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Capacity development for underrepresented communities

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  • Toni Ristovski
  • Nino Bogdanovski
  • Community Engagement
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  • Diversity
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This lecture is about a project which aims to reach out to the Aromanian-speaking and Romani-speaking communities in Macedonia in order to build Wikipedia communities which would sustain the growth of the Aromanian Wikipedia and the Balkan Romani Wikipedia in the long run, as well as to reach out to the community of people with hearing loss which uses the Macedonian Sign Language in order to get these people involved in the Wikimedia movement.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

The session will be of particular importance for representatives of small underrepresented communities who need to get more insights on capacity development and community engagement. In addition, it will be also useful for representatives of Wikimedia affiliates who plan to conduct outreach activities to the underrepresented groups in their country,

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