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This is the wikipage for the Wikimedia user group of Ethiopia

The Wikimedia Planning User Group Ethiopia is a Wikimedia user group serving Wikimedians in the Ethiopia. It hosts edit-a-thons and events to promote Wikimedia projects in Ethiopia.


The main objectives of WCUGE are to:

  • organize public outreach activities on national level
  • act as a hub for Ethiopian Wikimedians
  • collaborate with the wider international Wikimedia community
  • Help people in Ethiopia learn how to edit Wikimedia projects
  • Organize in-person gatherings of Wikimedians in Ethiopia


  • Edit-a-thons for Wikipedia, Wikisource, and Wikidata in Ethiopia
  • Promote editing of Wikiland content on Wikimedia projects
  • Trainings around Ethiopia on how to edit Wikimedia projects
  • Workshops for developing edition skills for Wikimedia projects


  • Organized a Wikimedia workshop on May 2016


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