Wikimedia Community User Group Namibia

Wikimedia Community User Group Namibia is a user group of Wikimedia projects contributors who have been meeting in Windhoek since January 2022 serving to extend the reach of Wikimedia activities in the country.

Community User Group

Location Namibia
Country codeNA
Official language(s)English,Kuanyama, Ndonga
Other language(s)Afrikaans, Herero
Key peopleMartin Hipangwa(talk)

Shikoha Tautiko(talk)

Suzeen Simon (talk)
FacebookWikimedia User Group Namibia

The aim of this group is to create awareness for Wikimedia and its projects and thus bring new volunteers on board, and help them to understand the benefits of Wikimedia in our country. We want to improve and add contents to Wikimedia projects.


  • Our first objective is to update the history, the art, the culture of our country by sharing free knowledge to any person regardless of their language or location.
  • The group will play the roles of hosting different events such as Workshops to extend and improve the reach of Wikimedia projects.
  • We will collaborate with volunteers in lecturer clubs of some high schools in the aim of contributing in writing articles.
  • Organizing workshops to train Namibians on how they can contribute to Wikimedia projects.
  • Creating partners to extend the course of Wikimedia in Namibia.
  • Recruiting volunteers mostly in lecturer clubs of some high schools.



At WikiIndaba conference 2021 hosted by Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda in November 2021 gathered volunteers all over the African community based of Wikimedia movement vision 2030. As the only attendee from Namibia, I was fascinated by participants from different community user groups and different countries. From that I get to know each other and work together as Africans to make in place the movement of Wikimedia in Africa and try to achieve the Wikimedia vision 2030. I then started with engaging other librarians in Namibia, especially those that have participated in #1rib1ref #WikiAfLibs campaigns, so that we can also update the Namibian Content on Wikipedia. With the technical support from User:Ndahiro derrick, a Wikimedian from Wikimedia Community User Group Rwanda, in February 2022, I applied for a grant that was approved in March, with a hope to raise awareness on Wikimedia work and editing Wikipedia as well as to train Namibian youth on how to edit Wikipedia. This project will start in April and it will goes until June 2022.

Completed Projects


Throughout our existence, we carried out several projects as listed below.

2022 Activities & Projects


June-November 2022

Awareness and Edit-a-thon 2022

The aim of the this project is to create awareness of Wikimedia Projects to Namibians, specifically to unemployed graduates. Train them how to contribute, with focus on Namibian articles, and other Wikimedia projects, and bring volunteers together to contribute and increase the number of articles on Namibia through translations.

Timeline: The Awareness and Edit-a-thon.

Start for entries: 04 April 2022 00:01 (UTC) Deadline for entries: 03 June 2022 23:59 (UTC)#

You can view our photographic collection here:

View our Report:

2023 Activities & Projects




Wiki Loves Africa in Namibia,

We had Wiki Loves Africa 2023 as the 1st edition in Namibia from the March-April 2023, the 2023 theme was "Climate and Weather". We had several special training delivered by professional photographers to level up our skills and improve our photography skills.

You can view our photographic collection here:

View our Report:

Women in Red in Namibia

We held an edit-a-thon on Women in Red Namibia as the 1st edition in Namibia from the January 2023-Februry 2023. Our aim was to improve Namibian women articles, create new articles and change them from red to blue.

View the edit-a-thon dashboard:

View the report here:

2024 Activities & Projects




Wiki Loves Folklore in Namibia,

We will as the 1st edition of Wiki Love Folklore in Namibia, From February to March 2024.We will have special trainings, photo hunts and upload sessions. Project Lead:Shikoha Tautiko(talk)

Wiki Loves Africa in Namibia


We will be having our second edition of Wiki Loves Africa from March to May 2024.

Project Lead: Martin Hipangwa(talk)

Planned/ Upcoming Events

  • Wiki Loves Folklore- February-March 2024
  • Wiki Loves Africa 2024 in Namibia- March- April 2024
  • Wikidata Training- 03 May 2024
  • #1Lib1Ref Campaign- May 2024
  • AfroCreatives WikiProject - May 2024 - July 2024

Key Contact personels

  1. MartinHipangwa (
  2. ShikohaTautiko (
  3. SuzeenSimon (

We can be reached on this email:

Interested in participating

  1. Martin Hipangwa(talk)
  2. Shikoha Tautiko(talk)
  3. Suzeen Simon (talk) 10:09, 23 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]
  4. Dumbassman (talk) 15:37, 8 September 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  5. User:pgallert
  6. Lady Nepela
  7. Pekondjelo Himufe
  8. Justina Panduleni
  9. Ilka Nghinamupika
  10. Ndatipo1998
  11. Nhinda
  12. Frieda Lukilebi
  13. User:Joe Tjiho
  14. Tangitate
  15. Namibaxab
  16. Maria Beatrics
  17. Lituleni
  18. Gwasheya
  19. Vronmikah2024
  20. Paulina on earth