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Board members' opinion

  • I strongly support the creation of Wikimedia CAT, for the same reasons and in the same way that I support the creation of sub-national chapters in a variety of contexts where local conditions make it sensible to do so. I say this as a personal opinion of one board member.--Jimbo Wales 14:32, 14 November 2010 (UTC)[reply]
  • The Association Amical Viquipèdia has already done as much as some chapters to further the goals of Wikimedia, both within the revised region above and in support of small languages everywhere. Its place within our global movement should be formally recognized. It is an excellent example of the Wikimedia community at work, just as ca:wp has served as an example since the earliest days of Wikipedia. There are conflicting ideas about how to define groups associated with regions other than a country and groups defined by shared cultural interest, both of which we need to support better -- the current definition of a Chapter does not suffice to describe many good community organizations.
    The process of vetting chapters is delegated to the Chapters Committee, not handled by the Board directly. This is one reason many Board members have avoided sharing private opinions here to this provocatively-framed survey, though we have discussed them elsewhere. For whatever reason, communication between the group proposing Wikimedia CAT and the committee broke down last year, and I do not believe a new discussion has been started in that forum since this chapter proposal was last updated. Nor am I sure that a traditional Chapter is the right solution - as further discussions here on Meta have pointed out. A culturally-focused Partner Organization not restricted to geographic boundaries, as discussed in the movement roles project, may better fit the goals and needs of Amical. SJ · talk | translate 10:51, 27 February 2011 (UTC)[reply]