Wikimedia Central and Eastern Europe/Bot Requests

On this page you can make a request to bots, computer programmes which take your routine and give you time to write articles instead, related to any Central and Eastern Europe language or multilingual wiki.

You may write in any CEE language. We will figure it out.

What a request can be like?

Good requests:

  • Replace all A to B in pages in Category:Cats
  • Change X to Y in articles I've created
  • Remove template G voted to be deleted
  • Website is now on domain, change the links
  • Replace the word A to B but only when A does not follow the word C
  • Patrol all the pages created by user A never edited by anyone but A and admins
  • Delete all talk namespace redirects with no links to them
  • List most editing contributors
  • Calculate average size of edits made by user X in June 2017
  • List smallest articles of category Y excluding disambiguations
  •  List unfree files used in articles about people without date of death
  • Add a template/text on top or bottom of a page
  • Delete broken redirects to a page
  • Fixes disambiguation pages to a certain page

Bad requests:

  • Replace the word A to B but only where A means X and not Z. (How would the bot know which meaning is used?)
  • I have seen X on several pages, change it to the correct value (Where? What is correct?)
  • A can be called X or Y in my language but I like Y more, replace all X to Y (Too insubstantial, requires consensus)

Alternatives: • User scriptsSQL queries | Want to help?

Active botmasters: Base, Edgars2007, Masti, Vodnokon4e