Wikimedia Foundation Board noticeboard/Wikimedia Foundation Board Statement on Wikimedia Enterprise revenue principles

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation.

The Board has followed the community conversation about Enterprise with interest. Thank you all for engaging in a productive conversation. As Board members, we reaffirm our support for the Wikimedia Enterprise project, and in particular the following principles relating to its future revenue.

First, the Board sees Wikimedia Enterprise as a supplemental revenue stream, not meant to replace fundraising as the primary way the Wikimedia Foundation is funded. To that end, revenue generated by the Wikimedia Foundation from commercial activities, like Enterprise, will not surpass 30% of the Foundation's total revenue in a fiscal year. The Foundation and Wikimedia Enterprise will not seek commercial revenue beyond that 30% limit. This is in line with advice from the Foundation’s auditors regarding the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) limits on commercial revenue earned by public charities. Additionally, revenue from Enterprise remains under the oversight of the Wikimedia Foundation. There are no plans to earmark profits from Enterprise for any specific program or for the Wikimedia Endowment.

Second, the Board sees the Gift Policy as a model for Board oversight and transparency for Wikimedia Enterprise revenue. The Wikimedia Enterprise team will notify the Board of all agreements expected to generate revenue in excess of $250,000 USD annually and allow the Board to raise concerns, should Board members have any. This is consistent with how the Wikimedia Foundation treats large corporate donations.

Finally, the Board perceives Enterprise as a step towards treating corporations, and being treated by them, more fairly. Large corporations, which rely on Wikimedia services heavily, and so far have not adequately contributed back, will have a clear way to do so; while smaller organisations, with fewer technical resources, will be able to get high quality service that they would not be able to obtain otherwise.

Thank you again for your engagement in the conversation about Enterprise. It is gratifying to see this new source of support for Wikimedia projects and movement taking form.

Best regards,

antanana / NTymkiv (WMF) (talk)

Acting Chair, Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees