Wikimania 2015 bids/Cape Town/Meeting notes/2013-11-24

Meeting PlannerEdit

  • Date: 24 November 2013
  • Time: 15h00pm to 16h00pm
  • Venue: Premier Hotel


  • Theresa Hume
  • Douglas Scott
  • Dumisani Ndubane
  • Isla Haddow-Flood
  • Oarabile Mudongo
  • David Richfield

Proposed agenda for the team:Edit

Introducing the teamEdit

Allocating responsibilities.

Local outreach - IslaEdit

Scope is Africa wide. (connecting with organisations and individuals to connect with its message) South Africa Tourism is more interested in how many people we could get to visit South Africa. London expects about 5000 people, but that's divided up into the main conference (about 1000 to 1500; based on Hong Kong) and the WikiFest. Cape town should attract about the same number of attendeed as HK. Scope is connecting with people about WM; gauging their level of interest, etc.

Sponsorship coordinator – James HEdit

Contacting and connecting with organisations who might be interested in sponsoring (financially and morally) the event. DN: Not sure what James's reach would be in ZA. IH: Needs a local person to help. Needs to find companies or orgs who could possibly fund part of the event. DS: Refers to the position that is overall - includes international and local level. James would not be able to do the local work, but would be very useful on international level: has contacts which he made during the Washington event, and experience. IH: Need a European person too. Maybe someone from the UK, German or Netherlands board. Isla will ask Florence Devouard for possible candidates. (will copy David, and DS, DN) Local: Must be fairly well connected, but doesn't have to be part of the main team. DS: Will lead local sponsorship drive.

Program chair: carrying out the vision (program committee) - DouglasEdit

Responsible for carrying out the vision of the event.

2 deputies: James H & BobbyEdit

Scholarship chair - David and DumiEdit

Media relations - DumiEdit

Need a media consultant to do this. This will be a big job - needs some thinking about exactly who will do what here.

Volunteer coordinator - Theresa HumeEdit

Maybe Theresa can do this. Needs to be "on the ground" - so local requirement.

Coordinator for registration - OarabileEdit

Encouraging registrations by community, private individuals, companies, etc. who want to attend Tracking of all registrations from different sectors. Badge printing -- badge template (offer privacy options: print real name and/or username, allow photographs to be uploaded, etc.) Check in time and place determined and publicized Ask for T-shirt size BBadge holders & lanyards

International outreach - James HEdit

Website - KimiEdit

Development of the bid page and event page (when we get it)

Status of the bidEdit

  • Have reserved a space at ICTCC for late July.
  • Have 4-5 letters of support:
    • C C
    • Wesgro
    • Mayor of CT
    • Tourism ZA
  • Have discussed internet at CC - they say they have specialists who can do high-bandwidth connections for hundreds of devices.
  • Have a Bid Book which Wesgro developed for the 2014 bid. It articulates what is available in CT; articulates our vision (roughly) - can be rewritten.

The Vision: Bridging DividesEdit

How to pitch the vision to people in the developing world: must be exciting and next

Deliverable: working on how to articulate the bid vission in a way that inspires, both in the developing world and developed.

Setting the time line: what needs to still be done and by whenEdit

  • October, 2013: Wikimania 2015 jury [ call for volunteers]
  • December 2013: Jury selection announced; Bidding officially opens
  • 23:59 UTC 31 January 2014: Bidding creation closes; list of running cities announced by Jury.
All cities which intend to run for the bidding process should have created a page on meta and entered the official list. New bids will not be accepted after this date. At this stage the Bid should include a proposed venue, list of several team members, and proposed local partners (municipality, unversity, etc.)
  • 23:59 UTC 15 March 2014 : Bidding ends; all major information on the bid pages must be final.
  • Mid-March 2014: Question & Answer phase begins; bid teams answer questions from Jury and public and refine their bids.
  • End-March/Early April 2014: First public meeting with bidders on IRC (#wikimaniaconnect channel on Freenode). The meeting is planned to last 90-120 minutes.
  • Early-Mid April: Second public meeting with bidders on IRC (#wikimaniaconnect channel on Freenode).
  • Mid-April 2014: Question & Answer phase ends; beginning of Jury deliberation.
  • 1 May 2014: Jury decision made; announcement of host city to bidders and public.

Should have a bi-monthly team meeting. Should have a workshop during WikiIndaba. In a community feedback and endorsement format.

Ideas for keynote speakersEdit

  • Mark Shuttleworth
  • Ethan Zuckerman
  • Deon Chang - trend chaser;
  • Erik Hersman - Where Africa and technology collide... Co-founder of @Ushahidi,@iHub Nairobi, @BRCKnet and @SavannahFund. Senior TED and PopTech Fellow

Target: get 30 candidates speakers (Tech inclined and Advocacy inclined).

Oarabile will look for keynote speakers during the YES Africa Summit he will be attending next week


  • This dicussion can be found on the following etherpad
  • On meetings section on meta bid page.

Next MeetingEdit

Wednesday 4th December 19:00 SAST; thereafter every 2 weeks (move meeting on 1 Jan to 2 Jan).