Wikimedia Conference 2018/Program/16

16. Sharing approaches on partnerships with grassroots movements


Alice Baker (Wikimedia NYC/AfroCrowd), Mariana Fossatti (Wikimedia Uruguay), Carmen Alcázar (Wikimedia México), Gayane Vardanyan (Wikimedia Armenia)

Length (min)


Audience / Target group

everyone interested in working with grassroots movements

Session Format

Every speaker has 10 min presentation, followed by 5 min Q&A.


Among participants of the Wikimedia Conference 2018, there is a strong wish to learn more about partnerships with grassroots movements.

4 speakers showing and explaining their approach, starting with the broadest and ending with 1-2 very specific ones. Every speaker has 3 template slides, filled with they have learned, what are the challenges/limitations of their approach, what the movement could learn from it.

Desired Outcome

Inspiration and more Wikimedians that work with grassroots movements

  • Alice Backer, Wikimedia New York City / AfroCrowd
    We see cultural preservation groups and the people orbiting around them as our main partners. Tips: Try to have one GLAM partner (for space) and one cultural/grassroots group partner whose mission aligns with the theme of each editathon (for people); Connecting with cultural groups may mean talking at their conferences, even if editing cannot happen until later event.
  • Mariana Fossatti, Wikimedia Uruguay
    Wikimedia Uruguay is co-organizing thematic edit-a-thons in partnership with feminists, afro-descendants and human rights organizations. Tips: Meet regularly with partners, as frequently as possible, because in many cases, they don't usually organize events through online collaboration tools: face-to-face consensus building is important; The own culture of the grassroots movements is a central part of the event (not just our Wikipedian culture): let's make room for talks, artistic shows, celebrations and other activities beyond the edition.
  • Carmen Alcázar, Wikimedia México
    Editatona, a project to reduce Gender Gap in Wikimedia. Tips: Hack the current models; Find your regional issues and plan your own initiatives.
  • Gayane Vardanyan, Wikimedia Armenia
    Partnership with Medical museum run by an individual, Birthright Armenia, Armenian Volunteer Bank. Tips: Cooperation with small organizations is quick and less bureaucratic; First understand your needs and look for capacities outside of the Movement.
  • Olga Viota, Ester Bonet, Wikimujeres
    A Partnership with Geochicas Group, project that combines data from OSM and Wikipedia. Tips: If we have more visual and friendly presentations we can reach out to other people; Women who don’t know how work with Wikipedia or OSM can be interested if we show data.

See links to Further reading in the slides.