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Using Wikidata as an Educational Platform

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Nebojša Ratković


Nebojša Ratković


Wikimedia Serbia


Education, Community Engagement

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This presentation will show an example of implementing Wikidata into the educational and academic curricula, focusing on benefits and challenges of doing that. Wikimedia Serbia considers that Wikidata helps learners to develop "data literacy", in addition to all the well known benefits that stem from contributing to Wikipedia, such as digital skills, critical thinking and collaborative skills. The presentation will also show what advantages Wikidata can bring to the educational field.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

These ideas can easily be applied in other communities.

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  • He would like to know if anyone used Wikidata as an educational platform (Noone answered).
  • It (WEP) stared in 2005 with the Faculty of mathematics, now it is on 25 faculties and 25 high schools. It got more than 4700 participants. We noticed that we usually organized a workshop on how o edit Wikipedia, how to implement that practice, and we decided to add a Wikidata too. We have WikiLive conference -where we represent this project.
  • We make Wikidata more visible to our partners, we did research where to make workshops.
  • Challenges with implementing data - We have trouble with encouraging them, and when they understand that it will be all their work they are more motivated. They were afraid at first because it is more complex than Wikipedia. We try to motivate the students during the practical part, giving them examples, showing them how to make the description, references, we are trying to make as simple as it could be.
  • The results are Mathematical School collaboration started with Wikipedia. Faculty of mining and geology is a long-time partner and they put information about the various fields of their work. The school of the electrical computer of engineering of applied studies was at Vikilive last year and they realized that their field of studying is connected with Wikidata.
  • Edu Wiki camp is a project where we can promote this activity. We learned that it is important to make it more simple, more important, ... We are planning to do some tutorials, share your resources if you have them, we are also trying to make learning patterns. Conclusions are that Wikidata should be more visible and to bring changes to your Educational Programme.
  • Q1: I don't quite agree that Wikidata is more difficult than Wikipedia. Difficult is how to combine these two. Reading and writing for us is routine, when Wikidata became more routine to us, it will become easier.