Wikimedia CH/Micro Grant/Co-création de contenus sur Wikipédia en milieu universitaire

Please provide the following information for your micro-grant request:

Your Username: --Rency Inson Michel

Your Country of residence: Haiti

Amount requested: 550 ̰$US

Transportation (car rental, 2 days + fuel): $300

Lodging: $150

Food: $100

Planned activity:

wikipedia training

photographic hunting and uploading to wikimedia commons

People involved

A delegation of five members of the group will travel to animate this event and make possible the above-mentioned photographic hunt. The departure from Port-au-Prince to the city of Les Cayes is scheduled for this May 20, and the return: May 22.

Please explain what influence your activity will have on Wikimedia Projects

The User Group of the Wikimedia Community of Haiti is organizing a Wikipedia Contributor's Day in the city of Les Cayes, the capital of the South department, namely at the American University of the Caribbean (Cayes), this Friday, May 21, 2021. This is the first Wikipedian workshop of its kind in a university setting in Haiti and in the city of Les Cayes. The beneficiaries will be the students of the aforementioned university who, for the most part, do not know how to contribute to Wikipedia. The contributions will focus on subjects that directly concern their city: Les Cayes, located 200.1 km from Port-au-Prince. The group is already planning to create a wiki-club in this city, which is rich in history, historical sites, heritage and local and traditional knowledge. At the same time, a photo hunt will be organized during an afternoon in this Haitian commune. The images will be uploaded on wikimedia commons.

Overall objective: Mobilize the Haitian academic community into a community around the digital commons.

Specific Objectives: Introduce about 50 students and administrative staff of the American University of the Caribbean to the wikimedia movement

Create at least 25 new Wikipedia accounts

Train approximately 50 students and administrative staff of the American University of the Caribbean in contributing to Wikipedia

Please provide links to your contributions after your project or activity ended:
Please provide the links to the categories on Wikimedia Commons, to the articles on Wikipedia or any other contributions on Wikimedia projects:

Important: AFTER having submitted your request, please write an eMail to with your contact details (at least: Name, Surname, Email address) --Rency Inson Michel (talk) 06:14, 6 May 2021 (UTC)[reply]



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Result Grant request accepted.