:42.840 Douglas Ian Scott: which has given me a lot of experience and conflict resolution, as well as research and technology development I specialize in the development of technology to reduce the mitigate the impact of violent crime.

83 00:12:45.090 --> 00:12:52.560 Douglas Ian Scott: i'm standing on a position of expanding power, giving more power to the Community expanding power to the Community.

84 00:12:53.160 --> 00:13:06.480 Douglas Ian Scott: Especially on the board of trustees and advocating for more voting positions for the Community and as well as a greater Community focus within the Foundation, so that more.

85 00:13:07.050 --> 00:13:20.610 Douglas Ian Scott: Resources are given to support and grow the Community, especially in emerging countries and sort of from the emerging world myself and Asia is a very big very important part of it, thank you very much.

86 00:13:22.650 --> 00:13:26.100 RamzyM (WMF): it's Douglas I don't think we have alien or four object.

87 00:13:26.100 --> 00:13:27.990 RamzyM (WMF): Here our Gerard.

88 00:13:29.430 --> 00:13:31.530 RamzyM (WMF): will go to your next.

89 00:13:33.390 --> 00:13:37.140 Iv?n Mart?nez: Thank you so much, thanks for the invitation and thanks for all the people.

90 00:13:37.140 --> 00:13:38.070 Iv?n Mart?nez: who have.

91 00:13:39.210 --> 00:13:52.410 Iv?n Mart?nez: All the conditions for this meeting, my name is Yvonne Martinez and from Mexico living in Mexico City I love to see many friends here, I have been Wikimedia in Wikipedia and since 2006.

92 00:13:52.950 --> 00:14:07.350 Iv?n Mart?nez: and part of the Wikimedia movement seems 2009 after my fears wiki manian when the scientists and the frequent contribute or on Spanish Wikipedia Spanish we can use Commons and wiki they.

93 00:14:08.430 --> 00:14:23.100 Iv?n Mart?nez: organize it wiki mania 2015 in Mexico City and i'm founder an active member of the rubric of network regional initiative in Latin America and other countries of Europe.

94 00:14:23.880 --> 00:14:34.590 Iv?n Mart?nez: And also i'm a professional speaking ham, a historian and a human rights defender in an organization devoted to the civil rights in that sense.

95 00:14:35.070 --> 00:14:48.600 Iv?n Mart?nez: and frequently and dealing with topics like freedom of expression, like net neutrality like privacy and many other topics related to the intersection of human rights and technology.

96 00:14:49.560 --> 00:14:59.880 Iv?n Mart?nez: For me, a on my proposal, and my position in in the in this in this process is that the Community is the essential part of.

97 00:15:00.300 --> 00:15:17.220 Iv?n Mart?nez: Of that must have the greatest weights in all the decision making processes also not in this time in all my Wikimedia and Wikipedia career i'm a strong advocacy person around diversity.

98 00:15:17.790 --> 00:15:26.580 Iv?n Mart?nez: The Wikimedia mission it's different in each part of the world in each corner of the world as and the experience behind the being.

99 00:15:26.940 --> 00:15:41.220 Iv?n Mart?nez: volunteer in Latin America it's very different than Europe I think now they're all the all the movement is it's a very Western and beer European and US centric I think we.

100 00:15:41.220 --> 00:15:51.750 Iv?n Mart?nez: need to have much more investment and distribution of funds in an order to super Wikimedia mission in more regions of the world, so I in the.

101 00:15:52.170 --> 00:16:08.220 Iv?n Mart?nez: I will be elected in as a part of the board in the wiki of the Wikimedia Foundation work, I will be in favor of half more decentralization and more persons have more countries different from us and Eric Thank you so much.

102 00:16:10.920 --> 00:16:13.530 RamzyM (WMF): Thank you ven no ego to Lorenzo.

103 00:16:17.970 --> 00:16:18.540 lorenzo: Thank you, my.

104 00:16:20.730 --> 00:16:24.720 lorenzo: name is Lorenzo awesome and since it wasn't for that, and one of the other.

105 00:16:25.200 --> 00:16:33.630 lorenzo: Projects so i'm one of the administrators serve on a LM Wikipedia and, in addition to online projects i've been contributing as.

106 00:16:34.020 --> 00:16:43.950 lorenzo: With the last moment, so organizer grabbing on glam and education, partnership and advocating for better policies for about three knowledge.

107 00:16:44.940 --> 00:16:57.150 lorenzo: i've been President of Wikipedia entry for four years, and I was elected, that by the Community as a member of the fantasy nation committee of the Wikimedia Foundation for another four years.

108 00:16:58.680 --> 00:17:16.590 lorenzo: running for the board of trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation I bring with me my knowledge of the wiki communities and experience in that organization and governance and I believe that bought it in performing well to boards task.

109 00:17:17.940 --> 00:17:26.190 lorenzo: To the next few years will be key for the implementation of the movement strategy, we have a on paper agreed.

110 00:17:26.910 --> 00:17:39.510 lorenzo: agreed strategy talks about decentralization equity decision making, empowering the Community, but we need to make sure that it becomes a reality without repeating the past mistakes and.

111 00:17:40.620 --> 00:17:51.600 lorenzo: We will also have to establish a global counselor that that will finally give us a real global body that can be a representative of.

112 00:17:51.840 --> 00:17:58.650 lorenzo: The Community something that the board of trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation that could not do.

113 00:17:59.940 --> 00:18:10.500 lorenzo: It will lead us to remember that really Foundation that is just one among many organizations that supports the Wikimedia movement that and community.

114 00:18:12.330 --> 00:18:33.390 lorenzo: But whatever the changes that are waiting for us, we must keep some some things from our history, especially our founding principles and our values and among them, especially central all of the Community and intermedia in.

115 00:18:34.980 --> 00:18:45.630 lorenzo: The Community is essence of the movement itself, and it has the power to take decisions and to shape the future of often, you have the movement.

116 00:18:47.610 --> 00:18:57.030 lorenzo: These principles and if these videos I want anyone to get so far and must be our compass for the future, thank you.

117 00:18:59.040 --> 00:19:01.620 RamzyM (WMF): Thank you know we go to Mike.

118 00:19:03.030 --> 00:19:03.780 RamzyM (WMF): floors yours.

119 00:19:06.540 --> 00:19:06.840 RamzyM (WMF): hi.

120 00:19:06.930 --> 00:19:17.460 Mike peel: i'm Mike feel both real name and username and i've been with comedians since 2005 and i've been an admin on the English Wikipedia on Commons and wiki data.

121 00:19:18.090 --> 00:19:28.680 Mike peel: And i've been a member of the Wikimedia funds dissemination 24 years and I co founded Wikimedia UK and was a trustee of it for five years.

122 00:19:29.220 --> 00:19:49.740 Mike peel: i've made over 250,000 edits uploaded over 40,000 of my own photos and are paid pilots, with over 8 million edits by day i'm a radio astronomer i'm based in the Canary Islands part of Spain i'm just off Africa and having also lived in UK and in Brazil.

123 00:19:51.060 --> 00:19:59.400 Mike peel: i'm standing to being Community perspective to the board and to try to help make the Foundation, more transparent and more engaged with the Community.

124 00:20:00.000 --> 00:20:05.250 Mike peel: And, in both the Foundation board and also the whole organization, much as I can convince them.

125 00:20:05.790 --> 00:20:20.100 Mike peel: And to encourage diversifying with me organizational work as much as possible, rather than having a centralized in the USA, so I want to do that by seeing increased support for affiliates and individual editors around the world.

126 00:20:21.300 --> 00:20:26.640 Mike peel: And I would encourage you to leave the candidate statements and the answers to the questions or two on wiki.

127 00:20:27.150 --> 00:20:39.150 Mike peel: i'm sorry I won't be able to answer the questions today by voice, and I will like my answers down and i'm open to being a small questions my talk page is always available thanks for listening.

128 00:20:42.780 --> 00:20:44.130 RamzyM (WMF): Thank you i'm.

129 00:20:44.190 --> 00:20:46.170 RamzyM (WMF): Like no we go to Moscow.

130 00:20:47.910 --> 00:20:51.330 Pascale Camus-Walter: hello, do you hear me correctly.

131 00:20:51.780 --> 00:20:52.350 RamzyM (WMF): Yes, you.

132 00:20:52.620 --> 00:20:52.980 Youngjin Ko (WMF): can hear.

133 00:20:53.070 --> 00:20:55.710 Pascale Camus-Walter: audible okay Hello.

134 00:20:56.520 --> 00:20:57.930 Pascale Camus-Walter: I am Pascal coming well.

135 00:20:59.340 --> 00:20:59.940 Pascale Camus-Walter: I am from.

136 00:21:01.830 --> 00:21:18.900 Pascale Camus-Walter: I am French exactly I am currently a member of the board of the key media phones and I am I am a member of the face to uc oC drafting committee, from which I will resign if Should I be elected.

137 00:21:19.920 --> 00:21:31.740 Pascale Camus-Walter: My job I am an s system in social network in a digital publishing department of a European TV and I am also a visual artist.

138 00:21:32.400 --> 00:21:59.190 Pascale Camus-Walter: I am a non profit, later on, because I participated as a volunteer to the implementation of the world scale w H international code and to a UNICEF initiative and they learned a lot from the way, NGOs and UN agencies collaborate and work together to create an implement policies and programs.

139 00:22:00.870 --> 00:22:09.510 Pascale Camus-Walter: As a node feminist Of course I would be happy that more women participate to the Wikimedia projects.

140 00:22:10.920 --> 00:22:12.300 Pascale Camus-Walter: My priorities.

141 00:22:13.590 --> 00:22:20.460 Pascale Camus-Walter: is first of all to find a good distance between the Community and the Foundation.

142 00:22:21.540 --> 00:22:25.350 Pascale Camus-Walter: And I believe we should not emulate cancel.

143 00:22:26.430 --> 00:22:40.410 Pascale Camus-Walter: oneself but find the good energy is a good distance to work to multiply our energy instead of fighting against other or canceling everything we do.

144 00:22:41.520 --> 00:22:50.520 Pascale Camus-Walter: My second priority is to protect contributors and project who live in a hostile environment.

145 00:22:51.600 --> 00:22:53.130 Pascale Camus-Walter: And the third one.

146 00:22:53.970 --> 00:22:54.810 is to be.

147 00:22:56.340 --> 00:22:56.910 Robert Vins: Because.

148 00:22:57.450 --> 00:22:58.230 Pascale Camus-Walter: We are very.

149 00:22:58.560 --> 00:23:20.520 Pascale Camus-Walter: Specific project and sometimes we need tools or projects, who simply do not exist which which do not exist, and so we have to be creative and that's a little bit more difficult when we welcome a new CEO it's a new board, so we have to make an effort to.

150 00:23:22.200 --> 00:23:23.820 Pascale Camus-Walter: find new solutions.

151 00:23:25.440 --> 00:23:28.800 Pascale Camus-Walter: i'm very happy to meet you easy ap.

152 00:23:30.150 --> 00:23:42.810 Pascale Camus-Walter: Am I reading reading the questions and your questions are them interesting, I hope I can answer to them next, thank you very much, you numbers for the words.

153 00:23:44.340 --> 00:23:44.610 RamzyM (WMF): I think you.

154 00:23:46.260 --> 00:23:47.010 RamzyM (WMF): know, I believe.

