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See File:WMF 20072008 Annual report. high resolution.pdf for the final version of the document.

I'm creating this page as a place where we can start putting together the 2007-08 Wikimedia Foundation annual report. Please feel free to help :-)

Sue Gardner 01:24, 28 February 2008 (UTC)

General Parameters:

  • It covers July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008.
  • It's aimed at a general audience: readers, donors, partners, etc.
  • Please help fill it in - especially the “Accomplishments” and “Human stories” sections, as well as "Interesting Facts." For Accomplishments, I think the following are the kind of thing we should be looking for: the Wikipedia Academies in South Africa, the launch of “Selection for Schools” with SOS Children UK, the 2mth article in English Wikipedia, etc.
  • Good, relevant photos are welcome.
  • It’s okay if we end up with too much material; we’ll cull it later.
  • We will finalize and officially release the report in fall 2008, once the 2007-08 audit financial statements are ready.

Message from the Chair of the Board of TrusteesEdit

<to come in June; should summarize 07-08 in narrative form, and look ahead to 08-09, from the perspective of the board>

Message from the Executive DirectorEdit

<to come in June; should summarize 07-08 in narrative form, and look ahead to 08-09, from the perspective of the ED>

Who We Are and What We DoEdit

<this should be a fairly brief but comprehensive description of the organization and its activities; should include a brief descriptor of each project plus the logos>

Interesting FactsEdit

<this should just be kind of fun, I think: some of the many interesting things people may not know about the projects - e.g., number of languages, encyclopedia size comparisons, etc.>

Board of TrusteesEdit

<just names, photos, etc.>


<names, photos, etc., and possibly an org chart>

Vision, Mission, ValuesEdit

<the official text>


<bulleted list of 07-08 goals>

Key AccomplishmentsEdit

<covering July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008> <probably should be a bulleted list, or a series of short paragraphs> <should focus on realworld impact tied to our goals: such as, Wikipedia Academies that we staged, or major accomplishments in the projects such as new traffic/content milestones or distribution deals, etc. Should include numbers and other hard data where possible. I think this list should include accomplishments that were purely volunteer-driven; e.g., things done without Foundation staff involvement. I also think chapters should include their accomplishments here if they want.>

Human stories of impactEdit

< I would like to find a better title for this ;-), but the idea is that we should find 3-7 really good stories of how our work has made people’s real lives better; should reflect our values, so for example we should have stories from all over the world, not just North America and Europe>

Financial StatementsEdit

<this is the piece that will hold up release of the report: usually it’ll mean we can’t finalize until a few months after the fiscal year ends – let’s say, fall 2008)

Donor ListEdit

<some list of major benefactors, I don’t know yet what form this should take or who should be included>

How you can helpEdit

<text or bulleted list laying out the many ways to contribute – e.g., the various types of volunteer help we encourage, how to donate financially, how to partner with us, etc.)