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فيما يلي مخطط العملية والجدول الزمني لـ مشروع العلامة للحركة 2030. يتضمن الأنشطة التي ستقام في كل مرحلة. ستضاف التفاصيل إلى كل مرحلة مع تقدم العملية. It includes activities that will happen at each phase. Details will be added to each phase as the process advances.

[[File:Brand Project Timeline Overview (October 2020 update).pdf|800px|thumb|center|Brand Project Timeline Overview (October 2020 update)]]

July–December 2019

Planning the process that is aligned with the set objectives and goals.


Phase 1: Concept Development (completed)

Recap of concept workshop in Oslo, January 2020.
Recap of concept workshop in Bengaluru, February 2020.

January–April 2020

Series of in-person workshops and online activities to generate a unified concept that will guide work throughout the project. Community members develop concepts that represent what the Wikimedia movement means to them. Community members are then invited to give feedback on those concepts. Feedback is used to create one unified concept that captures the most important themes.


  • Three concept workshops, with community members from around the world, cohosted with the project design partner, Snøhetta:
    • Oslo workshop – 13–16 January. Report
    • Online workshop – 4–6 February. Report
    • Bengaluru workshop – 17–20 February. Report
  • Movement-wide opportunities for input (online activities):
    • Concept exercise #1: What does free knowledge mean to you? Participation through Snøhetta's website or on the talk page. Exercise, Report
    • Concept exercise #2: "Who are we?" Which concept(s) best represent the Wikimedia movement? Participation through Snøhetta's website or on the talk page. Exercise, Report
    • Community-run Request for Comments on "Should the Foundation call itself Wikipedia". RfC, Report Resolved: It is not acceptable for the Foundation to call itself Wikipedia.
    • Community discussion of the project on wikimedia-l (thread "Brand Project: Who are we as a movement?")
    • Concept exercise #3: Visualizing interconnection. Participation through Snøhetta's website or on the talk page. Exercise
  • Presentation of the unified concept, interconnection, which will be a guiding idea for upcoming work. Video presentation available on Commons and YouTube. Blog post, Report

Phase 2: Naming Convention Proposal

June–September 2020

The unified concept is used, along with other concepts and themes identified in feedback throughout the process, to develop naming convention proposals for the movement. The proposals are shared with the communities for feedback. Communities are asked in particular to evaluate the proposals against the Movement Branding Criteria, surfaced in the 2019 community review. One proposal is selected and refined.


  • Discuss naming with the Board of Trustees at their 22 May meeting.
  • Live presentation of naming convention proposals on 16 June. Blog post, Report
  • Office hours: 23 June at 16:30 UTC, 26 June at 0:00 UTC.
  • Movement-wide call for feedback 16 June-7 July. Participation on Meta and through surveys.
  • Community-run straw poll on naming issues. Poll
  • Board meetings on 24, 28 and 30 September to review renaming work.
  • Release raw data from surveys; release report on naming data.


Phase 3: Design Proposal

To be determined with Board guidance

The refined naming convention proposal is used to develop a design proposal rooted in the unified concept, the research, the movement's 2030 goals and the communities' needs. The proposed brand system–the design proposal together with the refined naming convention proposal–is shared with the communities for feedback, after which it is further refined.

Phase 4: Final refinement and style guides

To be determined with Board guidance

The design elements, assets and tools go through final development and refinement.

They are made available for everyone in the movement to view and, if approved, to use.

This phase culminates with the presentation of the full proposal to the Wikimedia Foundation leadership and Board of Trustees.

Post-project: Adopt and advance brand (pending approval from the Board of Trustees and executive leadership)

To be determined with Board guidance (ongoing support provided)

Organizational implementation: adoption by the Foundation with opt-in system for affiliates.