155 00:23:48.930 --> 00:23:49.770 RamzyM (WMF): For service yeah.

156 00:23:51.840 --> 00:23:52.650 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: Hello everyone.

157 00:23:53.490 --> 00:23:55.080 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: I believe i'm no.

158 00:23:57.330 --> 00:23:57.810 RamzyM (WMF): Yes.

159 00:23:59.220 --> 00:24:01.650 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: Thank you, my name is pounce on.

160 00:24:01.710 --> 00:24:13.050 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: Those from foodie I am from India, I came from a modest and middle class background I grew up in an environment where people thought speaking in English itself is an achievement.

161 00:24:13.710 --> 00:24:20.580 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: Still idolatry great low for my language and culture that is the basis for all my Wikimedia contributions.

162 00:24:21.240 --> 00:24:28.620 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: I started my involvement with Wikimedia moment by editing telugu language Wikipedia in 2013 right from the beginning.

163 00:24:29.280 --> 00:24:37.830 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: I am involved in improving content working towards Community growth planning and executing projects and also movement governance.

164 00:24:38.490 --> 00:24:46.980 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: I am a strong content editor and also turn very quickly into planning organizing of wiki activities in this journey.

165 00:24:47.610 --> 00:24:52.680 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: I am very happy to say that I have contributed to the Wikimedia movement and the different hats.

166 00:24:53.580 --> 00:25:00.930 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: In my experience, I work with government departments education organizations publishers libraries.

167 00:25:01.440 --> 00:25:11.700 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: Media writers and several such entities to find out and make use of opportunities to improve Wikimedia projects and the moment.

168 00:25:12.450 --> 00:25:22.500 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: This journey gave me the opportunity to get in touch with some of you and work closely to improve Wikimedia projects in past in my current day job.

169 00:25:23.400 --> 00:25:40.020 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: I am currently i'm working as a community manager at kora where I am involved in building and managing chorus telugu Community across the world till 2019 I work with Center for Internet and society, a moment partner for Wikimedia Foundation in India.

170 00:25:41.220 --> 00:25:51.390 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: I believe my work in Community building governance and partnerships in a country like India, with a diverse opportunities entangled with complex issues.

171 00:25:51.930 --> 00:25:59.070 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: helped me to gain a unique experience and perspective that will help that will be helpful for me as a board member.

172 00:25:59.820 --> 00:26:08.460 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: If i'm lucky enough to get the elected as a board member, I will bring more attention to the needs of South Asia East and Southeast Asian Pacific.

173 00:26:09.030 --> 00:26:18.420 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: Asia Pacific and other global South communities, I will be available to communities and Community Members like earlier and will hear the concerns from you.

174 00:26:19.140 --> 00:26:36.870 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: wiles for more resources to improve leadership development skill building plus to work on reducing harassment which will, according to my understanding, greatly benefit communities from global sales, like us, thanks for this opportunity and I request you to support my candidates.

175 00:26:39.570 --> 00:26:40.560 RamzyM (WMF): Thank you for fun.

176 00:26:41.640 --> 00:26:44.970 RamzyM (WMF): I know, believe it goes to Robbie mohanty sorcerers.

177 00:26:46.890 --> 00:26:47.520 Raavi Mohanty: I read.

178 00:26:48.840 --> 00:26:49.890 RamzyM (WMF): Yes, you are audible.

179 00:26:50.790 --> 00:26:52.470 Raavi Mohanty: hi hi and welcome to meet up.

180 00:26:52.920 --> 00:26:54.810 Raavi Mohanty: And this is every Monday from India.

181 00:26:55.890 --> 00:26:56.460 Raavi Mohanty: See if.

182 00:26:57.900 --> 00:27:06.240 Raavi Mohanty: We can be, and since 2015 I have been done over the top agent idiots.

183 00:27:07.440 --> 00:27:21.420 Raavi Mohanty: In 13 projects in Wikimedia Foundation all right now, as a background, I am a computer engineer with expertise in Ai and ml kind of templates.

184 00:27:21.930 --> 00:27:36.870 Raavi Mohanty: I have would, as a senior and director so SME in India with company was into Google and other kind of big organization with the media and software development.

185 00:27:37.980 --> 00:27:47.850 Raavi Mohanty: Okay, now I am a candidate for the election for the board of trustees I believe i'm not direct enough to be.

186 00:27:49.170 --> 00:27:57.570 Raavi Mohanty: Get nominated, but still I have learned myself see, I have seen a lot of things that that has to be done within the protocol.

187 00:27:58.050 --> 00:28:07.230 Raavi Mohanty: And I have seen people who they are not just for like the protocols and that's the kind of gaps there in our communities and.

188 00:28:08.010 --> 00:28:15.330 Raavi Mohanty: Foundation so first of all, I will just work on a couple of things like preparing a gap between go breeze to the.

189 00:28:16.140 --> 00:28:28.170 Raavi Mohanty: To this gap for the Community on the Foundation see the Foundation is totally depending on communities user group chapters and other entities like.

190 00:28:28.650 --> 00:28:37.260 Raavi Mohanty: affiliates and other birdies Okay, now we we get some point we are not being connected to the Foundation.

191 00:28:37.650 --> 00:28:56.370 Raavi Mohanty: Sometimes we were being getting harassed who sometimes communities are not getting funds sometimes music groups are facing a lot of troubles, a lot of troubles, but so my priority with with that I will be under easier for knife like i'm working to the Community for the friendship.

192 00:28:58.710 --> 00:29:00.510 Raavi Mohanty: All right, thank you very much.

193 00:29:01.230 --> 00:29:02.070 RamzyM (WMF): Thank you Robbie.

194 00:29:03.240 --> 00:29:04.500 RamzyM (WMF): know we go to rosie.

195 00:29:06.780 --> 00:29:16.050 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): hi everyone thinks, my name is rosie Stephenson good night and I live in a rural mountain town in northeastern California.

196 00:29:17.070 --> 00:29:27.780 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): At home, growing up Serbian was my first language, then English In school I also studied Spanish and French.

197 00:29:28.680 --> 00:29:36.150 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): I became an editor of English Wikipedia in 2007 and an administrator in 2009.

198 00:29:36.720 --> 00:29:47.640 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): Since then I have created thousands of Wikipedia articles, including translating hundreds of articles from other language Wikipedia has.

199 00:29:48.270 --> 00:29:59.400 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): i've uploaded thousands of public domain images to wiki Commons and i'm active on wiki data, some of you may know me as the co founder of women and read.

200 00:29:59.880 --> 00:30:11.250 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): which focuses on improving the content gender gap across 32 language Wikipedia has i'm also the Co founder of wiki women's user group.

201 00:30:11.850 --> 00:30:23.700 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): wiki conference North America user group and wiki cemeteries user group I serve as the Vice President of Wikimedia district of Columbia chapter.

202 00:30:24.450 --> 00:30:31.170 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): I am the Chair of the affiliations Committee, I am indeed a keen supporter of our affiliates.

203 00:30:31.740 --> 00:30:40.230 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): My master's thesis focused on developing a two year information technology strategic plan for a nonprofit.

204 00:30:40.890 --> 00:30:52.170 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): I have been involved with with comedians movement strategy since 2016 that's right five years, including being a member of the Community health working group.

205 00:30:52.560 --> 00:31:05.550 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): Where my focus was on newcomers leadership, training and conflict my professional career focused on contract management project management and talent acquisition.

206 00:31:06.150 --> 00:31:21.600 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): I was also an adjunct Professor I taught organizational behavior since retiring from my long career in 2016 I am now a visiting scholar at northeastern University in Boston.

207 00:31:22.620 --> 00:31:24.990 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): I am a wiccan median of the year.

208 00:31:26.040 --> 00:31:43.680 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): I was knighted in Serbia, in part because of my Wikimedia work women in red and I were shortlisted for the United Nations Women it you gem tech award because of our Wikipedia work.

209 00:31:44.280 --> 00:31:52.920 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): This is the background I would bring to the board of trustees and I will use it to the benefit of our movement and our Community.

210 00:31:53.280 --> 00:32:08.520 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): including issues regarding equity diversity transparency governance resources development of leaders and a laser focus on newcomers the readers the editors the partners, thank you.

211 00:32:10.290 --> 00:32:11.160 RamzyM (WMF): Thank you rosie.

212 00:32:11.280 --> 00:32:13.080 RamzyM (WMF): Now we go to Victoria.

213 00:32:14.220 --> 00:32:35.610 Vicki Doronina: Oh, my name is Victoria dirty now I am originally from Bella rules, which is an Eastern European country between Poland and Russia in my professional life, I am molecular biologist and I worked in several.

214 00:32:36.960 --> 00:32:50.070 Vicki Doronina: United Kingdom universities, at the moment I am working as a technical officer at faculty of the key from Manchester metropolitan university.

215 00:32:50.880 --> 00:33:14.160 Vicki Doronina: I started editing Wikipedia in 2006 and I since done 120,000 agents, mostly in Russian Wikipedia but some in English Wikipedia in coleman's and in Russian dictionary, I was involved with.

216 00:33:15.000 --> 00:33:36.960 Vicki Doronina: Wikimedia rule, which is a Russian chapter, but I don't have any formal position because of their laws, the Russian laws, I am also advocate for Wikipedia and Wikipedia movement in the news and other organizations.

217 00:33:37.980 --> 00:34:06.450 Vicki Doronina: think that the board in general should give more attention to the underrepresented minorities, such as women in general, because women are at least 50% of our readers but only 10 to 20% of editors and in general to the global sauce because the western parts.

218 00:34:07.560 --> 00:34:25.200 Vicki Doronina: reached the peak activity and we cannot expand in there, while if we give more support to the global South including Asia, we will get a rapid expansion of some movement, thank you.

219 00:34:27.240 --> 00:34:32.580 RamzyM (WMF): Thank you Victoria, last but not least, we have finishes floors yours.

220 00:34:34.530 --> 00:34:39.690 Vinicius Siqueira: Thank you good morning in Brazil it's very early.

221 00:34:42.270 --> 00:34:58.350 Vinicius Siqueira: I come from Brazil, I live in here Jenny, though, and I started, that it would be do with 14 years old there's a long time 15 years that i'm involved with it in the projects.

222 00:34:58.950 --> 00:35:18.810 Vinicius Siqueira: And I decided to be a candidate for the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees this year because I felt that we are really live in a special moment in the movement why own the Wikimedia Foundation and the collaborators.

223 00:35:19.170 --> 00:35:40.590 Vinicius Siqueira: Are redesigning the models of governance and decision making and getting the volunteers integrated into this processes, and so I think this is a key moment for our Foundation and for our movement development.

224 00:35:41.640 --> 00:35:47.430 Vinicius Siqueira: I am vice chair in the week movement Brazil, the person in that led to.

225 00:35:48.450 --> 00:36:05.880 Vinicius Siqueira: This organization that I helped to to pound I also was a member of the board with the project to matt the medicine affiliate.

226 00:36:06.840 --> 00:36:18.540 Vinicius Siqueira: And in my professional background I work as a physician in favelas fidelis are impoverished communities.

227 00:36:19.050 --> 00:36:46.830 Vinicius Siqueira: Of this city all humans, and even that our people live in in unbelievable conditions, and we need to work with low resources and to to do our best to give them there may be their first an opportunity to get access to health care, so this is a very, very.

228 00:36:48.870 --> 00:37:04.770 Vinicius Siqueira: very special work, and I think I can bring this background to the board, while I have this experience with people living in conditions that are very different from the conditions.

229 00:37:05.070 --> 00:37:19.800 Vinicius Siqueira: The organizations and the conditions that the Foundations in the United States are around the developed world understand the world, so we need people from the ground people that.

230 00:37:20.370 --> 00:37:32.760 Vinicius Siqueira: really knows what is happening, I also worked as a professor and restart shirt I usually research about health care systems and evaluation of how.

231 00:37:36.660 --> 00:37:39.990 RamzyM (WMF): Thank you finishes I believe that's all candidates.

232 00:37:40.590 --> 00:37:43.410 RamzyM (WMF): we're wrapping up pretty early so.

233 00:37:43.440 --> 00:37:56.220 RamzyM (WMF): we're going to call it 10 minute break for participants, if you have any question, please start posting on the chat box or send it privately to Jackie, which is one of our co hosts.

234 00:37:57.480 --> 00:38:03.000 RamzyM (WMF): Keep it coming, while we are on 10 minute break and we'll return.

235 00:38:03.150 --> 00:38:03.870 RamzyM (WMF): In a few.

236 00:38:05.010 --> 00:38:05.640 RamzyM (WMF): Thank you everyone.

237 00:38:09.030 --> 00:38:20.610 Youngjin Ko (WMF): i'm just gonna like cheery present the order now, I guess, to answer the question because it's a randomized and started order.

238 00:38:25.170 --> 00:38:32.850 Youngjin Ko (WMF): yeah because, like the kindness might be prepared just that's pretty sure, because we had last time so yeah that could be helpers.

239 00:38:34.770 --> 00:38:36.240 Youngjin Ko (WMF): Wait thank.

240 00:38:36.690 --> 00:38:37.320 Raavi Mohanty: You but.

241 00:38:38.370 --> 00:38:39.300 Raavi Mohanty: This us.

242 00:38:39.450 --> 00:38:41.340 Youngjin Ko (WMF): yeah so did you see you see my screen.

243 00:38:43.710 --> 00:38:58.860 Youngjin Ko (WMF): itself so yeah, so this is my parents answering to Doug answer so like the yellow wants or whoever is that way right now, and so, then, make sure you check the numbers, I know the whatever document we have prepared that's like I just like.

244 00:39:00.030 --> 00:39:10.740 Youngjin Ko (WMF): quickly during the meeting, there is one so yeah there's indications, though, like i'm not sure when the questions are coming up, but like the you expect in this order so that that could be helpful when you're planning dancer.

245 00:39:23.370 --> 00:39:37.020 Ashwin Baindur: Question when the candidates get time are they expected to speak for this four and a half minutes continuously or is that that cumulative time you have to give us when the questions asked, as in the previous.

246 00:39:38.790 --> 00:39:44.670 Ashwin Baindur: me Community meetup where there was a counter and they kept track of our time and told us.

247 00:39:50.400 --> 00:40:01.200 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Oh no, I think it will be a bit different from previous meeting or this will be like one big chunk of time like we're thinking five minutes, and we are wrapping up the intro early.

248 00:40:03.210 --> 00:40:06.870 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: So you'll have like five minutes time to answer the other question.

249 00:40:07.830 --> 00:40:10.980 Ashwin Baindur: So basically what we do is we consider all the questions and give one.

250 00:40:12.600 --> 00:40:13.530 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: yeah like one.

251 00:40:15.150 --> 00:40:15.930 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Some of the questions.

252 00:40:34.590 --> 00:40:35.070 Raavi Mohanty: yeah.

253 00:49:52.410 --> 00:49:55.470 Youngjin Ko (WMF): interpreters standby because we can start event.

254 00:50:54.810 --> 00:51:14.460 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Oh Okay, I think we can start the q&a session on social, so we have this question, both for when the had registration form for the event is were asked by Community Members and also a few questions which was asked in the first half of the session

255 00:51:15.480 --> 00:51:22.470 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: They tried to merge, some of them and part of that some of them are repeating and has similar pattern so.

256 00:51:23.670 --> 00:51:34.260 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: yeah So this is the final list of questions we have so each candidate will take five minutes to answer all maybe all the questions or anything.

257 00:51:34.830 --> 00:51:48.990 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Like if you want to under some of them, or just spending time on one of them that's fine so like I just read out the questions once before we start for clarity and and then we can begin with the candidates running.

258 00:51:51.750 --> 00:51:53.400 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: So the first question we have.

259 00:51:54.660 --> 00:52:05.820 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: If you're elected what would be your strategy to grow global South communities, especially for them to have a crucial role in decision making processes of the moment.

260 00:52:07.650 --> 00:52:10.590 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: that's, the first question, the second question is.

261 00:52:11.670 --> 00:52:17.820 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Fake news is an increasing concern across all Internet platform and Wikipedia is no exception.

262 00:52:18.810 --> 00:52:34.470 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: How do you think we should be okay, so this should be tackling not talking three we should be talking about this problem or, this is a similar question or what is your plan to solve the problem of ideologically motivated edit for article.

263 00:52:36.480 --> 00:52:50.610 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: The third question, we have is what ideas do you have about creating awareness of Wikimedia project, other than Wikipedia which have a strong American Communities in the recent past, such as wiki source and Vicky data on.

264 00:52:52.500 --> 00:53:00.120 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: The fourth question we have is what are your thoughts about harassment on Wikimedia project, what do you have to say about you know the code of conduct.

265 00:53:01.470 --> 00:53:09.210 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: And the last question, which I think is a bit similar to imagine communities, but also what languages so, how will you support minority language.

266 00:53:12.810 --> 00:53:18.990 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: To the five questions we have i'll be presenting my screen so candidates can see, and they want to.

267 00:53:20.070 --> 00:53:30.720 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: see an answer, and so we have a randomized order for the question which has already been shared with the candidate for it will be.

268 00:53:32.580 --> 00:53:34.380 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Yvonne Yvonne Martinez.

269 00:53:36.090 --> 00:53:37.350 Iv?n Mart?nez: Thank you so much.

270 00:53:38.520 --> 00:53:50.130 Iv?n Mart?nez: When according to law South orange heisting We need much more investment and distribution of funds in order to support we can be a mission in more regions of the world, I.

271 00:53:50.160 --> 00:53:50.820 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: There are.

272 00:53:50.880 --> 00:53:52.290 Iv?n Mart?nez: In my consideration.

273 00:53:52.740 --> 00:53:59.910 Iv?n Mart?nez: huge opportunities in Asia, of course, Africa and Central America, where new affiliates on leadership's can be promoted.

274 00:54:00.330 --> 00:54:08.280 Iv?n Mart?nez: As well as online and offline reinforcement reinforcement strategies are and campaigns of for attract new volunteers.

275 00:54:08.880 --> 00:54:18.270 Iv?n Mart?nez: in the direction of movements there's more there must be internal protocols for understanding the asymmetries of the world with respect to the movement.

276 00:54:18.780 --> 00:54:28.950 Iv?n Mart?nez: In my case I leave the Wikimedia mission in a country with 60% of Internet access, so the strategies of attracting new editors.

277 00:54:29.940 --> 00:54:34.590 Iv?n Mart?nez: Cultural alliances and even communication must be different from region to region.

278 00:54:35.190 --> 00:54:45.150 Iv?n Mart?nez: According to fake news there, this is an issue that I have had the opportunity to reflect and research professionally and outside of Wikimedia movement.

279 00:54:45.570 --> 00:54:52.350 Iv?n Mart?nez: Any and it's very related to the exercise of the right of freedom of expression, pretty close to that right.

280 00:54:52.890 --> 00:55:04.890 Iv?n Mart?nez: We should note that fake news is not an innocent joke nor EC than insulated phenomenon is that global industry will hike profits, so we can meet has seen that panorama.

281 00:55:05.370 --> 00:55:15.510 Iv?n Mart?nez: fundamental role in fact one of the main ones on the Internet, then we can meet a movement cool be more active in promoting the fight against misinformation.

282 00:55:15.930 --> 00:55:29.430 Iv?n Mart?nez: By defending is strongly it model of trust and being more being more active attracting alliances in the Internet to tackle the misinformation in crucial topics such as health.

283 00:55:30.060 --> 00:55:36.030 Iv?n Mart?nez: is beginning of human rights, in fact, as I already did in the universal code of conduct drafting committee.

284 00:55:36.480 --> 00:55:44.580 Iv?n Mart?nez: If I am elected to the Wikimedia Foundation board, I will always bring my human exhibition to all the processes in which I will participate.

285 00:55:45.240 --> 00:55:54.210 Iv?n Mart?nez: According to awareness, to have more awareness, for more persons in the world, I think, an improvement in mobile editing technology it's very urgent and necessary.

286 00:55:54.600 --> 00:56:03.420 Iv?n Mart?nez: to attract more people to work in more mobile interfaces I think and very important and according to their for question.

287 00:56:03.870 --> 00:56:13.050 Iv?n Mart?nez: it's crucial to have a healthy environments, when I came to this movement its initial spirit of we are doing these come and help us.

288 00:56:13.440 --> 00:56:23.850 Iv?n Mart?nez: And we need to build this this encyclopedia is still persist, if I don't know if today all the persons have a generalized that experience.

289 00:56:24.630 --> 00:56:32.970 Iv?n Mart?nez: helped experience for all the new commerce, I think we need argent a healthy and safe environment for all the person's, especially for newcomers.

290 00:56:33.570 --> 00:56:43.110 Iv?n Mart?nez: And we need also to have more awareness and need of evidence about the reading experience and the experience of people trying to enter the Community.

291 00:56:43.440 --> 00:56:58.020 Iv?n Mart?nez: How what his experience for for all the new people to come to wants to be a new contributor, and we need to have more new volunteers and experience different from anything Wikipedia like we can source, we can use and wiki data, thank you.

292 00:57:02.550 --> 00:57:02.820 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: hey.

293 00:57:03.510 --> 00:57:15.000 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Thanks, I want, we have next I think Mike has put his questions on the top page of the event she's not feeling well, so we have Robbie mohanty next.

294 00:57:23.550 --> 00:57:24.030 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Oh.

295 00:57:25.110 --> 00:57:25.590 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Can you hear.

296 00:57:27.210 --> 00:57:27.480 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: me.

297 00:57:32.280 --> 00:57:32.520 Raavi Mohanty: yeah.

298 00:57:37.680 --> 00:57:40.410 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Okay, so you can take no more than.

299 00:57:42.270 --> 00:57:42.480 That.

300 00:57:56.910 --> 00:57:58.170 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: yeah with.

301 00:57:59.760 --> 00:58:00.570 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: My Community members.

302 00:58:01.170 --> 00:58:05.130 Raavi Mohanty: That first question if I selected see a.

303 00:58:07.890 --> 00:58:26.010 Raavi Mohanty: collector and work for the audition audition is working for communities so it's if you say if if i'm working with some kind of communities and i'm not working for some tiny kind of communities it's, not that I work for the global South communities.

304 00:58:27.060 --> 00:58:44.310 Raavi Mohanty: And mostly i'll find out what are the crucial rules are there just find out what what exact room let other people are facing and as a leader to get the auto adjust a cooperate with other people to find out the solution for the communities them.

305 00:58:45.570 --> 00:58:46.770 Raavi Mohanty: And thinking question.

306 00:59:00.030 --> 00:59:09.120 Raavi Mohanty: Fake news I understand a lot of things are there, we should have proper citation we should have proper evidences to the proper.

