Wikimédia France/Guide pratique

Why a practical guide? edit


This guide aims to support the development of local groups by tackling the key points of a regional initiative. The aim is to inspire people and make it easier for them to organize actions and get involved. It’s a resource document, organized into theme-based factsheets. It offers detailed explanations of issues relating to local groups and also includes methods concerning the main actions that might be considered, in order to propose operational tools. The guide aims to facilitate the technical aspect of actions so they take place with as much ease as possible.

Contents edit

This practical guide contains 19 factsheets which you can download from Wikimedia Commons:

  1. Why form a local group?
  2. The different uses of the local group
  3. Contributing locally: case studies
  4. Drawing up a regional action plan
  5. Filling in an “action sheet”
  6. Support of Wikimédia France’s staff team
  7. Who can be a partner?
  8. Formalizing a partnership
  9. Drawing up a budget
  10. The different forms of funding
  11. Integrating new members
  12. Using the members wiki
  13. Organizing and communicating about an event
  14. Organizing a training session
  15. Organizing a photo outing
  16. Insurance
  17. The Wikimedia projects
  18. From copyright to the public domain
  19. The various Creative Commons licences