Wikimedia Conference 2015/Programme team

The programme team for the Wikimedia Conference 2015 is a volunteer-led group soliciting input and selecting proposals for content and activities during the Wikimedia Conference 2015 event in Berlin, Germany.

Team mandate


The team is tasked with:

  1. Getting input from Wikimedia affiliates, and the Wikimedia Foundation (including its Affiliations Committee), on what topics would most merit discussion or resolution at the rare (and expensive!) face-to-face opportunity this event offers.
  2. Ranking or prioritizing the input, applying its best judgment, to select a small group of topics or questions to address
  3. Coming up with suitable activities, session formats, and/or invited speakers to effectively address or discuss the chosen topics and questions

This is all much harder than it sounds. The main challenges are low participation, vague inputs, and lack of timely response from prospective speakers.

Still sounds like something you'd be interested in doing? Please volunteer below!



The team is now assembled; it will hold a video conference to establish a process, divide work, and schedule additional calls.

The target should be a complete programme (subject to change) by mid-February at the latest, to allow affiliates time to discuss topics internally and to prepare their delegates to maximize effectiveness during the face-to-face meeting.

(details to be added following first team call.)

Kickoff meeting


First meeting Monday, December 1st, 2014

Tentative agenda:

  • process planning for programme team
  • preparation of a timeline
  • division of labor
  • scheduling next calls

Kickoff meeting summary


(captured by James Hare), see also

  • Potential conference subjects: capacity-building, orientation for newcomers, chapters dialogue, strategy process, program monitoring, fundraising.
  • Potential formats: workshops, two-way learning/exchange between small and large orgs, knowledge transfer, structured conversation based on brief talks, concrete questions, networking opportunities, icebreakers/orientation
  • Goal for each session: Come up with actionable items

Given that there already was the board governance survey and the organizational effectiveness tool surveying is ongoing, it is unlikely additional surveying (by this committee) of chapters is going to yield useful information. This also isn’t the first Wikimedia Conference ever, and the needs of 2015 are likely to be very similar to the needs of 2014. It may be useful then to think in more operational terms.

  • Given limited time and resources, what are our priorities? What programming will have the largest material benefit for our audience, who are largely Wikimedia board members, officers, and staff?
  • What is our goal for each priority? How will we know if we’ve achieved that goal?

Second meeting

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014, 18:00 UTC



Team members


The team has self-assembled, for the lack of any other established process. Note: serving on the committee does not guarantee participation in the event.





Andreas Karsten


Andreas migrates between research, journalism and facilitation in his work with non-profit organisations and civil society movements on organisational change, conflict mediation, knowledge management and common sense. He manages the team of Youth Policy Labs, a young think tank in Berlin, Germany, and will join the Conference in Berlin for the second time as a facilitator.

Anna Lena Schiller


Anna Lena is a freelance facilitator who has been working with groups and teams since studying leadership and social innovation at the KaosPilots in Denmark. She has worked with a broad number of non-profit and volunteer organizations on national and international level and frequently uses visuals to support her facilitation and make insights more visible. Anna Lena lives in Hamburg, Germany and will join the Conference in Berlin for the fourth time as a facilitator.

Program and Engangement Coordinator

  • To support the participants and speakers and liaise with the program team throughout the year, WMDE will work with a Program and Engagement Coordinator for the first time in 2015.