307 00:59:11.790 --> 00:59:28.980 Raavi Mohanty: Proof for a particular because we are working on a particular protocol, we cannot go beyond our protocols, so we have to stay in a limit to open our projects, we have to take care of everything i've just take care of takes.

308 00:59:30.090 --> 00:59:36.240 Raavi Mohanty: How to segregate takes it says a fake news, how to protect these news from.

309 00:59:38.370 --> 00:59:52.890 Raavi Mohanty: articles and we'll just motivate editors are authors are writers to do not provoke such kind of things and we do not need such kind of things to deploy in our platform.

310 01:00:06.390 --> 01:00:25.920 Raavi Mohanty: Perfect exactly I lose tried, I tried to create a project small project, yes, I do, oh no Wikimedia that covers that that you can see the campaign is in the listed on beta.

311 01:00:26.880 --> 01:00:39.360 Raavi Mohanty: That covers all the projects like very poor people, they do not know about to wiki sources and they do not even know about, we can get, we have to get related.

312 01:00:40.200 --> 01:00:53.550 Raavi Mohanty: These particular sources with vg week a period so that users and volunteers, they can easily get connected with the project, which are not be often use.

313 01:00:55.290 --> 01:01:01.500 Raavi Mohanty: We have to make certain strategy to go with a proper roadmap for such kind of.

314 01:01:03.750 --> 01:01:05.190 Raavi Mohanty: thing to bring our next.

315 01:01:15.510 --> 01:01:21.180 Raavi Mohanty: Exactly exactly I have faced I have faced the Harris men kind of thing.

316 01:01:22.320 --> 01:01:34.710 Raavi Mohanty: A lot of type see, I have seen getting myself we retreated with no, I am not working anymore like so it's kind of thinking, I have been a lot of time in my mind.

317 01:01:35.130 --> 01:01:39.330 Raavi Mohanty: But still, we have to work on our code of conduct that will be.

318 01:01:40.170 --> 01:01:48.720 Raavi Mohanty: Working the code of conduct this has to be changed, some some lagging there some some kind of products or their insight to some type of issues that they're.

319 01:01:49.020 --> 01:02:01.170 Raavi Mohanty: We have to find out what are the issues and why this is happening and why people are being harassed and and also, of course, we have to take care of couple of things like people, those writing.

320 01:02:01.890 --> 01:02:14.130 Raavi Mohanty: Without username and order it from an IP address, we have to get control on this particular stop, and you have to make certain roadmap for this.

321 01:02:22.260 --> 01:02:27.660 Raavi Mohanty: Buffet see, I have, I have very experienced in a couple of.

322 01:02:28.860 --> 01:02:30.420 Raavi Mohanty: Software technologies like.

323 01:02:31.650 --> 01:02:49.440 Raavi Mohanty: Loud, now we are having Ai a complaint stuff like we can work on a particular case called natural language, processing and machine learning okay and see all the languages, which is an intuitive even.

324 01:02:52.110 --> 01:02:53.340 Youngjin Ko (WMF): i'm sorry.

325 01:02:58.350 --> 01:02:59.400 Youngjin Ko (WMF): Sorry types up.

326 01:03:03.270 --> 01:03:03.570 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Okay.

327 01:03:05.850 --> 01:03:06.180 Youngjin Ko (WMF): yep.

328 01:03:06.270 --> 01:03:06.900 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Thanks for me.

329 01:03:07.020 --> 01:03:08.730 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: um and next.

330 01:03:09.270 --> 01:03:09.600 Next.

331 01:03:13.080 --> 01:03:14.010 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Next, we have.

332 01:03:16.560 --> 01:03:20.130 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): All rights regarding the first question, first, I strongly supported.

333 01:03:20.160 --> 01:03:21.360 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): Increasing our budget.

334 01:03:21.630 --> 01:03:29.580 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): For the global South communities and the current one for the upcoming here includes an unprecedented growth spending for fostering these communities.

335 01:03:30.510 --> 01:03:47.400 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): Moreover, in my statement I write that they would like the strategic and financial decisions to be made at the regional level, not in San Francisco as the Chair of the DC I helped develop a model of funds dissemination that is actually involving the Community members.

336 01:03:50.760 --> 01:04:00.390 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): And I think that having the local community members, making the decisions locally is definitely the approach we should take their.

337 01:04:02.400 --> 01:04:12.900 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): One of the ideas from my candidacy statement is a systematic leadership program especially geared towards less represented regions, it can not only help these communities grow.

338 01:04:13.140 --> 01:04:21.480 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): But also, in the long run, it will give us the internal capacity to have trustees and Chapter leaders source from within the Community.

339 01:04:22.500 --> 01:04:27.750 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): Finally, I think the wf should start and improve the policy that all that it's already trying to.

340 01:04:28.050 --> 01:04:37.530 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): Introduce of hiring more people from the global South but also for the leadership positions for the sea levels, because this is the only way to create bridges in understanding of what is really needed.

341 01:04:38.430 --> 01:04:49.050 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): Regarding fake news I currently actually lead a large research team to combat this information online, so I understand this problem well and I think fake news corporate and regime propaganda.

342 01:04:49.440 --> 01:05:02.400 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): is a big problem on Wikipedia justice any extreme views bias, for that matter, or just Western thinking, I was published about the discussion about the ganga river and I still don't understand why why don't we should give it is called Ganges.

343 01:05:03.330 --> 01:05:11.610 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): that's why I mentioned in my statement that tackling this information is one of the key challenges ahead of us and we need to create hybrid systems.

344 01:05:12.030 --> 01:05:17.010 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): For mining machine learning with well trained volunteers and we have a good starting position.

345 01:05:17.370 --> 01:05:31.380 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): We are doing much better than Facebook or YouTube, but we need to invest in new tools and possibly new functionaries and, as a former steward I believe this group can serve quite well as a paragon of how this information commenting can be organized.

346 01:05:32.760 --> 01:05:37.620 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): Regarding question number three, how can we create better awareness of other projects.

347 01:05:38.070 --> 01:05:45.690 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): Well wiki data is a game changer we practically created a standard of knowledge database of struck me to be that game can be the next big thing.

348 01:05:46.050 --> 01:05:59.160 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): But all these initiatives, show that we have the ability to organize communities around important knowledge building ideas, but something is fall short in terms of providing sufficient technological infrastructure.

349 01:05:59.850 --> 01:06:09.900 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): As it has to be different than what here so we're not good at promoting it decides, we give you the globally that's why the branding bus occurred.

350 01:06:10.260 --> 01:06:20.970 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): So I think we need to increase the awareness of smaller projects, as this is where new editors come from, especially with new interfaces like alexa and series much is going to be much, much more difficult.

351 01:06:21.450 --> 01:06:28.740 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): So I think we need to leverage large projects like Wikipedia the commons to introduce people to those.

352 01:06:29.220 --> 01:06:39.810 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): Other projects to basically invite them to go there and check it out, we also need to give voice to minority languages, of course I will talk about it later, but.

353 01:06:40.350 --> 01:06:50.970 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): We currently we currently don't have really good ways to approach it question number four well universal code of conduct is a good start, but we need to start making.

354 01:06:51.600 --> 01:06:56.580 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): changes and change our culture, honestly, which is the most difficult I published research about.

355 01:06:56.880 --> 01:07:11.430 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): Under women harassment and bias and sometimes Harassers are super clever in following delete or rules that's why I think we need to invest in training administrators and also possibly have global task forces to reduce poster behaviors.

356 01:07:11.820 --> 01:07:22.950 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): It has to be coming to Toronto regarding minority languages, I think we need to give voice to minority languages basically we currently don't have a Council that would serve.

357 01:07:23.280 --> 01:07:31.560 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): US advising the Web on the specific needs, they have so we are in the dark, even though all together, they can collectively minority languages can actually serve.

358 01:07:32.190 --> 01:07:40.830 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): A large number of people, some people suggested translating English Wikipedia to minority languages with machine learning I don't think it makes any sense it's just dumping.

359 01:07:41.100 --> 01:07:56.130 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): A lot of content on people who cannot really curated However, I think what we can do is make translation tools much easier, not just from English ricky but basically make it easier for everyone is the communities wanted, thank you.

360 01:07:59.640 --> 01:08:00.060 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Oh.

361 01:08:00.300 --> 01:08:07.380 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Thanks um so I just want to before we go to the next candidate to give a small heads up that.

362 01:08:08.970 --> 01:08:09.780 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: To.

363 01:08:11.040 --> 01:08:14.970 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: speak a bit slow, so that, like the interpreters can interpret them better.

364 01:08:16.440 --> 01:08:18.270 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Okay next we have ashwin.

365 01:08:29.400 --> 01:08:31.080 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Oh you're on mute.

366 01:08:33.060 --> 01:08:33.450 Ashwin Baindur: Hello.

367 01:08:34.290 --> 01:08:34.590 Yes.

368 01:08:37.050 --> 01:08:37.740 Ashwin Baindur: Should I begin.

369 01:08:39.720 --> 01:08:40.170 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: yeah.

370 01:08:41.040 --> 01:08:41.340 Yes.

371 01:08:42.630 --> 01:08:43.350 Ashwin Baindur: Thank you.

372 01:08:46.050 --> 01:08:54.300 Ashwin Baindur: I would like to take some of these questions, and I can bind form, for example, the global global South question and the minority.

373 01:08:54.840 --> 01:09:05.520 Ashwin Baindur: Language question and the Wikimedia projects, other than Wikipedia question i'd like to combine my answer to them, and this is my answer which i'm going to give now in the next few minutes.

374 01:09:06.630 --> 01:09:16.680 Ashwin Baindur: The first thing I believe, is that, in addition to the many good points which have been given by my fellow candidates and which would be given by my fellow candidates after me.

375 01:09:17.280 --> 01:09:25.320 Ashwin Baindur: We should look on this as a major process, the global South consists not just of those communities which are defined by that.

376 01:09:26.100 --> 01:09:32.880 Ashwin Baindur: But also communities in some of the global North countries which do not get Weiss, for example, there are some native.

377 01:09:33.570 --> 01:09:40.740 Ashwin Baindur: or aboriginal communities which just don't get adequate opportunity or representation and they have a problem, so they should also be considered.

378 01:09:41.250 --> 01:10:00.240 Ashwin Baindur: Besides, that we must also consider those wiki projects such as a source Mickey what city, we get books which nearly which get Cinderella treatment when we consider the primary on Wikipedia and our other two sisters, that is wiki Commons and Canada.

379 01:10:01.560 --> 01:10:02.040 Ashwin Baindur: My.

380 01:10:03.090 --> 01:10:15.750 Ashwin Baindur: plan of this for this depends not so much an individual suggestions as on a process, the first thing that I feel is that the community of people who are affected needs to be engaged.

381 01:10:16.500 --> 01:10:21.270 Ashwin Baindur: And if we've got to help them and push their cause, we must listen to what they have to say.

382 01:10:22.080 --> 01:10:28.290 Ashwin Baindur: And then understand their issues properly because, once we do that, then we can pick up energy each of these issues.

383 01:10:28.740 --> 01:10:37.440 Ashwin Baindur: And form solutions for them and we require a wide range of solutions to tackle all of them and, wherever possible, we can have some combination and achieve a better purpose.

