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Wikimedia Deutschland promotes Free Knowledge in various ways. We support volunteer communities like the Wikipedia community, we develop software for Wikimedia projects and the ecosystem of Free Knowledge, and we want to improve the political and legal frameworks for Wikipedia and for Free Knowledge in general. Our programmatic work is guided by seven long-term strategies, which we have grouped into the fields of action Volunteers, Technology and Parameters for Free Knowledge. We regularly review our strategies in order to adapt them to new developments.

One of these developments is the implementation of the 2030 Movement Strategy published in 2020. The strategic direction and recommendations represent a significant cultural and structural shift for our Movement. The Movement will grow in knowledge and people through greater equity, diversity and inclusion, and increase its relevance and sustainability. As a historically privileged, well resourced chapter, we take responsibility and actively contribute to the implementation of this strategy, together with other Movement actors.

Strategies for our Programmatic Work edit



Cooperation with the Communities edit

Wikimedia Germany actively supports and accompanies our community in welcoming and integrating volunteers and adopting new technologies and formats. We actively initiate developments.

A Vital Community edit

We help ensure that new volunteers strengthen the Wikipedia community in the long term.



Wikidata edit

We develop and establish Wikidata as a central platform in the network of open, linked, structured data.

Wikibase Ecosystem edit

Wikibase is easy to use as a stand-alone solution even without prior technical experience. It is used by various organisations to store, process and exchange data.

Innovation Engine edit

We bring our international movement forward by regularly developing innovative products and services that are used within Wikimedia projects.

Parameters for Free Knowledge


Political Frameworks edit

We bring about political changes at various levels and help to shape them.

Institutional Practice edit

We work to ensure that institutions and other social actors contribute to a free and diverse knowledge commons.