Wikimedia 2030/Transition/Reports/Advocacy and GLAM/December 2020

General InformationEdit

Participants group picture - GLAM Advocacy Strategy Event - 12 December 2020
Slides presented during the GLAMs + Advocacy Community Event - 12 December 2020
Full recording of the GLAM and Advocacy community Event - 12 December 2020
Field Information
Name of your group Open Heritage Foundation
Time and date of the event 12 December 2020 - 3.00 - 6.00 p.m (UTC)
Who attended? ~ 45 Participants from several regions and organizations
Who facilitated?
Who took notes? * Main Session: Hardarshan
  • Breakout Group note takers
    • Kaarel
    • Lucy
    • Michael Peter Edson
    • Fiona, Evelin, Hardarshan


Out of 63 registrations, a total of 45 people attended the Advocacy and GLAM event

Agenda and SetupEdit

The Advocacy and GLAM event was scheduled as follows:

  • Opening and Introduction
    • Welcome Address
    • Guest Speakers Keynotes
  1. Ryan Merkley - Chief of Staff - WMF
  2. Fiona Romeo - Senior Manager, GLAM and Culture - WMF
  • Group Picture
  • Wikimedia 2030 Presentations
    • Background and History
    • Brief introduction of Recommendations and intitiatives
    • Key Areas for Advocacy and GLAM
    • Global event results and next steps
  • Breakout Groups - Discussions (40 mins)
  • Groups presentations
  • Questions and Answers session (30 min)
  • Final remarks - Katherine Maher - Executive Director - WMF
  • Wrap-up and official closing


Three keynote speeches were delivered during the Advocacy and GLAM event. They can be watched below:

Discussing the top initiativesEdit

Discussed InitiativesEdit

Four initiatives were discussed by the participants, who split into four breakout rooms, each room discussing one initiatives. The three first initiatives were chosen by the organization team, while the fourth one was voted by the participants during the meeting itself. Participants were allowed to roam between the different rooms to discuss all initiatives if they wished to. The four groups were:

  • Group 1 - Regional and Thematic Hubs (Initiative #25)
  • Group 2 - Enhance communication and collaboration capacity with partners (Initiative #29)
  • Group 3 - Increased awareness about the Wikimedia movement (Initiative #3)
  • Group 4 - Capacity development for advocacy (Initiative #20)

Key points from the discussionsEdit

Group - Breakout Room Initiatives included Notes Video summary
Presented after the discussion
Group A 25. Regional and Thematic Hubs Summary
Group B 29. Enhance communication and collaboration capacity with partners Summary
Group C 3. Increased awareness about the Wikimedia movement Summary
Group D 20. Capacity development for advocacy Summary