384 01:10:38.400 --> 01:10:53.820 Ashwin Baindur: Then, based on the issues we should support them with help with attention, with priority with resources, including funds with developer time with access or two special training needs and so on and so forth.

385 01:10:55.170 --> 01:11:12.150 Ashwin Baindur: With this is to be supported by development initiatives in the form of policy proposals and these policy proposals must make sure that these wiki projects ricky Community this Wikimedia language communities and other communities.

386 01:11:13.440 --> 01:11:24.060 Ashwin Baindur: such as the disabled, must all find their rightful position in the Wikipedia Charter in the Wikimedia movement and, most importantly, in division.

387 01:11:24.600 --> 01:11:31.200 Ashwin Baindur: And in the annual plans and once that is done, then there is like weird some progress.

388 01:11:31.860 --> 01:11:36.840 Ashwin Baindur: We say this at the systemic level, we should make sure that there is adequate representation for these.

389 01:11:37.290 --> 01:11:48.810 Ashwin Baindur: in some form or the other, so that even the various projects that we've got a voice and equal was one word what every kind of project, as well as one voice one word for every kind of language community can project.

390 01:11:49.530 --> 01:12:05.340 Ashwin Baindur: Depending on the situation so that there is greater equity, as of now, the majority of the agenda is driven by global North global knowledge issues in which English Wikipedia is dominating the whole issue and that needs to change.

391 01:12:07.170 --> 01:12:20.640 Ashwin Baindur: The related to this issues is the issue of development of safe space and freedom from harassment, for the communities and their ability to that equitable and just treatment.

392 01:12:21.300 --> 01:12:39.090 Ashwin Baindur: For this, I do believe that a universal code of conduct is necessary, but it should be minimalistic agreed to, but sufficient it should define the various kinds of behavior how they have to be processed and how the sanctions, if any, should be gated out there.

393 01:12:40.980 --> 01:12:53.760 Ashwin Baindur: With disciplinary nominated Community organizations that he Mickey provably language committee level and also in the forthcoming hubs and in the global community, so that all such issues have a chance to be dealt with.

394 01:12:54.780 --> 01:12:56.310 Ashwin Baindur: The Community itself.

395 01:12:58.590 --> 01:13:17.040 Ashwin Baindur: The media's role Foundations role should be very, very minimal if they have any such worries like in the case of the prime case, they must address it to the global Council or whatever interim organization, there is until it comes into being, so that the Community gets a chance to represent.

396 01:13:18.510 --> 01:13:26.640 Ashwin Baindur: The last thing that I would like to say is that the policies must be put in place, even at the project level, just in case that they have got a.

397 01:13:28.050 --> 01:13:31.020 Ashwin Baindur: You know, they are not agreeing with the universal code of conduct.

398 01:13:32.280 --> 01:13:39.210 Ashwin Baindur: As regards the other questions i've given them in detail in the 61 questions list you are all requested to have a look.

399 01:13:39.660 --> 01:13:52.080 Ashwin Baindur: And then, based on the answers are forming opinions i'm open to discussion on any one of these issues in detail and my dog beach, and my social media, this is for this Thank you.

400 01:13:53.760 --> 01:13:55.740 Youngjin Ko (WMF): miss out, I was about to say that.

401 01:13:58.770 --> 01:14:04.260 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: A question i'm on next we have all.

402 01:14:04.680 --> 01:14:05.250 manisha.

403 01:14:06.630 --> 01:14:07.800 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: What am I hope i'm.

404 01:14:24.720 --> 01:14:25.710 Vinicius Siqueira: Sorry.

405 01:14:30.840 --> 01:14:32.160 Vinicius Siqueira: Okay, yes.

406 01:14:33.390 --> 01:14:36.360 Vinicius Siqueira: let's try transfer old this thing.

407 01:14:37.590 --> 01:14:38.790 Vinicius Siqueira: So.

408 01:14:41.910 --> 01:14:49.080 Vinicius Siqueira: So feel time I first First, the first question we already answered.

409 01:14:50.490 --> 01:15:00.270 Vinicius Siqueira: Another discussion, and I think this movement sharp sharp turn was a big investment for our movement.

410 01:15:02.490 --> 01:15:10.290 Vinicius Siqueira: For our movement redesign and I think that we will only have eight.

411 01:15:12.660 --> 01:15:13.980 Vinicius Siqueira: The.

412 01:15:15.180 --> 01:15:23.250 Vinicius Siqueira: The goals that we thought, for if we if we have a diverse and the representative group members.

413 01:15:23.760 --> 01:15:48.360 Vinicius Siqueira: And to foster that diversity in this the groups and in the decision making versus this off the Foundation of visually, we need to balance your dress separately and promote equity all the funds discriminations in the world, so equity is given more.

414 01:15:49.500 --> 01:16:18.840 Vinicius Siqueira: To come to us, so we need to to to invert this balance and also foster local community leadership development and expand in sponsorship scholarships for this communities and assured that we will have a dissemination of the knowledge fire that in.

415 01:16:20.010 --> 01:16:25.590 Vinicius Siqueira: In this kind of concert made by the Foundation.

416 01:16:27.510 --> 01:16:30.960 Vinicius Siqueira: The second question, you will be effective.

417 01:16:34.620 --> 01:16:54.150 Vinicius Siqueira: I think that I must take videos and we are very concerned about the misinformation disinformation painfulness force and the first level of combat is from the Community, and our community to this very well known that we can meet ins are very.

418 01:16:55.230 --> 01:17:14.280 Vinicius Siqueira: very concerned about 35 melody and we need just to foster and promote and qualify their work given them more resources to work and maybe some intelligence and artificial intelligence basins tools, who should.

419 01:17:14.550 --> 01:17:27.510 Vinicius Siqueira: fund the development of this kind of soul and the development of some specific skills for fact checking and action of buyers.

420 01:17:29.280 --> 01:17:36.360 Vinicius Siqueira: And Actually, I think that the the the more risky cases like.

421 01:17:38.880 --> 01:18:06.600 Vinicius Siqueira: propaganda of debunking theories or nazif propaganda in in the projects or something like that should be dealt by the news media Foundation, with its legal department, with the advice advice advice around town now our upbringing and on their mission aligned communities.

422 01:18:08.310 --> 01:18:13.860 Vinicius Siqueira: I strongly believe that we don't need to have not educational.

423 01:18:17.790 --> 01:18:31.410 Vinicius Siqueira: educational content in our projects, once this is not our mission and this kind of miss miss misinformation and disinformation ideological disinformation.

424 01:18:32.370 --> 01:18:58.830 Vinicius Siqueira: can have placed in our in our projects about creating awareness of with media virgin thing the other change, I think that we need to promote and this this projects among mission aligned organizations also to have a broader discussion and the same maybe.

425 01:19:00.330 --> 01:19:04.110 Vinicius Siqueira: We can think for minor languages.

426 01:19:05.130 --> 01:19:29.370 Vinicius Siqueira: We have a, we need to have a broader discussion discussion with all the Community about what we want to what we expect from this project, and if we really want to invest them and if we decide to want to do to fund and invest them, so we need to do this.

427 01:19:31.200 --> 01:19:42.870 Vinicius Siqueira: Very well, we we need really to do this and not pretend to them and some peculiar some peculiar to.

428 01:19:44.550 --> 01:19:49.290 Youngjin Ko (WMF): i'm sorry guys sorry i'm here I just know how to mute it.

429 01:19:54.240 --> 01:19:54.540 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Okay.

430 01:19:55.740 --> 01:19:58.290 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Thank you, oh Mexican line we have.

431 01:20:01.200 --> 01:20:04.050 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): A great Thank you so I think.

432 01:20:04.110 --> 01:20:05.670 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): The development of hubs.

433 01:20:05.700 --> 01:20:15.600 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): is crucial to giving a voice and equity position to the global South in terms of governance resources, training leadership.

434 01:20:16.380 --> 01:20:27.420 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): This is not a one size fits all solution each region each hub is unique and each community within the hub has its own challenges, we know that.

435 01:20:28.110 --> 01:20:35.670 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): But we have to move away from the centralized structure of top down San Francisco decision making and flat MIT.

436 01:20:36.390 --> 01:20:53.640 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): There are lessons to be learned from other regions other hubs, yes, but I believe a cf has a unique opportunity to be a leader in our movement because of its diversity, its readers its editors its partners, and so forth question number two.

437 01:20:54.810 --> 01:21:02.070 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): i've been working on this issue of misinformation disinformation with a coalition called wiki credit.

438 01:21:02.880 --> 01:21:13.020 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): The first step, I believe, is recognition that we have a problem and we're not alone with dealing with this it's a global plot problem across platforms.

439 01:21:13.560 --> 01:21:21.600 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): And together we're all trying to address it, but there's so much more to do in part movement strategy initiative number nine.

440 01:21:22.020 --> 01:21:33.990 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): innovate and free knowledge addresses this or will once we start working on those initiatives but we're only at the start of that and I don't think it goes far enough in addressing the issue.

441 01:21:34.620 --> 01:21:45.480 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): For this reason, I think we need to be open to evaluate iterate adapt how what we currently know and what we're addressing the issues of misinformation.

442 01:21:45.750 --> 01:21:54.060 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): and disinformation, and this includes how we look at governments and regimes and platforms and new sources and so forth.

443 01:21:54.960 --> 01:22:07.170 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): Number three regarding awareness with media projects, other than Wikimedia which have strong emerging claim it is in order to flourish, we have to make room for these emerging communities.

444 01:22:08.040 --> 01:22:21.480 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): Awareness branding that's the start providing resources is a must, and your conferences are ideal wiki sport we just had our meeting is an innovative hub for emerging ideas.

445 01:22:22.080 --> 01:22:32.220 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): Regarding harassment on the Wikimedia projects, I have witnessed it, I have been a victim of it myself, I understand how it can be debilitating.

446 01:22:32.790 --> 01:22:43.530 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): I served on the movement strategy Community health working group, where I was involved in reviewing dozens of people in the movement regarding harassment and stability and so forth.

447 01:22:44.130 --> 01:22:56.490 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): And six year Member affiliations committee i've seen it within our affiliates and on an outcome, I have taught consensus building classes, I have served on the conflict mediation subcommittee.

448 01:22:57.060 --> 01:23:08.190 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): We need the universal code of conduct as a baseline for activities across the movement in order to support diversity and safety and encourage growth.

449 01:23:08.760 --> 01:23:16.620 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): When I co founded a women rent we didn't know that our projects top page would become a harassment free zone for editors.

450 01:23:16.980 --> 01:23:28.320 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): But it has through focus Community engagement and lastly question number five how we use support minority languages, we need to give them space, we need to give them resources.

451 01:23:28.800 --> 01:23:37.920 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (she/her): We need to give them opportunities to meet share research, we cannot another weekend meetings support these kinds of learnings Thank you.

452 01:23:42.870 --> 01:23:43.170 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Oh.

453 01:23:43.260 --> 01:23:43.560 Thanks.

454 01:23:45.690 --> 01:23:49.050 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: i'm letting the next we have London.

455 01:23:55.470 --> 01:23:56.010 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: and

456 01:23:56.970 --> 01:23:59.070 lorenzo: Thank you so.

457 01:24:01.290 --> 01:24:11.010 lorenzo: yeah starting from the first question about the global South communities, and I think that you know the for the.

458 01:24:12.060 --> 01:24:23.940 lorenzo: For global South communities to have a crucial role in decision making it the best thing to do is type them Google as thing, and in that stem cells.

