This is an idea I had this morning, and it sounds pretty good to me. Several purposes could be discussed:

  • Have a quick tutorial to start learning a language. Any language, as a matter of fact. This tutorial could be backed by some phonetics of that language. This audio backup would help the beginner with pronunciation. Some simple sentences would clearly illustrate basic grammar. A little common word dictionary would also be useful to know the basic words like good morning, thank you, you're welcome, etc.
  • A list of grammatical rules would also be added for the user to check out how to coordinate verbs, subjects and others.
  • A list of regular/irregular verb conjugation
  • A list of adjective declination (depending on the language)
  • The project could be coordinated with the actual project wikitranslate in order to allow the user to read the same language in different languages.
This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
Status of the proposal
Technical requirements

The format of the page need to be thought over. It would be nice, although, to have the possibility to print the tutorial or the dictionary in a easy to use format so that anyone traveling could use the wikidioma knowledge.

On the other hand, it would be unfair to base the project on a specific language (like English), so the user would have the ability to choose a main language to help learn others. Several projects are thus merged into only one: for instance, to learn German, there would be one page English-German, another French-German, another Spanish-German, etc. All of them on the same ground, with the same examples and the same format.

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Alternative namesEdit

  • wikidioma
  • wikiworld
  • wibabel

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  1. FCLeste
  2. SPQRobin
  3. Weak oppose. Sounds good, will join, but how are you going to get pronounceation right? Typos would also be learnt as typos, etc. Microchip08
  4. Tosão