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Webinars with partners for certain professional groups and communities. Ukrainian experience during COVID-19 quarantine.

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Serhii Petrov, Anton Protsiuk


Kharkivian, AntonProtsiuk (WMUA)


Wikimedia Ukraine

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This summer Wikimedia Ukraine along with its partners organized a number of webinars about editing and making contribution to Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and other Wikimedia projects for some professional groups (journalists and librarians), as well as webinars aimed at development of information processing skills and knowledge of members of Wikipedia community. In partnership with online newspaper "Detector Media", which is one of the most respected media critics publisher in Ukraine, six webinars were held: webinars about Wikipedia editing and copyright in Wikipedia for journalists, as well as webinars made by journalists and media researchers for Wikipedians about quality of Ukrainian media, recognizing fakes and disinformation, laws and practices on privacy. There was also a "round table" discussion about reliability of sources used in Wikipedia with wikipedians and media researchers participating. Also, the Thematic month of journalism was held in Ukrainian Wikipedia with assistance from this media.

Another branch of webinars was made for libraries of Kharkiv, the second biggest Ukrainian city. Those webinars taught librarians to contribute Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.

Organizers of those webinars will share their experience, tell about successes and results of this webinars in Ukraine.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

This session might be useful for CEE community as it would present experience of one of CEE countries in organizing webinars in the conditions of COVID-19 lockdown. Other CEE countries might find this experience useful for themselves.

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