459 01:24:25.680 --> 01:24:32.310 lorenzo: And these actually was bought for that global South communities, and for that any other community.

460 01:24:33.330 --> 01:24:41.880 lorenzo: In order to achieve that we can do a few things and we can provide more resources for some, but this does not mean just the money.

461 01:24:42.330 --> 01:24:58.710 lorenzo: People often tend to focus on money, but other things are important as well, for instance, training and thinking due consideration to need that have two different communities for these fancy on topics like software development and.

462 01:24:59.850 --> 01:25:07.440 lorenzo: I also think that the interconnection between different communities, and especially the communities that are.

463 01:25:08.340 --> 01:25:28.890 lorenzo: nearby each other is key and and the creation of regional OPS, will be an exceptional opportunity on on this topic, especially if they become a space for regional communities that to collaborator learner and support each other.

464 01:25:30.450 --> 01:25:44.790 lorenzo: A similar torture work so so for law which videos in smaller languages or actually with smaller which he does, because sometimes we have a smaller Wikipedia Sir in four languages that are.

465 01:25:45.360 --> 01:26:04.080 lorenzo: Quite big maybe we can solve millions 10s of millions or hundreds of millions of native speakers, the sides of a Wikipedia edition does not always on a collector sides of the language, and this is another issue, shoulder to shoot back on.

466 01:26:06.270 --> 01:26:19.650 lorenzo: Talking about fake news and biases, this is an increasing problem worldwide the even Wikipedia but Wikipedia is a bit on exception in in a way, because it has some.

467 01:26:20.310 --> 01:26:38.010 lorenzo: built in control measures like financial point of view it's a minute to the to the reference sources and, of course, the fact that people need to collaborate on the same article, we are not safe supposedly existed and is growing, but we can leverage.

468 01:26:39.480 --> 01:26:39.840 lorenzo: These.

469 01:26:40.890 --> 01:26:42.570 lorenzo: resources to fight it.

470 01:26:44.190 --> 01:26:54.960 lorenzo: And in when we have a larger scale bias issues, for instance, if a specific groups that tries to take over our projects.

471 01:26:55.770 --> 01:27:07.590 lorenzo: We also have another to look at the fact that we are part of a global movement as software company communities of what a project Sir can alper in this case we should have.

472 01:27:08.040 --> 01:27:19.170 lorenzo: strengthened and leverage interconnections inside our Community again, this is not enough, but it is a powerful tool and we must remember.

473 01:27:21.450 --> 01:27:36.930 lorenzo: Talking about the University of code of conduct, we need to nurture a culture where everyone can express themselves and to this key to provide the fly fuller discussion and ensure that no unspoken towards.

474 01:27:38.100 --> 01:27:54.510 lorenzo: The University code of conduct is helpful to provide that guidance, especially to smaller projects that are within the document that is not that enough change really happens so when it is a integrated the intercultural into mine that have people.

475 01:27:55.890 --> 01:28:08.430 lorenzo: Last about the awareness of WikiLeaks projects at different on Wikipedia we need the first one, the standard that different projects have different target audiences and different characteristics.

476 01:28:09.240 --> 01:28:26.460 lorenzo: Wikipedia is a very journalistic a projector it's useful to basically everyone but for other projects, the different wiki data is not meant to be directly used by humans, and so we can expect a different kind of way and so.

477 01:28:27.900 --> 01:28:31.710 lorenzo: whenever you go to specific audience, for instance.

478 01:28:33.720 --> 01:28:54.000 lorenzo: The interest of wiki data and wiki sauce is huge and if I go to cultural institutions in Italy, they don't really care about Wikipedia anymore, they are really interested in wiki salsa and, especially, there is a huge interest in wiki data, so we should focus on.

479 01:28:55.320 --> 01:28:57.720 lorenzo: On the places where we can find the.

480 01:28:57.960 --> 01:29:03.300 lorenzo: People who are interested in interest possible, so thank you.

481 01:29:10.860 --> 01:29:11.610 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: next to me how.

482 01:29:14.280 --> 01:29:14.790 Pascale Camus-Walter: Hello.

483 01:29:16.440 --> 01:29:17.130 Pascale Camus-Walter: Do you hear me.

484 01:29:17.580 --> 01:29:19.380 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Correct yeah we can hear you yep.

485 01:29:19.650 --> 01:29:21.030 Pascale Camus-Walter: Okay um.

486 01:29:21.060 --> 01:29:23.190 Pascale Camus-Walter: So come to me as a global so.

487 01:29:23.910 --> 01:29:35.010 Pascale Camus-Walter: i'm global South is he is he ap but also Africa, South America and also the global North emerging communities.

488 01:29:36.600 --> 01:29:45.960 Pascale Camus-Walter: So there are two places for decision making process, because this was the question, there is a Community process where.

489 01:29:46.620 --> 01:29:56.460 Pascale Camus-Walter: The strongest and the more converted will make their place in the Community, as you know, but what about minorities.

490 01:29:57.420 --> 01:30:16.050 Pascale Camus-Walter: New unless we're presented groups and especially women, the task of the Foundation in the decision making process is different because the Foundation has the ability to introduce this question of the veracity and parity.

491 01:30:16.770 --> 01:30:31.110 Pascale Camus-Walter: And the board of trustees is a good place where we can work about diversity and parity and also reflect the composition of the board the diversity and parity and, I believe, is a Foundation.

492 01:30:31.860 --> 01:30:38.400 Pascale Camus-Walter: Does it it lets the change to diversity in parity unless to the Community.

493 01:30:39.150 --> 01:30:51.690 Pascale Camus-Walter: So I have another question, and this is for you, how will all these emerging emerging communities work together, because we don't only have a vertical process do.

494 01:30:52.560 --> 01:31:08.250 Pascale Camus-Walter: SAP Africa Salman Khan global work together talk together, are you ready to collaborate together, this is an important question to build a community, we must also work horizontally all together.

495 01:31:10.020 --> 01:31:11.880 Pascale Camus-Walter: For concerns of fake news.

496 01:31:13.590 --> 01:31:19.230 Pascale Camus-Walter: I met a proposition in an answer to the questions in the 11 questions.

497 01:31:20.460 --> 01:31:35.670 Pascale Camus-Walter: seven is a serious drop ins availability of contemporary quality sources and personally everybody knows fake news conspiracy theories and poor quality waiting fresh online.

498 01:31:36.270 --> 01:31:50.730 Pascale Camus-Walter: So I made a new proposition, according to Article to have the bios of the Wikimedia Foundation, I believe we can me over an engaged people around the world.

499 01:31:51.450 --> 01:32:19.140 Pascale Camus-Walter: Not only to collect, but also to develop educational content and a free license so I believe the time is perhaps coming for us to respond to a new demand creating free content to develop free knowledge and calling for new contributions in a great vicki a peer reviewed free online publication.

500 01:32:21.090 --> 01:32:30.390 Pascale Camus-Walter: I propose that because i'm a woman, I always three kids I had a job, but I was able to write a book and to write a big.

501 01:32:32.370 --> 01:32:46.470 Pascale Camus-Walter: teases of 400 pages, but I in dancing I wouldn't have been able to collaborate to Wikimedia projects intensively, because my time I had to.

502 01:32:48.030 --> 01:32:52.680 Pascale Camus-Walter: My time what was to manage differently so small slope.

503 01:32:53.820 --> 01:33:01.080 Pascale Camus-Walter: projects would be a solution to have more women, you know projects concerning.

504 01:33:02.250 --> 01:33:05.100 Pascale Camus-Walter: Because and vicki that up there are strong communities.

505 01:33:06.570 --> 01:33:10.740 Pascale Camus-Walter: But that is, this is a question we have to discuss together.

506 01:33:12.060 --> 01:33:19.980 Pascale Camus-Walter: Do we have different communities and the Foundation is providing for each community.

507 01:33:22.380 --> 01:33:26.190 Pascale Camus-Walter: forum means and money on.

508 01:33:28.110 --> 01:33:36.300 Pascale Camus-Walter: Do we think this is one Community zach Community dialoguing with somebody Wikimedia Foundation.

509 01:33:37.560 --> 01:33:48.360 Pascale Camus-Walter: Should we introduce diversity in parity project by project or for all platforms, this is not an easy question and we have to discuss it together.

510 01:33:49.200 --> 01:34:10.650 Pascale Camus-Walter: Concerning harassment and code of conduct, you know that I am very concerned by this I think it's a good product and it's going to work and to be implemented very well and minority languages, this is an interesting question because languages is always.

511 01:34:11.910 --> 01:34:14.730 Pascale Camus-Walter: A big concern, but we have very.

512 01:34:16.290 --> 01:34:29.880 Pascale Camus-Walter: Better technical possibilities to deal with them better minority will remain a minority it's just how conceive of the minority in a military, thank you very much.

513 01:34:33.840 --> 01:34:34.500 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: i'm.

514 01:34:35.010 --> 01:34:36.030 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: actually have item.

515 01:34:39.090 --> 01:34:40.770 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): i'd like to start with harassment.

516 01:34:40.860 --> 01:34:56.640 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): Because the last survey i'm aware of it was identified as the biggest obstacle to enter participation, and I think it might exacerbate some of the other problems like the gender gap and other representation issues.

517 01:34:57.750 --> 01:35:08.310 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): So I think the universal code of conduct is an excellent start my My only complaint so far is that I think it was ratified by the wrong group, I think that.

518 01:35:09.000 --> 01:35:29.400 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): Having a having a endorsed by the Wikimedia Foundation may have actually slowed down adoption, I think that people are pushing back against that as sort of a top down in position, I think the the correct body to ratify this is the one that doesn't exist, yet it will be the global Council.

519 01:35:30.570 --> 01:35:38.790 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): And so I would love to see that start so that they can they can take on this type of larger cross wiki project.

520 01:35:41.670 --> 01:35:53.490 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): Also for harassment, though, I think that the Foundation could make software changes they're already working on the IP addresses being exposed, which is inexcusable really.

521 01:35:54.990 --> 01:35:56.880 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): should have stopped a decade ago.

522 01:36:00.090 --> 01:36:09.570 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): And yeah another tiny example the the software can meet people to things like thanking one another, making that process easier.

523 01:36:13.200 --> 01:36:23.400 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): I think that the communities could play a much bigger role in socialization culture changes been mentioned that culture change doesn't just happen, it needs to be encouraged.

524 01:36:24.780 --> 01:36:28.890 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): The tea house is a good example of where mentorship and.

525 01:36:30.480 --> 01:36:41.250 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): Support between editors was able to improve retention editor retention, I think this might be the only thing that improved retention of all the experiments to try.

526 01:36:42.720 --> 01:36:45.420 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): So I would love to see many more tea houses.

527 01:36:49.830 --> 01:36:54.060 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): yeah to grow, the global South I think even mentioned it, by the way.

528 01:36:55.260 --> 01:37:02.190 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): In order to give people more decision making power, you can give them resources, so I would like to see that happen.

529 01:37:02.910 --> 01:37:14.190 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): in a big way I don't think however that the regional hub approach seems very promising to me, I think that that's just introducing one more level of hierarchy.

530 01:37:14.670 --> 01:37:20.910 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): I think the global Council makes sense, I think it's important, though, that the smaller communities have a way.

531 01:37:21.840 --> 01:37:30.120 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): Directly being heard I don't think that a small group, like some 21 Member global comfortable enough, I think, each condition.

