Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2013/Future

Future mutual collaborationEdit

This section should provide a brief overview of various projects of mutual collaboration between WM organisations in CEE region.

Exchanging of lists of monuments / protected areas / etc.Edit

In context of Wiki Loves Monuments / Earth or similar contest. There is a plan to port these lists to Wikidata and use them on various Wikipedias. Such lists will be up-to-date in all wikis at same time. That can be good not only for Switzerland (lists in 4 Wikipedias) but for neighbours too. Exchanging don't need to be limited for contest list, if one Wiki community prepare good list municipalities in its major country, another countries can import it.

  • Are we interested about such collaboration?
  • Should it be coordinated or do we prefer wiki style "someone will do it"?
  • Are we interested about importing such lists from all CEE countries or only from (somehow significant?) neighbours?


Reciprocal writing of wikipedia articles about another country / cultureEdit

It worked for example for Estonia-Ukraine and for Armenia with (I don't know). Can we extend this project for another countries / cultures? Which pairs? How often? Can we built some technical gadget to help (i.e. there will be wiki-oriented machine translator for human-assisted translating Slovak-Czech)? Should it be in form of occasional contest or as a regular long-term Wikipedia-project? Advices, proposals, ideas?


Armenians have worked with the Ukrainians, this December Estonians will try it with the Armenians. We're trying to engage the local communities (e.g. Armenian organizations in Estonia), make it high-profile and present large prizes. Let's see the outcome. --Oop (talk) 12:43, 25 November 2013 (UTC)
Machine translation might work for many languages, wouldn't hope much for Estonian-Armenian. AFAIK, the Slovak-Czech machine needs clean texts, while there is a similar project at which preserves the wikification, making the actual work much easier. --Oop (talk) 12:43, 25 November 2013 (UTC)

Projects of collaborationEdit

Chapters Dialogue
will be presented during the meeting
Wikimedia Chapters Association
It is sleeping now. Is an interest there?
Chapters Exchange
Chapters Manual
There are some countries without chapter and communities without thematic organisation / user group or such organisation is weak. We could help to improve the manual for these countries and communities (help with global impact).

More ideas?Edit

Have you got an idea? Add it!

Future of Wikimedia CEE groupEdit

This part should be base for Sunday discussion about future of CEE.

Are CEE communities interested about mutual collaboration at all? Is there sufficiently strong affiliate between us? We share history, culture and party language (at least on the base of Slavic lang family). But, is it sufficient to legitimate Wikimedia CEE group? Or should we prefer only collaboration with our neighbours? Or are we interested but overworked?


Future of Wikimedia CEE MeetingEdit

Are there some organisation (provisionally) interested about organising WM CEE Meeting 2014?

Financing? In case of need we could use the model of financing by big chapters and external sources (i.e. some fund for interstate collaboration as in 2013) with possibility of some part (cca 10%) financed by participants. If our engagement and potential impact will be sufficiently high, WMF certainly enjoy to help the meeting by grant. But if potential impact will be low, will there be some need for meeting at all (especially if we can use our resources for another work)?

Compare with Iberocoop:Portada and Wikimedia Asia Project.