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Wikimedia Chat ( je sustav za tekstualne razgovore Wikimedijanaca u (skoro) realnom vremenu, u razdjeljenim tematskim nitima i bez korištenja komercijalnih usluga kao što su Slack, Facebook ili Microsoft Teams. Riječ je o instalaciji sustava Mattermost softwarea otvorenog koda na [CloudVPS];

Poruke će se zadržati do 90 dana usljed WM Cloud policy ograničenja. Pridruživanje je kroz poziv postojećih članova u ovoj inicijalnoj beta test fazi.

It is part of the Wikimedia Social Suite and is an installation of the Mattermost open source software system on Wikimedia CloudVPS; messages will stay there for 90 days due to WM Cloud policy, and membership is by invitation from an existing member for the initial beta testing stage.

Tehnička dokumentacija se može naći na Wikimedia Chat on Wikitech, uključujući Wikimedia Chat privacy policy. Apliciraju se pravila o ponašanju za tehničke prostore Wikimedijskih tehničkih prostora code of conduct for Wikimedia technical spaces.

Privacy policy

By using this project, you agree that any private information you give to this project may be made publicly available and not be treated as confidential.

By using this project, you agree that the volunteer administrators of this project will have access to any data you submit. This can include your IP address, your username/password combination for accounts created in Cloud Services services, and any other information that you send. The volunteer administrators of this project are bound by the Wikimedia Cloud Services Terms of Use, and are not allowed to share this information or use it in any non-approved way.

Since access to this information is fundamental to the operation of Wikimedia Cloud Services, these terms regarding use of your data expressly override the Wikimedia Foundation's Privacy Policy as it relates to the use and access of your personal information.

== Matterbridge == Matterbridge is a software to transfer messages between Mattermost and other chat systems. Currently it is operated only between Wikidata Wikimedia Chat channel and #wikidataconnect IRC channels. If you have a request between a Mattermost channel and another IRC channel, or Discord channel, or Telegram group, you can comment at phab:T262034.

== Use == Good practice in naming is to when joining to use the Wikimedia username/full_name so that your profile matches the account in Wikimedia spaces *(this might later be synced/connected).

Good use cases are:

  • groups that need to coordinate across different time-zones and therefore benefit for
  • events that invite diverse participants around a bigger theme or set of topics
    • that might normally use IRC and/or Telegram (as it can bridge to both)
    • that need to refine and branch out (unlike Telegram, something like Slack)

Bad use cases are:

  • communication and file/URL exchanges that need to be preserved for more than 3 months
  • communication that requires high level of privacy/encryption

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