532 01:37:31.080 --> 01:37:38.640 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): represented and just to point out why I think the regional health might be difficult if imagine we have regional hub for India.

533 01:37:39.240 --> 01:37:56.040 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): There is still be a controversy within that between, say brahman and w communities, and I believe that, because of the existing biases that drama TV will still dominate that we should all have so that wouldn't be adequate to get resources to the Community.

534 01:37:57.960 --> 01:38:09.030 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): On that no I love to talk about one of my platform points is to encourage the diaspora of knowledge, I think we're currently locked into this.

535 01:38:09.600 --> 01:38:21.480 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): encyclopedia project and the boundaries of the project or the tightly policed I would love to see an open wiki from start any project No no restrictions.

536 01:38:22.860 --> 01:38:27.150 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): I would say it doesn't even have to be open up knowledge project per se.

537 01:38:29.100 --> 01:38:41.910 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): But in include legal and safety support that's the universal across the board, so that all of these small wikis which could be schools, local historians activists other communities of practice.

538 01:38:42.510 --> 01:39:00.330 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): They can thrive in, and those are the updates for new editors are entirely cultures and just to briefly touch on minority languages i'm almost out of time, I think there's a problem we haven't discussed about the magnetism of the colonial languages mark Graham helped write.

539 01:39:01.380 --> 01:39:14.220 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): papers, showing that lots of people edit in languages other than their native language, possibly because they they know that those other reconfigures will be read more widely, so we need to look into this problem and see what can be done.

540 01:39:15.630 --> 01:39:17.280 Adam Wight [candidate] (they/he): To come out of time, so i'll stop there.

541 01:39:22.290 --> 01:39:23.880 Youngjin Ko (WMF): Thank you, thank you.

542 01:39:26.910 --> 01:39:27.240 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Thanks.

543 01:39:28.770 --> 01:39:29.250 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Victoria.

544 01:39:40.290 --> 01:39:43.530 Vicki Doronina: Yes, yes I switched it on the current.

545 01:39:44.670 --> 01:39:47.970 Vicki Doronina: Current structures of Wikimedia movement is that you have.

546 01:39:49.080 --> 01:40:07.860 Vicki Doronina: Wikimedia Foundation on top, and then we have affiliate owns a Brown, the problem is the dependent on the local rules it's not easy to create a create an affiliate So what we need our.

547 01:40:09.210 --> 01:40:16.020 Vicki Doronina: structures which are called hubs which would be regional representation on the phone day from.

548 01:40:16.950 --> 01:40:37.350 Vicki Doronina: And, for example in South Africa, we have a successful affiliate presented by Douglas and Z can disseminate knowledge on how to create affiliates and how to interact with Wikimedia Foundation as well.

549 01:40:38.430 --> 01:40:39.270 Vicki Doronina: So.

550 01:40:40.320 --> 01:40:53.820 Vicki Doronina: Concerning the fake news I think the the Wikipedia situation in North is not as dire as on social media because we comedians are.

551 01:40:54.690 --> 01:41:09.660 Vicki Doronina: prepared to fight fake news, and we know how to work with the sources and this is a strength of Wikipedia and if we can do outreach on.

552 01:41:10.560 --> 01:41:26.250 Vicki Doronina: Other blogs forums, I think it will increase was our reputation in in fighting fake news increase both our reputation and it will attract new people to the movement as well.

553 01:41:27.330 --> 01:41:36.420 Vicki Doronina: As for creating awareness of other projects, I propose to do a project.

554 01:41:37.920 --> 01:41:55.110 Vicki Doronina: Something like we have four months, where we promote the commons with competitions for images across Wikipedia Wikipedia in any language is usually a pleasure project but.

555 01:41:56.010 --> 01:42:18.330 Vicki Doronina: We need to do the same, we need to raise awareness of the other projects such as wiki source or dictionary, we should also do a separate weekend conference for these projects, because in global conference Wikimedia movement they usually get swamped.

556 01:42:19.380 --> 01:42:25.080 Vicki Doronina: In Wikipedia so the harassment is.

557 01:42:26.250 --> 01:42:27.240 Vicki Doronina: is difficult.

558 01:42:28.740 --> 01:42:32.970 Vicki Doronina: And I support the universal code of conduct.

559 01:42:34.230 --> 01:42:51.360 Vicki Doronina: But I think that we need to improve diversity of the project, we need to attract more women and minorities and then, when it's more than 90% male environment, it will be less harsh.

560 01:42:52.170 --> 01:43:08.940 Vicki Doronina: And here I want to answer the question which was in charge, and it was why there is not many women in been guided Wikipedia I think so, the new editors calm, but.

561 01:43:09.510 --> 01:43:23.070 Vicki Doronina: Most of them are male and there are two reasons for it first the wall in general, women everywhere, but especially in global South they have less resources to spares.

562 01:43:23.820 --> 01:43:36.960 Vicki Doronina: To a worthwhile project, but we should still hold it so you have a problem there and then the second Wednesday come it's a very harsh environment as all of us know.

563 01:43:37.650 --> 01:43:50.610 Vicki Doronina: And, most of them just cannot cannot survive in this world, so they try to add the encounter with hostility, especially if they indicate that the women.

564 01:43:51.060 --> 01:44:03.180 Vicki Doronina: And they leave, and I think this should be there should be a better outreach to the women's organizations and the should be a support.

565 01:44:03.690 --> 01:44:15.390 Vicki Doronina: And we should have like Wikipedia in residence, but not affiliated with libraries and museums, well, in addition to what we already have, as a successful Program.

566 01:44:16.860 --> 01:44:22.770 Vicki Doronina: But we competed, which is in wolf l leo's on with.

567 01:44:24.720 --> 01:44:26.400 Vicki Doronina: Female organizations, thank you.

568 01:44:28.950 --> 01:44:29.460 Youngjin Ko (WMF): Thank you.

569 01:44:32.160 --> 01:44:32.400 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Thanks.

570 01:44:34.200 --> 01:44:35.160 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: In line we have.

571 01:44:40.650 --> 01:44:44.220 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: I believe that I am loud enough to be the article.

572 01:44:44.910 --> 01:44:45.240 yeah.

573 01:44:47.160 --> 01:44:47.670 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: So.

574 01:44:48.000 --> 01:44:54.360 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: I would like to take the question about global South communities first and.

575 01:44:54.420 --> 01:45:02.400 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: My answer is supporting global code South communities to grow and provide an environment for leadership to grow in these communities.

576 01:45:02.730 --> 01:45:13.020 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: should not be seen as a charity act or attained guests are from Wikimedia Foundation side, I believe, global South hubs like South Asia.

577 01:45:13.920 --> 01:45:22.740 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: East Asia, South Asia East Asia Southeast Asia Pacific are like the diamond mines and gold mines for Wikimedia moment.

578 01:45:23.640 --> 01:45:28.440 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: There are great opportunities awaiting for global movement from global South.

579 01:45:29.130 --> 01:45:36.270 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: There are future global leaders who would make earnest contributions to the moment when given a chance, from these regions.

580 01:45:36.660 --> 01:45:43.560 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: From my experience, I can point out two major aspects, we need to deal with this in this regard, one.

581 01:45:44.160 --> 01:45:55.260 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: We need to be, we need to incubate a very good leadership and skill development program that should also be very good, as such, volunteers, should be able to put it in his resume.

582 01:45:56.100 --> 01:46:06.810 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: Such a strong leadership plus skill building program will develop more leaders from this area with the right skills that would fix the first issue second.

583 01:46:07.410 --> 01:46:15.780 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: Investing more systematically on retention and increasing number of active users in these in global South projects should be the next one.

584 01:46:16.200 --> 01:46:24.720 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: I have an experience in working in a wiki made a project, where there are only 25 active Wikimedia in any given time in the whole year.

585 01:46:25.590 --> 01:46:31.230 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: All of these people who attended this meeting our water station and who are working with comedians.

586 01:46:31.590 --> 01:46:42.540 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: We need to find better ways to bring people and retain them that would fix the second problem, so this is my idea in going forward with the global South Community thing.

587 01:46:42.870 --> 01:46:49.050 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: Along with all other points, there are many people told regarding decision making better decision making at regional level.

588 01:46:50.220 --> 01:46:55.170 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: that's the first answer, and the second one, I would like to take minority language Wikipedia.

589 01:46:56.190 --> 01:47:08.880 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: I am from a language which has 70 plus thousand articles and below 32 users, but there are eight crore people who speak the same language.

590 01:47:09.390 --> 01:47:17.820 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: This is the case with many other languages from this part of the world, I personally have a good understanding about the problems and opportunities in these languages.

591 01:47:18.300 --> 01:47:31.320 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: We need to have more resources and attention to grow these projects, we have to invest in training and skill building that results more letters from these language Wikipedia us who will tackle the problems of their Wikipedia eventually.

592 01:47:32.700 --> 01:47:43.980 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: Regarding the point of harassment, I would like to take the next I consider harassment is one of the major reason why our communities are not growing in numbers and also in diversity.

593 01:47:44.850 --> 01:47:51.090 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: As I wrote in my candidacy statement harassment is another major issue stopping our communities to grow on time.

594 01:47:51.660 --> 01:47:59.580 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: I witnessed some communities becoming dormant because of harassment and bullying and also could see how difficult it is to intervene from.

595 01:48:00.570 --> 01:48:15.270 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: Other government entities to support these communities, I believe your efforts to reduce harassment and make Community safe going going hand in hand with leadership and skill development programs, especially in regional and Community level.

596 01:48:16.350 --> 01:48:27.390 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: So finally regarding fake news we need to start working more to catch up with ongoing technology growth and understand the importance of critical and verifiable sources.

597 01:48:27.810 --> 01:48:34.530 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: That can offer legitimacy to the content, supporting skilled editors and admins with the tools.

598 01:48:35.370 --> 01:48:47.370 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: That will give our movement and edge in fixing this issue that's, the first thing, and the second one is in addition to that, we need to spend more resources and re sets in understanding the patterns of this shoe.

599 01:48:47.880 --> 01:49:01.980 Pavan Santhosh Surampudi: We have other large players in the whole field to collaborate with us in going forward so I stopped here, and I would like to publish my answers in the top page and I will give you the link Thank you.

600 01:49:04.410 --> 01:49:05.040 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Thanks phone.

601 01:49:06.510 --> 01:49:08.760 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Max we have the permission to.

602 01:49:13.440 --> 01:49:13.770 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: Go.

603 01:49:15.480 --> 01:49:16.200 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: Can you hear me well.

604 01:49:16.830 --> 01:49:17.790 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: yeah we can hear you.

605 01:49:18.900 --> 01:49:19.530 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: Okay, thank you.

606 01:49:20.760 --> 01:49:25.290 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: For joining late, I will also give me a give a quick introduction about myself, I am ravi.

607 01:49:25.650 --> 01:49:34.980 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: ravi dreams from terminal Wikipedia I joined as a graduate student and I started editing Wikipedia I was a graduate student in 2005.

608 01:49:35.700 --> 01:49:53.610 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: and, later on, I went on to service the program director of Wikimedia India and as the head of strategic partnerships for the Wikimedia Foundation so as this meeting is about meeting the people from Asia region, I think my experience of reading the questions here that we.

609 01:49:54.750 --> 01:49:57.510 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: have left your answer only select persons because of the time constraint.

