Wikimania-Meetings/8 June 2005

Agenda meeting 8 June 2005

Budget Edit

  • presentation of the latest budget update
  • Sponsoring status, how much we have, how much we still need.

Registration Edit

  • Number of registrants
  • update and status on finances coming in (or missing, for that matter)
  • room assignment and other smallish things

Site organisation and logistics Edit

  • job descriptions
  • network status
  • on site organisation
    • press conference
    • other special events
    • translation

Program Edit

  • number of talks
  • budget needed for speakers
  • special requirements to the logistics team

Communication Edit

  • on site communication
  • press-releases agenda
  • in-projects communication

Other Edit

  • The sidebar on the wiki is broken for non-logged in users from the login page and from any other URLs formed like /w/index.php instead of /wiki/