Wikimedia Australia/Meeting 3/Summary

Incorporation - where and when? Edit

See Talk:Wikimedia Australia/Organisation Group and Wikimedia Australia/Base for discussions on where. Please add your opinion in the poll.

Branches should be informal to start with.

Setup by Software freedom day? (September 16th 2006)

Need to check if online meetings are allowed in the state of incorporation.

Wikimedia Australia#Draft Documents to be finalised this month. Need draft bylaws etc for the Foundation/ChapCom to approve before incorporation.

Need an agreement with the Foundation over logo use.

Finance Edit

Need to gather budgets from existing chapters to get some ballpark figures.

Incorporation costs up to $1200, which could be covered by membership fees (30 people at $40)

May need an audit if we want to fundraise.

Grnat ideas to be discussed on the mailing list or at Talk:Wikimedia Australia

Australian images for donors during the fundraising drive. See w:Wikipedia:Australian Wikipedians'_notice board#Australia-related FPs

Representative for each state on the board? Probably not at this stage.

Size of the Board - 5?. Comparisons with other chapters: France has 9 people on their Board, Germany have 10, Poland and the UK have 5, Swiss have 7.

Board + committees - education and press needed now. Others to be added as needed.

Names of Board members may be needed before incorporation.

Election procedures need to be worked out.

Membership fees to be decided on - $40 proposed. (with reductions for concessions).

A list of members may be needed before incorporation.

Membership procedures need to be worked out.

Education and content distribution Edit

Outreach needed. Offering content to schools. Promoting wiki usage in classrooms.

Offline Australian educational resources.

DVDs for schools.

Name Edit

The UK chapter is "Wiki Educational Resources" trading as Wikimedia UK. Do we want to do the same? Needs to be decided before incorporation. Please add comments to Talk:Wikimedia Australia.

Events Edit

Public liability insurance may be needed.

Misc. Edit

Need to get more Wikinewsies involved.

Aim to collaborate with Wikimedia New Zealand.

Next meeting: Wikimedia Australia/Meeting 4