Existing surveys edit

(To look at and consider as models, for questions, for sample data.)

1) Ludraman survey, 11/2004.

Sent via mailing list. Not on-wiki(?).
Still accepting respones; over 25 replies as of early Dec.

2) Cormaggio survey, 12/2004.

Originally sent to selected users via email
Mostly broad, open-ended questions
Posted on meta; most responses returned via personal mail
Essay written up on Wikisource [1]

3) Fr. survey ; cf. Anthere and notafish ; not really a questionnaire but lots of essay questions.

Sent to hundreds of users; fixed-timeframe for responsese (6?)
60? responses

4) Sj survey : intended to become a full-fledged wikicensus, with a hundred questions in a few categories (all optional), and to be sent to a few thousand active wiki-users over the course of a month.

prelim survey sent out at random to recently-editing users, for feedback on format, multiple-choice style, etc. 10 responses