Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2023/Submissions/Movement Charter conversations with the CEE communities

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Author(s): Michał Buczyński (MCDC) Username(s): Aegis Maelstrom Type of submission: roundtable
Affiliation: Movement Charter Drafting Committee Theme(s): Strategy, Movement Charter

[Note: This is a placeholder on behalf of the Movement Charter Drafting Committee, session details to be confirmed]. The first three draft chapters of the Movement Charter: Preamble, Values & Principles, and Roles & Responsibilities (intent statement) were shared in November 2022 inspiring conversations and feedback from around the movement. These were revised on the basis of the input collected in late 2022 and shared on Meta. The MCDC has been working hard on drafting the remaining four chapters of the Charter: Decision Making, Roles & Responsibilities, Hubs, and The Global Council.

CEE Meeting 2023 - Movement Charter Conversations slides
Level of advancement: medium to advanced
Special requirements: NA
How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of CEE?

As the Movement Charter will impact all movement stakeholders, it is vital that all communities are engaged in the conversations on the content of the Charter. This session will be an opportunity to engage with the vibrant CEE community, shed light on the work of the MCDC, and discuss directly with the MCDC members, and impact what is expected to come.

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