Wikimedia Conference 2014/Documentation/16

16 Affiliations Committee session

AffCom session

tl;dr: "Movement partner" affiliation is on the way. AffCom wants to support Affiliates even after their recognition.

Notes edit

  1. Introduction of committee members
  2. Intro to what the AffCom does
  3. Questions:
What is the AffCom's vision for the future?
  • they are in the middle of figuring out just that
  • would like to nurture the affiliates and be the link between the board and the community, provide support and make sure everyone is on the same page as far as the future of the movements goes
  • fill the white spaces on the map (the 'how' is secondary)
  • AffCom are working on a handbook and are asking for participation and assitance
What would the audience like the AffCom to do?
  • build affiliates that help to solve problems
  • facilitate dialogue between chapters!
  • integrate suggestions from the Chapters' Dialogue
  • take UserGroups seriously
  • have open meetings, forums etc. (some people don't even know AffCom exists)
What about UserGroups that are not tied to a certrain area (e.g. Esperanto)?
  • model itself is very flexible
  • if you have a common purpose it doesn't matter where you are (except when it comes to legal questions...)
  • AffCom would like to come up with best practises for applicants
What would AffCom like affiliates/community to do?
  • utilize liaisons (two-way communication!)
  • affiliates should utilize committee's blog!
  • if affiliates don't know how to promote their projects they should turn to AffCom for help
  • don't want people to feel discouraged of sharing failures
  • Ask them questions!
  • they are unhappy with being seen as a villain - they are members of the community as well - they also make mistakes - talk to them, they can't read your minds
  • will try to improve transparancy and visibility
  • if you think you can help or support the AffCom in any way please do! Share your experiences and failures!
  • Contact them at
  • Would the community like the AffCom to take on more WCA responsibilities?
  • AffCom know that they have to change the way they approach and reach out to affiliates/community!
  • Promoting Chapters Planet!