610 01:49:58.500 --> 01:50:05.250 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: Regarding the question how we will give more crucial role for the global South communities in the decision making process at the moment.

611 01:50:05.880 --> 01:50:17.400 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: I believe we have to be need to have reservations that is also called affirmative action without allotting certain seats for women are certain people certain seeds for people of color.

612 01:50:17.790 --> 01:50:19.920 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: and certain seeds for different regions of the world.

613 01:50:20.580 --> 01:50:27.210 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: I strongly believe it is impossible to achieve me diversity, so I will advocate for associations and all kind of decision making.

614 01:50:27.780 --> 01:50:37.650 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: And to grow, the global communities my whole work has been regarding that one specific program is called the project title, which I work as a.

615 01:50:38.100 --> 01:50:56.190 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: Wikimedia Foundation stop they partnered with Google and gave laptops free Internet connection for a long time editors it was one of the most successful programs, and it has been rolled out across 10 countries now, so I believe the mission of the moment, face, we have to.

616 01:50:57.390 --> 01:51:11.790 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: Give free knowledge for every one of the world, but we are also asking the people to produce the film I think it's not fair for smaller communities which have social, economic and political constraints, so I will advocate for empowering the communities in any way possible.

617 01:51:13.230 --> 01:51:15.510 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: That would be my commitment, if I join.

618 01:51:15.840 --> 01:51:16.350 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: The conversation.

619 01:51:17.520 --> 01:51:21.540 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: And as as it is concerning the growth of other projects.

620 01:51:21.990 --> 01:51:23.460 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: have been contribute to the.

621 01:51:23.880 --> 01:51:31.530 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: dictionary, and also to the key source projects, specifically in India around 2016 I worked with other.

622 01:51:31.980 --> 01:51:34.410 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: transform the company community and the Community.

623 01:51:34.890 --> 01:51:38.370 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: And we grew the Indian language, because those products to have up to.

624 01:51:38.460 --> 01:51:40.530 Recto Jr. Ruiz: 1 million pages and research.

625 01:51:41.100 --> 01:51:42.300 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: That was possible because.

626 01:51:42.330 --> 01:51:44.220 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: We collaborated with them institutions like.

627 01:51:44.280 --> 01:51:45.870 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: Universities libraries.

628 01:51:46.320 --> 01:51:49.230 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: And the government there's plenty of content available.

629 01:51:49.500 --> 01:51:54.600 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: That can be acquired from these institutions and that can be transferred to the to the Community.

630 01:51:54.630 --> 01:51:58.020 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: projects, so I will strongly advocate to focus in glam politics.

631 01:51:58.410 --> 01:52:00.060 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: Rather than burning the Community.

632 01:52:00.420 --> 01:52:08.070 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: With these words they're also believe that the products we have be dictionary or with resource, they are not packaged where.

633 01:52:08.100 --> 01:52:08.700 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: they're only.

634 01:52:09.900 --> 01:52:11.670 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: designed for production of content.

635 01:52:11.850 --> 01:52:16.080 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: But not for distribution of content that is a strong realistic for free ebooks.

636 01:52:16.860 --> 01:52:18.840 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: That is a strong demand for.

637 01:52:18.900 --> 01:52:26.820 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: Three, which is three dictionaries and we're not packaging them in the proper format so as a board member and the sound advocate for.

638 01:52:26.880 --> 01:52:28.650 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: Technical solutions wherever possible.

639 01:52:28.740 --> 01:52:31.470 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: going to solve a musician harassment issue.

640 01:52:31.860 --> 01:52:32.760 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: and also to take.

641 01:52:32.790 --> 01:52:33.510 Other projects.

642 01:52:35.850 --> 01:52:37.080 Ravishankar Ayyakkannu: that's all thank.

643 01:52:41.610 --> 01:52:46.110 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Thankfully, we have the last item intended Douglas.

644 01:52:48.930 --> 01:53:00.690 Douglas Ian Scott: Thank you i'm going to answer these questions in the order that they presented here and i'm going to try and be short and concise and pointed as possible because i'm the last person i'm sure we're all tired.

645 01:53:01.830 --> 01:53:15.480 Douglas Ian Scott: So the first question about supporting the growth of global South communities my experience and trying to grow, the global South community in Africa, for the past seven or more years now.

646 01:53:17.190 --> 01:53:25.680 Douglas Ian Scott: has led me to conclude that there are Oh yes, show stop my video is limited to conclude that there are essentially three things.

647 01:53:27.240 --> 01:53:34.500 Douglas Ian Scott: That should be done, or they can be done, and they should be done all at the same time, and this is in addition to supporting the global spoke model that have model.

648 01:53:36.210 --> 01:53:46.800 Douglas Ian Scott: Those three things are outreach supporting Wikipedia zero and supporting Community growth and by outreach I mean.

649 01:53:47.850 --> 01:53:57.300 Douglas Ian Scott: A lot of people in emerging countries are not aware of what Wikipedia is what Wikipedia does and raising awareness of the justin's Wikipedia.

650 01:53:58.320 --> 01:54:15.510 Douglas Ian Scott: The existence that Wikipedia often exists in their own language and how Wikipedia works and that they can edit Wikipedia as well, is very simple, because it's just a lot of there's a lot of lack of awareness strong lack of awareness in many parts of the world about a project.

651 01:54:17.040 --> 01:54:23.640 Douglas Ian Scott: Especially in emerging countries that has been especially in southern Africa that's been my experience with regards with P zero.

652 01:54:25.620 --> 01:54:29.460 Douglas Ian Scott: A big barrier for people participating in our movement and accessing knowledge.

653 01:54:30.270 --> 01:54:39.840 Douglas Ian Scott: has been the financial barrier of accessing that information and the most accessible means in many parts of the world has been through mobile phones.

654 01:54:40.290 --> 01:54:50.970 Douglas Ian Scott: And Wikipedia 00 rating and and eliminating the cost as much as possible access and female of accessing Wikipedia of accessing all the other.

655 01:54:51.990 --> 01:54:54.960 Douglas Ian Scott: Projects Wikipedia projects out there is very important.

656 01:54:56.490 --> 01:55:00.960 Douglas Ian Scott: And bikes want to Community growth which my third and final one, and this question.

657 01:55:01.710 --> 01:55:16.380 Douglas Ian Scott: I mean, supporting the growth of the encouraging new people to join our community of editors so people will come to our projects when there's good content on those projects, but in order to be able to come to for the good content to be created.

658 01:55:16.680 --> 01:55:20.610 Douglas Ian Scott: We need a Community of creators and so supporting the.

659 01:55:21.870 --> 01:55:28.920 Douglas Ian Scott: Increasing resources to encourage the support of the growth of these communities of editors is important.

660 01:55:30.480 --> 01:55:32.760 Douglas Ian Scott: For question number two on fake news.

661 01:55:35.130 --> 01:55:40.530 Douglas Ian Scott: So i've also been working with us on this question for a while now here in South Africa and.

662 01:55:41.070 --> 01:55:48.450 Douglas Ian Scott: also experienced the issue of fake news quite a lot here and i've been working with other NGOs and i'm trying to resolve this and the first.

663 01:55:49.260 --> 01:56:00.360 Douglas Ian Scott: issue is to recognize that this is a problem we all recognize it as a problem and white in the wider world, but it is also problem on Wikipedia it's a problem on many different versions of Wikipedia and and.

664 01:56:01.680 --> 01:56:20.880 Douglas Ian Scott: related projects and the second one is reinforcing those aspects of our of our communities culture Wikipedia culture that have been very good and fighting for fake news and disinformation and misinformation and this is things like our strong.

665 01:56:22.110 --> 01:56:28.380 Douglas Ian Scott: Reliance on reliable references good referencing practices, as well as the neutral point of view.

666 01:56:30.420 --> 01:56:40.260 Douglas Ian Scott: And then help the Community develop identify the problem and develop solutions to the problem, so the Foundation can't decree.

667 01:56:40.800 --> 01:56:51.780 Douglas Ian Scott: To the Community what the solution is the solution really got to come from the Community in the Foundation roles to support the Community and coming up with a solution and implementing that solution.

668 01:56:52.980 --> 01:56:55.020 Douglas Ian Scott: With regards to the.

669 01:56:56.820 --> 01:57:01.920 Douglas Ian Scott: The third question on creating awareness of Wikimedia projects, other than Wikipedia.

670 01:57:03.150 --> 01:57:07.410 Douglas Ian Scott: I think, with projects like wiki spore are very good, very positive.

671 01:57:07.920 --> 01:57:18.030 Douglas Ian Scott: And that's an example of a Community centered approach to coming up with solution, I think that is the answer it again just from my previous answer.

672 01:57:18.360 --> 01:57:30.570 Douglas Ian Scott: I think the solution here is for the Foundation to give support to the Community support the Community to identify the problems and come up with solutions and then support them implementing solutions.

673 01:57:33.030 --> 01:57:34.260 Douglas Ian Scott: For the first question.

674 01:57:35.520 --> 01:57:38.970 Douglas Ian Scott: On harassment on Wikipedia and other Wikipedia communities.

675 01:57:40.950 --> 01:57:49.410 Douglas Ian Scott: harassment is a problem and it's when we must we must always be vigilant about fighting and I support the.

676 01:57:49.440 --> 01:57:51.840 Youngjin Ko (WMF): code of contents I messed up.

677 01:57:53.280 --> 01:57:53.820 Douglas Ian Scott: Thank you.

678 01:57:58.770 --> 01:58:00.690 Youngjin Ko (WMF): he's all right, this is all.

679 01:58:00.750 --> 01:58:13.260 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Things that i'm and I think that's all of the candidates that we have attending the meeting thank everyone that has been an interesting, the question I like to hand out to run the control.

680 01:58:14.700 --> 01:58:14.910 RamzyM (WMF): yeah.

681 01:58:16.200 --> 01:58:25.890 RamzyM (WMF): Thank you Krishna before we wrap up this meeting, I want to bring to your attention to three things first, in addition to the life answers that candidates have provided.

682 01:58:26.400 --> 01:58:42.900 RamzyM (WMF): In this meeting, several has also provided additional answers at this meeting pitch and Meta so candidates feel free to expand your answer there, there is one to feel free to engage or us and participants feel free to engage or us clarification from the candidates their.

683 01:58:44.070 --> 01:58:54.600 RamzyM (WMF): Second, the next and final meaning of the word candidates will be happening in August one at 12 utc focus for Community communities.

684 01:58:55.200 --> 01:59:07.560 RamzyM (WMF): In the Americas so feel free to register and participate to that fit your times and, finally, the folding eligibility and mechanism for the election is available in in full at Meta now.

685 01:59:08.400 --> 01:59:20.820 RamzyM (WMF): check whether you are eligible to vote and how you can vote at the beach, so the voting will start from for August and ends on the 17th of August, so thank you for all the candidates and participants who attended this meeting.

686 01:59:21.870 --> 01:59:26.400 RamzyM (WMF): Wherever you are, we wish you a good day and stay safe, thank you.

687 01:59:26.970 --> 01:59:28.020 Raavi Mohanty: Thanks, thank you.

688 01:59:29.700 --> 01:59:30.270 Pascale Camus-Walter: Thank you.

689 01:59:30.480 --> 01:59:32.010 Youngjin Ko (WMF): One all right, thank you.

690 01:59:32.730 --> 01:59:33.330 Dariusz Jemielniak (he/him): Thank you.